16 March, 2006

Thin End of Wedge Inserted as Utah Passes ‘Hate’ Crimes

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Sentences can be lengthened for crimes that cause fear or unrest. Mexican non-Americans are responsible for a huge portion of Utah crime. Will they receive extra punishment for causing unrest among Whites? No, they won’t. What causes fear or unrest is a political determination, whereas the committing of a crime is an objective matter. No matter this bill doesn’t go quite as far as the legislation already on the books in all but three states, they’ll work on expanding it next session. As with any so-called civil rights law, ‘hate’ crimes is jews in blackface using the law to attack Whites. Article.

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  7. 4 Responses to “Thin End of Wedge Inserted as Utah Passes ‘Hate’ Crimes”

    1. Carl Loerbs Says:

      “People have a right to hate in this country,” said Shurtleff. “But you never have the right to hurt people – to victimize them.”[/QUOTE]

      What does this idiot mean by “hurt”? They say this law will not affect First Amendment rights, but the moment some minority activist claims he was “hurt” by “insensitive remarks”, we’ll see it put to the test.

      Taking a bite out of hate

      What Utah’s hate crimes law does:
      Courts and the parole board now can increase a sentence for any crime likely to incite fear or “unrest” among members of a community.[/QUOTE]

      This is a prescription for vigilante justice. If there is an orchestrated community “outcry”, you will see an increased sentence.

      I am appalled that my former home state, a state with a higher percentage of votes for Bush than any other state, would do this. The Republican surrender to the Kwa is complete. I did not think the Republicans could stoop any lower than they did in Missouri when they rejected a longtime white civil rights activist and accepted a transgendered freak. Obviously we haven’t hit bottom yet.

      This hate bill certainly doesn’t reflect the views of some of my older extended family back in Utah. Last time I visited, I was pleasantly surprised at how Jew-wise my oldest sister was. Of course, this was back in 2003, before the advent of TAA.

      Alaska Republicans have successfully bottled up hate crimes legislation in committee. We won’t be passing such a law anytime soon.

    2. alex Says:

      Gotta love the groupthink. If everybody else does it, there’s something wrong with us if we don’t do it too. The Salt Lake Tribune is a rag. Not a whit of difference between its contents and those of the Boston-New York-D.C. axis.

      ‘Hate’ crimes laws turn the cops into mindreaders. The interpret intentions in line with their training, which is supplied by criminal mafia such as the ADL.

    3. Will Says:

      What is the thick end of this wedge? Roundups for anyone who dares resist and a quick trip to the new American gulag system? I dunno but this wedge of hate crimes laws has to lead somewhere?

      Wonder where?

      Say “jew”, go to jail?

    4. alex Says:

      Say jew get executed, as in the old Soviet Union, which made so-called anti-semitism a capital crime.