19 August, 2014

“Holocaust Survivor” Arrested at Missouri Protest

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(Above: NAACP leader Joel Spingarn)

That arrest isn’t surprising. The Jews have a long history of supporting Blacks. For example, the NAACP has deep Jewish roots. A wealthy Jew, Joel Spingarn, almost single-handedly built the NAACP, and Jewish banker Jacob Schiff funded it [1]. Also, do you remember those three “civil-rights” activists who were killed by Klansmen in Mississippi in 1964? Of the three troublemakers, two were Jews (named Goodman and Schwerner) [2]. (Note: the definition of “Holocaust survivor” is incredibly broad. It can mean people who never lived under Nazi occupation but only lived in countries that were friendly to Nazi Germany, e.g., Spain. By the way, Spain did not mistreat Jews during the Hitler era).


[1] Schiff also funded the Russian Revolution in 1917, which of course wasn’t Russian but Jewish

[2] The goal of the 1960s civil-rights workers in the South was not to help Blacks per se. The goal was to remake the South for the benefit of the Jews, since the South was the last remaining place in America where “White racism” still thrived

  • 3 Responses to ““Holocaust Survivor” Arrested at Missouri Protest”

    1. fd Says:

      The 1960s civil rights wars against the South was the 2d Reconstruction. Another attempt to eradicate Confederate nationalism/Southern nationalism.

      “Holocaust survivor” is an oxymoron. Everybody in a holocaust dies. Do Jews have 9 lives?

    2. Sean Gruber Says:

      As jew Norman Finklestein once asked: If there are so many Holocaust survivors, who actually died?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I wonder if there are any Jewish “survivors” of the Roman destruction of Jerusalem who are still around? Those “survivors” are certainly plentiful in number and live quite a long time.

      But perhaps we should cut Ms. Epstein some slack. According to the article she is a member of the Free Gaza Movement. I know Herr Gruber is not impressed by that but I think she may be one of the “good” Jews we occasionally hear about.