21 March, 2006

Blonde Singers, Black Poets: Of Prodigies & Haters

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blondesagacity.jpg [Yet another subCoulter (Blonde Sagacity, right) makes a valid point in contrasting the respectful treatment accorded a dusky doggerel manufacturer vs. the hate heaped on Prussian Blue. Of course, the sC is quick to assure us she is very, very disgusted by blondes who wouldn’t be the last in their line.]

2) Michelle Malkin has a story posted about a 7 year old African American racist poet that is being heralded by New York lawmakers. Now, I posted with equal disgust over the little blonde racist singers.
Autum Ashante, whose father is a member of the nation of Islam member, is the “poet” in the spotlight, but she isn’t being looked at with horror like the little blonde racist girls…she’s being called a prodigy.

“Autum has appeared at a tribute to black nationalist Marcus Garvey, America-bashing 9/11 conspiracy-monger Amiri Baraka’s annual family cookout, and the extremist New Black Panther Party’s Million Youth March. The city of New York honored her with a proclamation for inspiring “her peers, as well as adults, while also demonstrating the power of a father’s love, the importance of education and the limitless boundaries of the human mind.” New York City councilwoman Yvette Clark called her “one of the most precious young talents that this world has ever known.” (source)

Don’t people understand that this blatant inequality in treatment, coverage and expectations is what breeds resentment in those that wouldn’t normally have it. If no one steps up to the plate to END it…it will be here forever. Maybe if more people understood the full psychology of our entwined histories things could start to change…
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  7. 2 Responses to “Blonde Singers, Black Poets: Of Prodigies & Haters”

    1. bob Says:

      Nobody points out that “Autum” is not spelled “Autumn”. That is really showing the so-called intelligence of the parents. REAL SMART (emphasis on sarcasm).

    2. Alan B'stard M P Says:

      Well In a couple of years the gorls of “Prissian Blue ” will make up their own minds about race. In a couple of years thye will be shaggable too! Good looking girls!