24 April, 2006

Fagitprop in Ohio

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[Fags with the upper hand are totalitarian. They will hear no criticism of their deviancy. There is no way 1% of the population could control the academy except for the help of the jews, who know that homos are invaluable in breaking down Normal White America.]

Freshmen required to undergo homosexual indoctrination

Mandatory ‘diversity seminar’ at university where profs ‘banned’ ‘Marketing of Evil’

With last week’s stunning revelations that the entire faculty of a Midwestern university campus voted without dissent to investigate a Christian librarian for “sexual harassment” simply because he recommended the bestselling book “The Marketing of Evil,” many are asking why not a single faculty member stood up for the librarian.

The question is especially compelling in light of the decision reported Wednesday that the entire faculty had essentially overstepped their own written policies and had wrongly accused the librarian.

The lock-step faculty support for the two openly homosexual professors who led the charge against the librarian might have something to do with the fact that freshmen at the small Mansfield campus of Ohio State University are required, during their first quarter, to undergo what the university calls a “diversity seminar.” But critics say the type of “tolerance re-education” OSU mandates uses tactics reminiscent of those of Chinese communist revolutionary leader Mao Tse-Tung.

Battle over the freshmen

As WND first reported, Scott Savage, a devout Quaker, is head of Reference and Instructional Services at the Bromfield Library on Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus. As a member of the university’s First Year Reading Experience Committee, Savage had suggested four books be considered as required reading for incoming freshmen: “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian, “The Professors” by David Horowitz, “Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis” by Bat Ye’or, and “It Takes a Family” by Sen. Rick Santorum. Savage made the recommendations after other committee members had suggested a series of books with a left-wing perspective, by authors such as Jimmy Carter and Maria Shriver.

However, three professors – two of them openly homosexual – filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment, contending Kupelian’s book was “hate literature” which “threatened” them and made them feel “unsafe” on campus. After a 21-0 faculty vote (with 9 abstentions) on March 13, the school’s Office of Human Resources put Savage under “investigation.” The full-faculty vote was rescinded two days later for legal reasons, and the three offended professors filed the harassment complaint.

The three professors behind the complaint against Savage are Hannibal Hamlin, Norman Jones and J.F. Buckley. Jones teaches courses in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender literature, and Buckley has written “The Social Critic: The Rise of Queer Performance Within the Demise of Transcendentalism” as well as “articles on sexual orientation in Hemingway and Melville.”

In a March 9 e-mail to the faculty regarding Savage’s suggestion of “The Marketing of Evil” as required freshman reading, Buckley wrote: “? I am not shocked, only deeply saddened – and THREATENED – that such mindless folks are on this great campus. ? You have made me fearful and uneasy being a gay man on this campus. I am, in fact, notifying the OSU-M campus, and Ohio State University in general, that I no longer feel safe doing my job. I am being harassed.”

Stepping up to defend Savage has been the Arizona-based public-interest law firm, the Alliance Defense Fund.

Despite a “Cease and Desist” letter the Alliance Defense Fund sent to OSU Mansfield officials in Savage’s defense March 28, the investigation went forward, with the university insisting it takes “any allegation of sexual harassment seriously.”

Finally, since WorldNetDaily, Sean Hannity, MSNBC, Fox News’ Brit Hume, the New York Post, Human Events, and dozens of bloggers brought the case to national attention, Ohio State University has reversed course and notified Savage the charges had been dropped.

Why no dissenters?

For many, the most disconcerting part of the case is that no faculty members dissented from what eventually was ruled to be an unfair allegation brought by two “gay” professors.

“The fact that there are one or two unhinged professors out there – that’s not news,” said David French, the lead ADF attorney defending Savage. “But the fact that by a 21-0 vote, with 9 abstentions, the faculty would classify a book recommendation as sexual harassment – that show’s there’s an illness that has infected the academy.”

What some, like French, might call an “illness” is, to others, just a high degree of “tolerance” for differences. Yet, notes French, the only “difference” not tolerated on campus is the belief that there is anything wrong with homosexuality. Indeed, on many campuses across the nation, opposing homosexuality on moral grounds is considered every bit as hateful and intolerable as being a racist, anti-Semitic member of the Ku Klux Klan.

As OSU-Mansfield Professor Hannibal Hamlin said in a March 9 e-mail to Savage, copied to the faculty: “Re Kupelian’s book, would you advocate a book that was racist or antisemitic [sic], or are you arguing that homosexuals are not in the same category and that homophobia is not therefore a matter of discrimination but of rational argument?”

Freshman diversity education

Students at OSU-Mansfield are required to take a “diversity seminar” soon after they begin their freshman year.

To prepare for the seminar, students are invited to search online a “dictionary of terms related to diversity,” to “Test your knowledge of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT)” and to “Take a test at Project Implicit’s website.”

“Even though we believe we see and treat people as equals, hidden biases may still influence our perceptions and actions,” explains the OSU website. “Psychologists at Harvard, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington created ‘Project Implicit’ to develop Hidden Bias Tests. After taking a test, read Tolerance.org’s tutorial to learn more about stereotypes and prejudice and the societal effects of bias.”

One current freshman, whose name is being withheld for privacy reasons, attended OSU-Mansfield’s mandatory diversity seminar last fall. After he told his father about it, the father sat in as an observer for a subsequent seminar session.

“It is required that incoming freshman must attend a diversity seminar,” he told WND, “where the homosexual lifestyle is celebrated, and the students are put on a ‘guilt trip’ for having negative feelings and/or moral judgments about the behavior of these people.”

The two- to three-hour seminar, he explained, included “some group-type exercises, where they tried to say you can’t judge a person by looking at them.” Four facilitators conducted the group exercises, he said, asking the students questions like, “Who do you think I am?” “Am I married?” “What kind of car do I drive”? and “Do I have children?”

At the very end of the seminar, the facilitators revealed for the first time that three out of four were homosexual. The message, said the OSU student’s father, was “We’re not bad people.”

Other exercises consisted of pairing off the youths and “asking them what someone did to you to make you feel bad at some time in your life, playing on psychology,” he said.

“At the end of the meeting, everyone stands in a circle and they ask questions of the group. If it’s true, you step out. Other students stepped out, trying to get you to accept this nonsense in a public setting.”

According to a report in World magazine by Lynn Vincent, such “diversity seminars” are very common on college campuses today.

“Freshman orientation used to be about teaching new students how to find their classes, the cafeteria, and the campus bookstore,” said the report. “But today, left-liberal ‘diversity’ trainers have found in orientation programs a ready-made crop of captive and impressionable audiences ripe for reeducation on issues of sex, race, and gender. The basic messages: People of color are victims; whites are their tormentors. Homosexuality is normal; abhorring the behavior is bigotry.”

Using the Milwaukee School of Engineering, or MSOE, as an example, the World report identifies the “exercise” the OSU dad described. It’s called “Across the Line” or “Crossing the Line,” “a diversity-awareness exercise that has also been used at Stanford University and Loyola University of Chicago,” says the report:

Groups of about 25 students line up shoulder-to-shoulder along a line on the floor. A facilitator then reads a series of about 50 statements. Every student who feels a statement is true of him or her is supposed to step “across the line,” leaving the group behind. Statements start off mildly enough: “You are from a large city or town.” Then they get personal: “You have participated in racial, sexual, or cultural jokes.”

“You are pro-choice.”

“You would feel comfortable entering into a relationship with a person of a different race.”

“You feel comfortable around persons with a gay, lesbian, or bisexual orientation.”

While such introspection is certainly not inappropriate for college-age students, “Across the Line” forces a public “outing” among strangers. The exercise adds an unsubtle layer of group pressure to an MSOE strategy that might well be described as “divide and conquer.” To ensure freshmen are isolated from any friends they might have come to school with, orientation personnel computer-sort them into random groups.

“Sometimes if students are hanging out with two or three friends, they might feel their attitudes are not so readily challenged,” MSOE Director of Student Activities Rick Gagliano told World. “This way they’re in a different environment, forced to expose themselves to somebody else ? This is done without parents around – sort of in a ‘safer’ environment.” The strategy is not new: Mao Tse-Tung used it “re-educate” Chinese university students and pry them loose from their parents’ political moorings.

Marketing evil?

“What Ohio State University has been doing to Scott Savage by attacking him as a sexual harasser – and to a far lesser degree doing to me by calling ‘The Marketing of Evil’ ‘hate literature’ and so on – is precisely what I write about in my book,” says Kupelian.

“It is literally the ‘marketing of evil’ in action. First they desensitize these youngsters in highly manipulative, emotionally charged re-education sessions. If anybody challenges the pro-gay orthodoxy on campus, they are subjected to merciless ‘jamming,’ as we see with their threatening the reputation and livelihood of the librarian, Scott Savage. For people who are sufficiently confused, the college experience can bring about a total conversion. I explain these three devastating steps – Desensitization, Jamming and Conversion – in detail in chapter one of ‘The Marketing of Evil.'”

Released in August, “The Marketing of Evil” has become one of the nation’s most talked-about books, widely praised by Dr. Laura, David Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, D. James Kennedy and many others and garnering over 100 five-star reader reviews on Amazon.com. For the past week it has held down the top spot in Amazon’s “Current Events” bestseller list.


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  7. 33 Responses to “Fagitprop in Ohio”

    1. alex Says:

      Kupelian describes the microcosm, but the strategies used by homos were perfected by jews, who are the homos’ protectors and sponsors, although the homo bowel movement certainly runs on its own power these days. Think about the power of tv and how it could quash any “fag rights” “movement” in hours simply by 1) reporting the truth about homo behavior, 2) depicting fags as they actually are in sitcoms and dramas.

    2. Don Miller Says:

      Some have said that gays are the new jews, and this story looks like that. But the attitudes embedded in the story are really just a continuation of those held by left-wing racialists who have adopted gay ideology as another wedge in American society.

      I don’t say it is Western Civilization that is under attack. That contest was lost around World War II following an all-out attack by jews on Western Civilization from 1910 on. We need a new term to describe what we want.

      I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live in the version of “Western Civilization” that the glossies & newsprint from Manhattan, the governance from D.C., or the Hollywood electronic media present to us as things “we” endorse. We may subsidize them through taxes, but we can never as honest European Americans embrace the existing dominant media and legal version of “Western Civilization.”

      Remember that oppression creates its own resistance. We are honored to be in on the beginning of a very painful resistance.

    3. Timothy Says:

      Eventually we will have to kill the Jews and their Commissars or they will destroy us.
      Blood simple.

    4. A Goy Challenge Says:


      … Go Alex! … Go Alex! …

      Can’t you just hear the cheers at the next Logo-TV Awards?

      Some young, enterprising Aryan should collect these little jargo-nuggets and put together a pro-life lexicon in The New Goysher AztKwanZOGNamiStani Dictionary.

      I’m feeling too overwhelmed at the moment to take on that heroic task, but some youngin’ out there will hopefully pick it up. Maybe even a non-Jew. G-wd!

    5. Boxcutter Says:

      Geez, I’m glad I’m not a parent today spending $25,000 a year to send my kid to one of these leftist indoctrination camps. no wonder Johnny can’t read, and write, as they are too busy teaching kids this rubbish, which they will need to painfully unlearn if they are to survive the coming culture war.

    6. Kievsky Says:

      Notice the two pronged strategy of pushing miscegenation and homosexuality:

      “You would feel comfortable entering into a relationship with a person of a different race.�

      “You feel comfortable around persons with a gay, lesbian, or bisexual orientation.�

      There’s something happening out there that will be a delayed reaction, but I think it’s going to happen. Namely, kids are graduating from college and not able to get a better job than they would have without a college degree.

      They are saddled with debt and working high school level jobs. See the series of articles in http://www.villagevoice.com by the jewess Anya Kamenetz “Generation Debt.”

      College doesn’t pay any more. it’s a huge scam. I sure hope it comes crashing down before my daughter is college age.

      Just imagine all these fags and race mixers out of a job, too. :-)

      I remember college as having a few gems, but most of it was chaff. Both students and professors were very lazy, but they were also politically correct.

      Ah, here’s a true story. I remember taking “Real Chemistry” instead of “chemistry for jocks” to fulfill my science requirement. There was tutoring every Wednesday night in “Unity House” which was the “safe space for race mixers.” A lot of White kids avoided Unity House like the plague, hehe. The only reason I saw the inside of it was for chem tutoring.

      The tutor was a Caribbean black working for Pfizer, and I must give credit where it is due, he was a good tutor. What I learned from him on Wednesday night, I used to pass the quizzes on Friday mornings.

      A lot of the students would show up late to tutoring, especially the black ones. The tutor had to go home to his family, and he would ask those who showed up on time to take care of the late students. So one day every on time student left except me, and there were two black girls who needed help.

      So I’m helping them, and meanwhile, some Unity House race mixers are planning a party. A naked party with all sorts of weird games involving sex and experimentation. No kidding. Frankly, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was one of those moments when I realized that the whole “diversity” thing was cover for a bunch of degenerates.

      And some mulatto male had the nerve to tell me to pipe down, and question what we were doing there! I replied that we are doing chemistry and it was scheduled every Wednesday night here at this Unity House thing. The black girls didn’t stick up for me, they expressed a desire to go be a part of the planned orgy. I said, “Let’s finish up chemistry so I can go, OK? I’m not welcome here.” The black girls ended up saying I can go and so that was fine, I’m off the hook and out of there.

      This was back about 1994. I finished college with very little debt, because I went into some “adult student” program but took the same classes for a fraction of the cost, and the Army Reserves paid for a lot of it, including for my student loans.

      I got off easy, but I wasn’t employable upon graduation. If I were to do college again, I would go for a B.S. in Mortuary Science. Undertakers make very good money, and the clientele is very peaceful. Funeral directors can get rich on one or two funerals a week.

    7. H,Schneider Says:

      all we can hope for that AIDS takes care of the buggery problem once and for all.It already shows hopeful signs in Africa.

    8. Bond...James Bond Says:

      So I let me get this strait(no pun intended)… if your a male whole loves to put another mans dick in your mouth or likes large dicks shoved up his ass, then you get special rights. If your a women who loves muff diving another women you get the same special treatment.
      So because you have sex with the same sex your special? The whole fucking world must know about it and treat you with respect?
      Oneday soon fags and jews will no longer have police protection because they will be overwhelmed by rioting niggers and spics. Who will protect you from the revenge dished out by whites who have had this fag shit shoved down their throats for decade after decade? Pay-back is going to be absolutely savage and brutal.

    9. Bond...James Bond Says:

      The name is Bond…..James Bond…
      …….vodka martini…shaken…not stirred…

    10. whiteskelet Says:

      Although the case exposed in the article is extreme, it seems a mistake to be so anti-homosexual. Homosexuality has always existed, and it isn’t an easy problem.
      It isn’t a priority. There are things far more important, like miscegenation and in general the racial make-up of a nation. Frankly, I’d rather have White homos in my country than Black heteros or mixed-races hetero couples.
      Plus, homos may be on the far right for all other issues than their sexuality.

      Extreme right groups usually condemn homosexuality as something decadent and against the laws of nature. It seems inspired by Christian moral – and instinct. However, homosexuality has always existed and is part of nature. Nature isn’t perfect. Some people are born homosexual, it’s not a cultural thing, it’s a biological percentage. It is no less tragic. Contrary to simple beliefs, homosexuality is a law of nature.
      There are degrees to homosexuality. Actually, it’s a scientific fact that each individual has a mix of male and female traits. Each man has a feminine part in him. Men trying to deny this are just in denial. If this part is bigger, he tends towards homosexuality.
      Hormone levels play a big role in this business, and those are statistically distributed among a given population. That’s nature in all its coldness.
      Has really religion something better to say than nature?
      If something must be done about homosexuality, facts must be well appreciated first.

    11. Tim P. Says:

      Homos have always existed because degenerates have always existed. Taking the math into account, it is nearly impossible to claim genetic origin when the vast majority of homos produce no children, thus resulting in the inability to pass on such a gene and the likely hood of said gene disappearing over the millenia. ‘Gay’ behaviours such as sodomy were illegal less then 40 years ago. The laws should be re-instated and homo degeneracy once-again criminalized. Jail them or send them to the third world pig-sty of their choice. Rump Ranger perverts Not Wanted in civilized America.

    12. 19th Century Wigger Says:

      I hate homos, not because of their lifestyle. (What they do in the privacy of a public park is their business). It’s just that everyone I’ve ever met is politically correct to the point of being rediculous. The rigidness of their opinions reminds me of Hollywood movie Nazis or female Canadian University students. Two other myths about homos that television perpetuates is that they are attractive and pleasant. I lived near the local homo center for awhile and I noticed that they were almost all ugly and very miserable. Calling them gay Orwellian.

    13. Gerard Montblanc Says:

      This kind of “fagitprop” is actually good for our side. It is so ludicrous and so unfair that it often wakes up nascent White nationalists who might otherwise have remained or become “ditto heads”. Fag, nigger, shitskin, and jew fairy tales grate right down on the viscera of a White Man with the least bit of testosterone and pride. This primes him, angers him, and makes him far more receptive to the hard VNN level of truth, or should I say real truth. Let me use myself as an example. I lived through about 40 years of life before I realized that I was a racist. This (true) accusation was leveled on me while I was taking a course in multi-cultural “education”. We had to review some negress’ book, in which she stated that only Whites could be racist because we basically “owed” niggers and other minorities recompense, giving them carte blanche to say and do anything they pleased. I labeled this illogical on the course discussion board, and pointed out that I personally wasn’t born with a silver spoon nor carrying the burden of any “white original sin.” This brought down the ire of the nigger lovers. Then we went on to the fag worship phase, and I pointed out that fags were generally a bunch a fudge packing NAMBLA types who definitely needed to be kept out of the teaching profession. I was pilloried by my kinder, gentler, mainly female classmates, who had the sensitive blameless fag mantra down cold. Then I was chastened because I thought that gender neutrality was horseshit, and that niggers were indeed stupider as per the Bell Curve. About that time, I got told to shape up or ship out by the “professor”, and I told her between the lines to go fuck herself and go ahead and try to kick me out, which she did not. Anyway, the whole thing, the fact that everybody was so brainwashed and sheepish, pissed me off enough to type in “White Rights” on Google, which led me to Pierce and the beginning of my real education about the way things really are in this world. If I hadn’t been so pissed, I never would have started the journey. Now I am a teacher in a public high school and I can tell you that racial discord is simmering right below the surface there. There is hope–though there are still wiggers–the White male teenagers are generally a bunch of angry young men who are sick of being denied an identity–sick of being told to apologize–sick of hearing the word White used in a pejorative manner–sick of being called racists by a flood of illegal wetbacks on board for a free education and free lunches–sick of all the diversity clap trap–and I can tell you that many White male teachers are sick of it too. The dam is going to break much sooner than anyone thinks–the Jews have over-reached–their attempt to rectify things with an avalanche of multi-cult indoctrination is not going to work–it will only hasten their end. Worse is better.

    14. 19th Century Wigger Says:

      My kid’s teacher, a white woman, told my son that only whites had slaves and only whites captured slaves; also that only white people shoot other people. Unfortunately now he has a harder time learning from her because he thinks she is an idiot.

    15. Olde Dutch Says:

      I would not call the Ohio General Assembly faggot friendly. Matter of fact, as this story leaks out, you will probably see the OSU administration called in on the carpet to explain why the taxpayers are now in the business of censoring books. OSU is a taxpayer funded institution.

    16. Carpenter Says:

      Whiteskelet, you need to understand why homosexuality is so useful to the Left and the Jews. They are trying to make us accept the leftist Feel-Good morality instead of the conservative Duty morality. So they’ll shove homosexuals in our faces day and night through their media and say “They’re not hurting you, so why do you hate them?” And you ask yourself: yeah, why do I hate people even though they’re not causing any damage? Maybe I really am an awful hater!

      It is real easy to get Whites this way, because we and only we invented individualism, the idea of individual freedom. But the truth is, even that which doesn’t cause direct damage can cause a lot of indirect damage. This is why conservatism/nationalism knows that it is necessary to set rules for behavior. Otherwise others are sickened, or even worse, dragged down.

      Anyway, the media-push for homosexuality is a way to make you treat your own instincts as the enemy. Therefore, you will also deny the deadly important instinct that says we shouldn’t mix with niggers and other muds.

      Why are we instinctively disgusted by homosexuality? Because it goes against the very point of life, to survive and make a new generation that survives after us. Perfectly natural.

      There’s also the fact that it’s not “just what they do in their own bedrooms.” Homosexuality affects your whole mind. Think about it: these are people who know they’ll never have the warmth of children in their homes, and who will never have their genes carried on by descendants. They are the last in their chain! Imagine what that does to you, when you grow older. The result of this realization is that they become extreme hedonists, thereby the perfect unresisting Whites in the Jews’ eyes.

      They spend their lives wasting their money on pleasure. Because they know, they have nothing to live for. Homosexuals are far more likely to be alcoholics, and far more likely to be drug addicts. Drugs and the homosexual subculture go together like birds of a feather. Needle use is a major way that AIDS is spread among homosexuals.

      They are more likely to commit domestic abuse (one homosexual beating its partner). Also, since it is a mental disease, they are more prone to have other mental diseases. This is often the case with the mentally ill. Homosexuals are more likely to suffer from paranoia, schizophrenia, manodepression, and probably many other diseases I don’t remember. Because of their mental problems and the pointlessness of their lives, which becomes more and more troubling as they grow older, a homosexual is more likely to commit suicide.

      Because of their hedonistic, depraved mindset, they are more likely to be leftists (of course), and more likely to go all the way and be communists. Homosexuals were often recruited as spies by the Soviet Union, in the U.S. and in Western Europe. (Ironically, since the Soviet Union itself had gone conservative. Communism only uses hedonism as a tool in societies that are not yet conquered.)

      Finally – they’re perverts, even beyond the simple fact that they’re taking it up their ass to the point where they need to wear diapers for the rest of their lives. Ever seen a “gay pride” demonstration? Think it’s normal people like you and me walking down the street? Hell, no. They’ll put on leather straps, carry whips, they’ll dress in feather boas, and they’ll be proud to show off their pierced nipples. “Only a matter of having a different preference in the bedroom,” the media tell us. Yeah, right.

    17. Carpenter Says:

      Needless to say, homosexuals also hate families, which they mock as “breeders.” This is the same as when niggers show their hatred for Whites, even though they all want to fuck White women. Many will always hate those who they are jealous of. Homosexuals know families lead better and more fulfilling lives, while homosexuals only have their subculture of drugs, depression and diapers. Like the Jew, they would like nothing better than to see Middle America humiliated and destroyed. Constant media hatred, and mass immigration, are just the tools for that.

      Could anything good come from a subculture that mocks families as “breeders”? How sick and depraved do you have to be to hate the normal family, the most necessary foundation for any society, any people that wants to survive? Such a perverted subculture must be fought. Homosexuals must not be allowed to tempt those adolescents who may be insecure and in-between, those who would otherwise have been guided to a life of decent marriage and parenting.

    18. Carpenter Says:

      Some statistics on homosexuality:

      “We see higher rates of suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder, and substance abuse.”

      “homosexual people are at substantially higher risk for some forms of emotional problems, including suicidality, major depression, and anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, and nicotine dependence”

      “The first study was on male twins who had served in Vietnam (Herrell et al. 1999). It concluded that on average, male homosexuals were 5.1 times more likely to exhibit suicide- related behavior or thoughts than their heterosexual counterparts. Some of this factor of 5.1 was associated with depression and substance abuse, which might or might not be related to the homosexuality. (When these two problems were factored out, the factor of 5 decreased to 2.5; still somewhat significant.)”

      “This study showed a significantly higher occurrence of depression, anxiety disorder, conduct disorder, substance abuse and thoughts about suicide, amongst those who were homosexually active.”

      “Since homosexuals have greater numbers of partners and breakups, compared with heterosexuals, and since longterm gay male relationships are rarely monagamous, it is hardly surprising if suicide attempts are proportionally greater. The median number of partners for homosexuals is four times higher than for heterosexuals (Whitehead and Whitehead 1999, calculated from Laumann et al 1994).”

      “A good general rule of thumb is that suicide attempts are about three times higher for homosexuals.”

      “Third, does pressure from society lead to mental health problems? Less, I believe, than one might imagine. The authors of the study done in The Netherlands were surprised to find so much mental illness in homosexual people in a country where tolerance of homosexuality is greater than in almost all other countries.” (Same with the tolerant New Zealand and Denmark, the study says.)

      “Secondly, it was previously noted that 43% of a bulimic sample of men were homosexual or bisexual (Carlat et al. 1997), a rate about 15 times higher than the rate in the population in general”

      “A strong case can be made that the male homosexual lifestyle itself, in its most extreme form, is mentally disturbed. Remember that Rotello, a gay advocate, notes that ‘the outlaw aspect of gay sexual culture, its transgressiveness, is seen by many men as one of its greatest attributes.’ Same-sex eroticism becomes for many, therefore, the central value of existence, and nothing else–not even life and health itself–is allowed to interfere with pursuit of this lifestyle. Homosexual promiscuity fuels the AIDS crisis in the West, but even that tragedy it is not allowed to interfere with sexual freedom.”

      “And, according to Rotello, the idea of taking responsibility to avoid infecting others with the HIV virus is completely foreign to many groups trying to counter AIDS. The idea of protecting oneself is promoted, but protecting others is not mentioned in most official condom promotions (France in the ’80s was an interesting exception).”

      Also some thoughts by a Jew professor who has criticized anti-scientific feminist and homosexual advocates in the academia for more than two decades:

      “Some of these men are seventy years old and half the things in their houses are still phallic symbols.”

    19. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “Think about it: these are people who know they’ll never have the warmth of children in their homes, and who will never have their genes carried on by descendants. They are the last in their chain! Imagine what that does to you, when you grow older. The result of this realization is that they become extreme hedonists, thereby the perfect unresisting Whites in the Jews’ eyes.”

      Think of homosexual economist John Keynes’s statement:

      “In the long run, we’re all dead.”

    20. Carpenter Says:

      A very good point, Strom Thurmond. I have never made that connection regarding that statement, though I should have, because I knew this: Hans Hermann-Hoppe got into trouble with his university in 2004 for stating in an economics class that homosexuals have a higher time preference. (They will rather have a small reward today, than a bigger reward in the future – just like nigger children have a higher time preference than White children, in a study.)

      He said that this is probably why the homosexual Keynes invented a tax-and-spend philosophy that to Hans Hermann-Hoppe seems very short-sighted.

      (Two students reported him for that lecture, saying they had felt oh-so-abused by hearing a short, Politically Incorrect comment. He didn’t cave in when the university wanted to punish him, and instead hired a lawyer. They stacked the deck against him, refusing to question the two students, refusing to hear other students – a massive number of students wrote letters siding with Hoppe. Surprisingly, the ACLU agreed to take on his case, as a question of freedom of speech. Eventually the university withdrew all accusations of a “hostile learning environment.” Hermann-Hoppe won, but this shows that even the slightest, shortest remark against homosexuality can destroy your career.)

    21. Tim Johnson Says:

      On an episode of asshole-licking televitz sitcom “Will and Grace” some years ago, Elton John, the homosexual “entertainer,” did a cameo. In his cameo, he played a “Gay Mafia” don. The joke was the supposed absurdity of there being any such thing as a “Gay Mafia.” This joke was a reference to a true-life event, wherein a major Hollywood player resigned his position in protest against what he described as a homosexual cabal (“Gay Mafia”) making his career impossible for him. Elton was there to act “butch” and threatening and set the audience laughing at the notion of a Gay Mafia. But, of course, there really are totalitarian fags controling signficant areas of the culture, not only Hollyweird, but also fashion photography for example.

      What’s significant here is something I’ve observed about jewish tactics. Jews sometimes openly deny what they are up to; in order to deny a particular accusation against themselves, they will make the accusation first, before you can do so, beating you to the punch and then denying it. I had a jewish employer whom I was sure was undermining me in conjunction with his friends in the human resources dept. of the company. He offhandedly told me in discussing some connected but mundane matter: “We’re not evil people.” For some reason, my “Inner alarm” went off. I found out later that he and these other individuals WERE “evil people”: they had practiced a number of deceptions on me and were plotting how to get rid of me all along (they had a jewish friend they wanted to be in my job). So, here’s the principle: if a jew makes a point of denying something, it’s true. Masters of the lie.

      Elton on behalf of jew TV producers: There is no Gay Mafia.
      Truth: There IS a Gay Mafia (read linked article above for example).

      My jew employer: We’re not evil people.
      Truth: They ARE evil people.

      Jew: Iraq has WMDs.
      Truth: Iraq DOES NOT have WMDs.

      Jew: Of course, there aren’t going to be any layoffs. Relax.
      Truth: You should update your resume ASAP.

      etc. Be alert for any DENIAL that comes out of the blue from a jew; the opposite is true. The jew is trying to psyche you out with this “deny prior to being accused” method. In the Elton example, most viewers had never even heard of or thought of a Gay Mafia.

    22. alex Says:

      Although the case exposed in the article is extreme, it seems a mistake to be so anti-homosexual.

      It’s not extreme. It’s par for the course where homos have power. They’re a powerful ally of the kikes in oppressing us through the media and the academic establishment. I saw this first-hand in college. Homos are natural conspirators because people dislike them for their behavior, which objectively spreads disease and subjectively is seen as disgusting by the normals they smear ‘breeders.’ Conspiracy is just another name for quiet networking, but the point remains that organized homos are quite strong on campus and they work with the jews to stamp out anyone who disagrees with their agenda. Go to the college nearest you and look for “gay safe” zones, or to your nearest high school and look for literature on “gay-straight” alliances.

      Homosexuality has always existed, and it isn’t an easy problem.

      It has always existed, but only recently has it come out of the closet. When it’s a quiet, private thing, we needn’t concern ourselves overly. But when it obtains public respect (ie, privileged media/legal treatment) then the percentage of homos grows. When you have openly queer bars, you’re going to draw more people into the behavior, and encourage flaunting by those who need little temptation. In an ordinary society, the homos are more or less always on the run, and when discovered in public, beaten up or rousted. That’s good. That’s how it should be. That keeps the homies on the qui vive, and actually makes better queers of them! When queer is normal, then you get bathhouses that are incubators for 1001 diseases. The proper policy towards homos is relentless pubic ridicule and legal discrimination, forcing those who engage in the behavior to keep their mouths shut in public. That homos are legally privileged over normals is only possible in a system in which all media and political power are concentrated in a few hands. The normals would never go for it.

      It isn’t a priority. There are things far more important, like miscegenation and in general the racial make-up of a nation.

      The fag problem is an inextricable part of the main problem: jews controlling our politics and media. Jews and homos reinforce each other. Hollywood and academia are perfect examples. They collude to discriminate against and defame normals. The hollywood lesbian producer doesn’t allow characters to criticize homos, while her homo brother on campus tries to prevent a book with facts about homo culture jamming from being available to students. Jews and homos are tiny minorities that must adopt totalitarian policies toward resistance since the vast majority are opposed to their special agenda.

      Plus, homos may be on the far right for all other issues than their sexuality.

      Homos are about partying and irresponsibility and blaming others when things go wrong. Look at the number of partners and diseases the average homo has and you can see the thinking pattern.

    23. alex Says:

      Carpenter made most of the rest of my case. As E. Michael Jones says, and as we know from the Authoritarian Personality jews, sexual liberation, so-called, is seen as a way to control goyim and reduce their anti-semitism. By promoting homosexuality, jews 1) drive marginal whites into reproductive dead ends, 2) promote a culture of promiscuity that messes up individual lives, reducing the pool of political competitors. If queerism were good for Whites or even merely neutral, it would not be officially blessed. Sexual liberation looses appetites that always result in disease and death. The stats Carpenter cites above for homos are true. By pretty much any measure you look at, they’re sick people. Homoculture is hedonistic consumerism. As Huxley said, they give you sexual freedom in exchange for political freedom. The trade isn’t worth it.

    24. alex Says:

      Liberated homoism is generally dated to the Stonewall ‘riot,’ which took place in NYC I think in 1969 or 1972. It’s no accident that all the bad things that remade America took place in a period of under a decade: feminism (title IX), civil rights (1964-5), gun control (1968), 3rd-world immigration (1965), gay liberation (1969)… They’re all related and the serve the same end.

    25. alex Says:

      BTW, I’m getting a copy of the Kupelian book and will be posting the relevant parts on the fagstrat, which is simply a goldberg variation on the jewish master motif.

    26. H,Schneider Says:

      to be queer must be a pain in the ass…

    27. steven clark Says:

      I mentioned this to my writer’s group, headed by a librarian. To her credit, she was angry at the actions of the university, but when the subject ‘hate literature’ came up, she began to balk. People are so taken in by propaganda…people, or should I say lemmings? One guy shrugged and started making comments on Duke university, taking the side of the blacks, then back to the usual Bush hating. Mentioning the librarian was a Quaker didn’t help…these guys are anti-Christian as well. Homos know all you have to do is shout and point, and most people cave.

    28. Good point Clark... Says:

      Good point about caving.

      Straight up honkies be needin’ mo backbone.

    29. bob Says:

      We didn’t have this crap in previous generations. Why now? Game over for non- whites. No more darkies, beaners, nigs, fags, and gangbangers.

    30. Harry Tuttle Says:

      The biggest problem with qweers is that if you don’t stand on their neck and keep them in the closet they have an almost psychotic hatred of the rest of society that expresses itself as a desire to regiment others into pretending their anus busting man-goo guzzling hamster racing excuse for a lifestyle is the new normal. They cannot bear or tolerate dissenting opinions. Unreformed homosexuals are incapable of cohabiting with others in a republic where people are allowed to hold their own opinions and speak their minds. Quite simply, homosexuals are incompatible with European civilization if unrestrained.

      Most homosexuals once they are no longer cowed will soon reveal themselves to be vicious tyrants. In order to keep homos from disrupting healthy white civilization they have to be under penalty of law for acting in ways that undermine hetero society, like suddenly rushing outdoors in your jockstrap with pierced nipples and jogging down the street jacking off on toddlers. The statistics say that fruits completely lack any normal inhibitory mechanisms for socially inappropriate behaviour. This alone is a good reason for a heavy pogrom against them to establish cultural controls again. Once they’re beaten back into the closet with a sledgehammer it will be better for them as well, it might increase their life expectancy to nearly 30 or thereabouts, who knows.

    31. Agis Says:

      Good points made by all. I would only like to add that the “homosexual movement” was and is highly funded and therefore highly organized. Think about what just 10 fulltime, paid activists can do for a ‘movement’. Add to this total media backing and paid legal protection and in a decade you start seeing the ‘cultural fruit’ we are seeing today.

      NOTHING in politics happens by accident.

      On the bright side, the same thing can be done with White Nationalism; i.e. getting a group of activists together and ramming it down Amerikwa’s throat.

    32. van helsing Says:

      HT, absolutely hilarious and on target!

      From what I see here in my middle age, most homos have never had true responsibility, like to ther own kids, or one woman, or a job where they actually had to produce something useful and healthy. And smart and responsible managers sure dont seek them out, imho, for jobs. I would bet that, like blax, when they commit crimes, they ‘heard’ someone say “fag” or “lesbian” even if they didnt, and they jack up their “courage ” (better yet, anger) in that fashion.

      If you will notice however, the commie yahoodi use fags in all their efforts to undermine society, and Weimar Germ… I mean America, is no exception. A healthy revolution (post Weimar) jams them back where they belong fairly expeditiously. Like them other miscreanst, the threat of a definite hanging for bad activity can sure focus the mind on staying out of trouble.

      Society, if healthy, has guaranteed punishment for things that are really wrong. Meanwhile, we have guaranteed punishment for crossing the yahoodi line.

    33. Tommy Says:

      This is really disturbing.. As a college student myself it’s difficult for me to sit in my MANDATORY for graduation philosophy and history classes and listen to this garbage. Everywhere I look on my campus, homosexuality is glorified, what’s so glorifying about a poof putting his pecker in another dudes butt? Nothing, it’s gross and unnatural. If you speak out against gay, feminist, or minority ideals and opinions you are automatically outcast from the rest of the class, and looked down upon. For all you other white college students out there, that don’t buy into this shit, and are proud to be Straight White Males, stand tall and don’t be quiet. If they ask you to write a speech on how you feel about a lesson that you don’t agree with, don’t worry about being labeled a racist, sexist, homophobe, or any of the above P.C. nonsense terms. State facts, cite resources, research, and make your stand and argument.

      Liberals just argue with emotion anyways.