22 March, 2006

Council of Cheese-filled Cunts

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[Any WN who tell you CCC is pro-White are pulling your leg. These guys are semitically correct sidetrackers. Note the usual double standard. If you discuss jewish funding of our politicians purchasing foreign policy for Israel you’re “antisemitic” – if you discuss colleges accepting gifts from Arabs, you’re shrewdly following the money. How much money has Harvard accepted from jews? According to the CCCunts, only a hater would ask.]

March 21st, 2006

What’s with all this anti-Semitism being promulgated by the American college and university system, which is itself heavily Jewish?

Here’s the answer, found in that same article:

In December of 2005 Harvard announced it had received a $20 million gift from a Saudi prince, Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud.

Follow the money.

In my opinion, the Arab world is using its petrobucks to create a fifth column within the USA, by means of American higher education.  If other theories I have heard in the past are true, then this matches such machinations on the part of Arab governments to finance Muslim proselytization efforts aimed at black inmates in American prisons.

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    1. alex Says:

      [From March 22 Reader Mail

      http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/2006/032206letters.htm ]

      Council of Conservative Citizens calls Walt/Mearsheimer essay about the Israeli lobby anti-semitic:


      (March 21 blog)

      Apparently discussions of jewish power are now off-limits in the CofCC. I guess even Pat Buchanan is now too extreme for those fucks. I listened to their radio show for years and I noticed a long time ago that their harshest words were always reserved for those callers who talked about jews. You could call the show and, as one nigger caller frequently did, say God bless Robert Mugabe and they’d laugh and joke with you but let some poor soul call to discuss jewish media control and you’d see ice start to form on your radio speakers. I really question how much influence these clowns have anyway, and, given their stillborn forum at the national site, how many people they attract.

      Here’s the Jewish membership that CofCC head Gordon Baum is always boasting about:


      He’s the fella on the left in the photo, next to Gordon Baum.

    2. sdga Says:

      CCC was founded by Jews I believe

    3. alex Says:

      I thought it was a vestigial leg spur of the old White Citizens Councils.

    4. Carl Loerbs Says:

      The C of CC is a direct descendant of the old White Citizens Councils. I’ve never heard of any report that it was founded by Jews, unlike the NAACP, which was founded by Jews and run by them for 50 years.

    5. St. Louis CofCC Webmaster Says:

      You’re not pro-white. You just hate Jews, which the MSM mistakes as being pro-white.

      Want to be riled up a little more? See this:


    6. Tim P. Says:

      So. Jews wreck white gentile society. White resent and anger is suppressed and termed ‘evil’. CoCC joins the jews suppressing the furious white victims, slurring them ‘anti-semites’. Yeah CoCC is going somewhere. Go to hell.

    7. Carl Loerbs Says:

      To the C of CC webmaster: If you don’t think VNN is pro-white, then you’re obviously cross-linked with the CAH website. VNN is about as pro-white as it gets.

      Unlike Alex Linder, I view the C of CC as pro-white. However, you fail to recognize the significance of the Jewish Question. You downplay the notion of Jewish dominance. If Jews don’t dominate the media, can you offer an alternate explanation as to why, despite all the major outbreaks of genocide during the 20th century, the Jewish Holocaust alone gets the lion’s share of the publicity? Can you offer an alternate explanation as to why several European nations grant statutory protection to the Official Authorized Version of the Holocaust? This is the reason why David Irving is in jail right now, along with Ernst Zuendel and Germar Rudolf. These are educated, law-abiding citizens who’ve been jailed solely for their beliefs. We call them “prisoners of conscience”.

      And what about the recent American Renaissance conference? Everything was fine until honored guest David Duke began to address the convocation. Suddenly, longtime Jewish AR associate Michael Hart literally exploded, berating Duke using foul language. This is what you must watch out for; Jews seemingly in your corner but turning on you like a rabid jackal if you even so much as utter one critical word of Jewry. Whether Jews are actually a separate race is a topic still debated, however, many prominent Jews claim that they’re a race, and they still vigorously enforce constraints against intermarriage with non-Jews, particularly within the Orthodox community. Yet they encourage race-mixing amongst the white Gentile community.

      Perhaps Alex Linder’s frank headline stirred you up. However, it was a reminder to you as to how far you need to go if you want to reach our level. From viewing your website, I am well aware of the C of CC’s activities in lobbying for immigration reform, as well as your support for groups like the Minutemen. But the fact is, the C of CC is a organization of racial populists bent merely on white preservation; VNN is a venue for racial nationalists. We don’t feel white preservation is sufficient any longer because we will always be pressured to make further compromises. If you’re satisfied with your approach, then drive on. However, while C of CC treats symptoms, VNN chooses to address the disease.

      By the way, one of the AR conference’s attendees, Allegany County (NY)ADA Michael Regan was fired by his boss merely for attending the conference. Who was one of the people hollering for his scalp? Yep, you guessed it. The director of the ADL’s New York office, Joel Levy. Still think the ADL is an “innocent” advocacy group?

    8. Socrates Says:

      Dear C of CC webmaster: I doubt that Arabs and Muslims see the Jews as being “White,” since, after all, Jews are NOT genetically White.

    9. GB Says:


      You guys are cowards.

    10. Rage Says:

      Yeah, the semi-Semitic CofCC is pro-White, unless you’re one of those White boys dying for Israel over in Iraq. Sorry pal, they got nothin’ for you, that discussion is off limits. For them to use the same name-calling tactics that the Jews have used on them to shut down debate is outrageous. Someone needs to post this over at Stormfront so we can get the word out about these frauds.