9 May, 2017

The Alt-Right? No, The Alt-Sleight

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Alex Linder on the Alt-Sleight: it’s “smoke and mirrors” designed to draw attention away from the Jews who have run the anti-White movement since Day One [1].

[VNN Forum thread].

[1] Jews founded, or at least funded, most left-wing/”anti-racism” organizations

  • 4 Responses to “The Alt-Right? No, The Alt-Sleight”

    1. fd Says:

      From day 1 forward, I knew the Alt-Right was phony/queer as a 3 dollar bill. It’s one of the reasons I have criticized the outfit that referred to Trump as Glorious Leader through out the Federal campaign.

      The dude wearing a USA cap and Texas flag tee-shirt is a classic example of a of the hard-case redneck that is severely shunned by Southern folk in Texas on the local level. Back in the day, his kind were labeled as narks/informants who liked to hang out with cops and preach the gospel. The two-timing Nark in the picture should never be confused with the NOBLE GOOD OL’ BOY REDNECK WHO WILL HELP YOU START A CAR, CHANGE A FLAT TIRE, CUT YOUR GRASS, ETC. ! !

    2. Luke Says:

      Call it one of the biggest hazards associated with being 1,000 percent red pilled on the jew and race issues, but over the last couple of decades, I have terminated long term ‘friendships’ with every living family member and every single White friend that I’ve ever known, except one and he is cruising very close to the line due to his absolutely stubborn refusal to extract his head from his ass and admit that every single lecture I’ve delivered to him for the last 3 decades has been 1,000 percent on the mark.

      I have spent an enormous amount of my time, trying to figure out why it is that White males – as a distinct group – seem to be the most stubborn and stupidest and easily bullshitted racial group on this planet and all I’ve been able to come up with is that White males are prisoners of their own inflated egos. These morons are so high on themselves that they are totally incapable of admitting that they have a jew dick buried up their ass and if they don’t snap out of their state denial and pull that dick out of their ass, then they and their offspring are going to be exterminated.

      If I were to be completely honest, I think that, even though I am a White male, the one racial demographic group who sickens and disgusts me most to spend time with – are my fellow White males. Small wonder so many White females would rather spread their legs for a shaved gorilla than to spend their time with these disgusting white male piss-ants.

    3. fd Says:

      You pounded that nail hard, Luke. Good observation.

    4. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Spot on Luke. I too feel like I am pissing in the wind talking to some of my fellow Brits. The ones that do “know the deal” haven’t got the bollocks to tell it like it is. Too much lager, telly and football.