8 April, 2006

Dukoon Hijinks That Don’t Make the News

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Duke students arrested in assault

Alleged victim attends NCCU
By Tania Kelly
Echo Staff Writer

DSG President Joshua Jean-Baptiste
Duke Student President Joshua Jean-Baptiste was charged with assault

Early Sunday morning, Rashan Crumpton, an NCCU junior, escorted his girlfriend, Duke junior Crystal Russell, to her dorm when they ran into three Duke students.

Senior and Duke Student Government President Joshua Jean-Baptiste, junior Michael Mitchell, and senior John C. Njoku were allegedly waiting for Crumpton after a step show/after party in The Great Hall on Duke’s West Campus.

At the party, Crumpton and Mitchell had been involved in a pushing and shoving match. Crumpton was escorted out of the party and decided to drive his girlfriend back to her dorm.


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    1. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Yep, brain dead feral afri-nig can get into Duke, but a white guy with a 1400 SATs who did poorly in the indoctrination centers cannot.