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9 May, 2017

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Alex Linder on the Alt-Sleight: it’s “smoke and mirrors” designed to draw attention away from the Jews who have run the anti-White movement since Day One [1]. [VNN Forum thread]. . [1] Jews founded, or at least funded, most left-wing/”anti-racism” organizations

25 February, 2016

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Seen on the TV: media anchormen wondering aloud what Ronald Reagan would think of “today’s Republican Party” (an obvious reference to Donald Trump). Ah, yes, there it is again: Reagan-as-the-godfather-of-conservatism! But it’s all bullshit. Reagan wasn’t really a conservative. He legalized 3 million illegal Mexicans in 1986 [1]. How are you a “conservative” if you […]

6 August, 2014

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Conservative TV host Bill O’Reilly calls his show the “no-spin zone.” Is it really? He had an expert on his show who said that Hitler targeted the Jews because he thought that they were subhuman and not Aryan. Well, that’s only the tiny tip of a very large iceberg. Any student of history knows that […]

15 August, 2011

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Tea-partier #1: “Jesus was a Jew.” Tea-partier #2: “Thomas Jefferson was a Zionist.” Tea-partier #3: “Radical muslims are colonizing the moon.” Tea-partier #4: “America stands with Israel!”

8 September, 2010

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Thoughts on Jared Taylor’s outfit, American Renaissance: [VNN Forum].

23 September, 2009

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VNN hasn’t forgotten Revilo Oliver (although granted, there is less focus on him here on the front page than on Pierce, mainly for stylistic reasons): [Article]. (Also, re: Oliver and the John Birch Society: read about “The Neutralizers” by Birch Society founder Welch in which he says that anti-Semitism is merely a diversion from anti-Communism. […]

30 August, 2009

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[This originally appeared at the VNN Forum]. Ordinary people, not all that different from you, are not real swift. They can barely distinguish the ground from the sky. Pat Buchanan is enough like us that it confuses people. The same can be said for all conservatives: they favor some of the same things we do […]

28 June, 2009

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“Conservatives” = insiders and elites who care more about money, power, book deals and “legitimacy” than about freeing the West from Jewish tyranny (and why would they want to do that anyway, since “Jesus was a Jew”?) [VNN Forum Post].

1 April, 2008

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WHY AMERICANS WILL BELIEVE ALMOST ANYTHING – by Tim O’Shea It is an exhausting and endless task to keep explaining to people how most issues of conventional wisdom are scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by a thousand media clips per day. In an effort to save time, I would like to provide just a […]

27 February, 2008

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What did Buckley “conserve,” anyway? In fact, he helped purge the political Right of honest men [1][2]: [Article]. [1] Buckley vs. Sobran: [Here] [2] about Buckley’s purge (scroll 3/4 down the page): [Here]