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30 August, 2009

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[This originally appeared at the VNN Forum]. Ordinary people, not all that different from you, are not real swift. They can barely distinguish the ground from the sky. Pat Buchanan is enough like us that it confuses people. The same can be said for all conservatives: they favor some of the same things we do […]

28 June, 2009

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“Conservatives” = insiders and elites who care more about money, power, book deals and “legitimacy” than about freeing the West from Jewish tyranny (and why would they want to do that anyway, since “Jesus was a Jew”?) [VNN Forum Post].

10 January, 2009

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Sadly, many paleos do defend Israel, even though it isn’t a Western country and even though the Jews aren’t Western, either genetically or psychologically. (Trivia: “Judeo-Christian” is a rather new term which wasn’t in common usage until after World War II. The term was invented to make the Jews appear less alien to White Christians): […]