23 September, 2008

Secretary-General of the United Nations, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon and the Holocaust

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by Bradley R. Smith. (Some more trivia for newbies: people who believe in the Holocaust’s “6 million Jews” number are literally believing Jewish communist propaganda. The first time the “6 million” number appeared as “fact” in news media during World War II was when Jewish/Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg announced it on December 22, 1944 in Soviet War News Weekly. Since Auschwitz wasn’t liberated until late January 1945, one can only wonder how Ehrenberg could know that “6 million” Jews had been killed. The fact that a communist Jew and pathological liar popularized the magic “6 million” figure should be a huge blow to the Holocaust racket, but of course it isn’t. Also note that the number “6 million” is somewhat common in Jewish propaganda, i.e., it appeared at least three different times during the 20th century):


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    1. Zarathustra Says:

      The dog and cat-eating Gook who is currrently in charge at the UN does not care about facts regarding the so-called Holocaust. He is lucky to have such a cushy, do-nothing job like being UN Secretary General and will not do anything to jeopardize that position. Look what the Jews did to poor old Kurt Waldheim? The Gook doesn’t need that kind of trouble.