9 April, 2006

Latest on Duke Affair…

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[List of salivating headlines, followed by link to info about the apparent accuser.]


Look at this list of actual Headlines and see how bad the media wanted it to be true.

The Devils at Duke
White boys Wilding
Racism, Sexism, and priviledge play roles in scandal at Duke
Black Students rally around Duke Rape victim
NC Central Chancellor: The alleged victim has our support
Duke lacrosse team out of control
Duke lacrosse allegations fit mold
Committee to probe Duke Lacrosse culture
Duke Season cancelled due to bad behavior
Duke Team incident merits punishment
Duke Lacrosse case somehow gets uglier
Duke Lacrosse team had a reputation for swagger
Threats made against Duke Lacrosse team
Duke’s lacrosse team incident has hate crime written all over it.
Duke Lacrosse team in trouble before
Duke games called off amid team sex scandal
Duke Lacrosse Rape claim spurs outrage
Duke Larcosse Rape scandal; accused players revealed in victim’s statement
Duke Lacrosse Players may be charged for failing to stop Gang-Rape
Grusome Duke Lacrosse Details
Duke Lacrosse behavior unacceptable
Advantages of the privileged Lacrosse sect
Truth is worse than fiction: Duke Lacrosse
Player threatens Strippers in E-mail
The Devils came out in Durham
Duke Team exposed
Male violence against Women at Duke
Sounds like Hate
Duke players afflicted by sense of entitlement
A call for outrage
Fraternity of Silence
Hundreds join rally for victim
Professor wants team to be disbanded
Knowing White from Wrong
Code of Silence harms integrity
Another Reason to Hate Duke
To Hate like this
Take back the Night against Sexual Assualt at Duke
3 miles and a World away, a vigil for the accuser
Sex crimes awareness vigil at Duke
NCCU students march against assualt at Duke
Day 3 of Protests at Duke
Crowd gathers to protest Lacrosse team
Speak out against team scandal
Search warrant reveals plans for another team party
NAACP weighs in on rape case
DA confident Gang Rape occured
Dancer tells of Duke Rape
Victim reveals details of ordeal
Duke should do the Honorable thing
NAACP meets with DA in Duke Lacrosse case
DA stands behind rape charge
DA: Rape may have a racial angle
A pained community gives love and support to victim
Duke saga shows athletes can’t be allowed to think they are above the law


Freepers believe they have uncovered the rape accuser’s identity: Crystal G. Mangum (d.o.b.: 07/16/1978, female, black). The criminal report certainly echoes the crimes of car theft, etc. ….  race, and age, etc.

Additionally, it’s clear to defendant’s attorneys that the caller of the initial 911 call was the other stripper/escort/prostitute, “Kim”. That, despite media disavowals to the contrary. They asked her a couple of questions which match the voice in the first 911 call.

Additionally, it has been reported on Fox (tonight @ 8 p.m.) by an anonymous caller named “Mary” that the DNA tests have come back negative. That, she asserts, may be rumor but it’s what has been told to her. Now Fox commentators are beginning to ask the relevant questions but are still pretending her past criminal record is ancient history and that people are forgiving.

There are still discrepancies unresolved. There are two versions of the father’s version which raise questions. It has been reported that the stripper didn’t give a statement to the police until 31 hours after the alleged crime. And there are questions regarding the stripper’s boyfriend: did he take her to the emergency room, etc.

Poor reporting or cover-ups?

I am beginning to wonder/suspect, that this boyfriend (pimp?) didn’t get his cut and was pissed. It’s also possible that members of the lacrosse team beat her up for a reported “only three minutes of work”: $800 is a lot to pay for 2 strippers.

Nothing is clear.

There are over 850 posts on FreeRepublic regarding the rape allegations.


To: Krankor
I found this free site, no picture, but shows record information. Scroll down:
Crystal Mangum

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  7. 7 Responses to “Latest on Duke Affair…”

    1. alex Says:

      Any way you look at it, woman’s situation was tragic

      Elizabeth A. Weiss, Correspondent

      When I heard about the rape accusations against members of the Duke University men’s lacrosse team last weekend, something changed for me.
      As a young woman living in Durham, I felt personally affected by the accusations alone. I don’t know if all women feel as though something tears within them when they learn of that kind of assault — an assault on something sacred. But that is what it felt like for me.

      I don’t know how long it will be before I can look at a young, white male strolling around Durham and not think for a moment, “Could he be a rapist?”

      This is close to me. I am not black, and I am not an exotic dancer, and I am not yet a mother, but that is where the differences end, and I don’t think those are important differences to begin with. The woman who came forward was a student, in her twenties, lived in Durham, worked for a living, and cared about how her father would take what happened to her.

      But even our similarities are superficial, just as superficial as the fact that she was at the party that night to dance — a fact that seems to be of great importance for those looking for a reason to discredit her.

      The moment I heard the circumstances, that she was there as an exotic dancer, I became even more empathetic, not because rape is any more or less tragic depending on one’s profession, but because she was put in that situation out of necessity, as a worker. It is a risky profession, I know, but so is working construction.

      Honor and virtue are more determined by how you treat other people than how you support your family. I imagine that profession allowed her to provide for her two children and attend N.C. Central, and I realize that not everyone starts out in life on the same playing field; I do not judge her for working for an escort service.

      I felt connected to her because I somehow understood, based on pure instinct and imagination, how hard it must have been to talk to the Durham police that night.

      It is odd how strongly I winced internally when I heard the details, having never experienced anything like that. Yet somehow I felt pain and sadness — and anger. I don’t know when I’ll stop thinking about what that must have been like every time I drive past the Kroger on Hillsborough Road where she felt safe enough to stop.

      I understand that no charges have been filed. The DNA tests will come out next week, and as of now, the Duke men’s lacrosse team is only issuing statements proclaiming their “unequivocal denial” of her allegations. It would be nice to learn that a young woman was not tortured in a pretty house in a lovely neighborhood by a group of smart young men.

      But as a woman, I cannot imagine making those accusations unless they were true. More than half of the sexual assaults in this country go unreported still, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey. And some of the details resonate too strongly for them to be conjured.

      Many of the details of this situation are incredibly charged. Race, class, gender, all of those hot issues swirl together in this story and are possibly clouding the judgment of some.

      So I ask you to consider the situation, but with a few minor details reversed. What if it was a white exotic dancer making these allegations against a men’s sports team at NCCU? Or a Duke student? Or what if it was someone who wasn’t a dancer at all reporting the assault? It should not make a difference, and yet it does for many.

      I hope I will never be in the same situation she was, walking into a house, to perform for a group of men. And yet I can’t stop thinking, what if that were me? What did that feel like? How will she feel safe again?

      This drama will play out amid a dark cloud of voices, some powerful, some righteous, all fighting one another.

      Let us hope that a just light prevails.

      Elizabeth A. Weiss can be reached at [email protected].

      [People and jews retreat to generalities when the specifics work against them. As each new fact emerges, the reported story becomes less tenable. The ideologue jews come out of the woodwork to begin the at-leasting and the raising-issues. No woman would write and no editor would print a piece discussing one’s feeling unsafe around all blacks after a rape accusation against one. This, too, is jewish media control.

    2. Mark Richards Says:

      This whole sordid episode is a perfect example of how the media thinks its job is to see to it that we feel properly instead of understand properly.

      C’mon Alex, post the story of Brittany Benefield and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Elizabeth Weiss will then have her rhetorical questions answerd.

    3. alex Says:

      Already linked.

    4. Tim Johnson Says:

      The only clear idea in Weiss’s schiess, the money line, the hook for the brain, is:

      “I don’t know how long it will be before I can look at a young, white male strolling around Durham and not think for a moment, ‘Could he be a rapist?'”


      That’s the take-away. It is also the sole reason the article was written – just to put that mental hook out there. “Is that WHITE man a rapist?” What about is that BLACK man a rapist?

      Methinks me smell LOXISM.

    5. Lutjens Says:

      Well look at the name. Enough said. It appears she has a touch of Down’s Syndrome.

    6. alex Says:

      Car theft (from a customer): a misdemeanor. Trying to run over a police officer: a misdemeanor.

      What am I missing?

      Thirty one hours passed before the alleged victim told her story to cops? Without naming her accusers? This sounds normal? To concoct a story?


      Published: Apr 07, 2006 12:30 AM
      Modified: Apr 07, 2006 03:11 AM

      Manager: Scanty info delayed search
      Samiha Khanna, Staff Writer
      City Manager Patrick Baker said in an interview Thursday that it took two days before police searched the house where a woman said she was raped because 31 hours passed before she was able to provide details about what happened.
      Earlier in the day, Baker went before the Durham City Council to address widespread questions on the timeliness of parts of the investigation into a March 13 Duke University lacrosse team party.

      Also Thursday, Joseph B. Cheshire V, a lawyer who represents team co-captain Dave Evans, offered more information about what his client said about the party. Cheshire said two dancers arrived at the house about 30 minutes apart and did not perform adequately. “They actually danced for three minutes and decided they were going to leave,” he said. “They took a tremendous amount of money and just left.”

      Cheshire said he has reviewed a large amount of evidence that supports the players’ contention that no sexual assault occurred. Cheshire declined to discuss the evidence.

      “The boys categorically deny anything happened, and the evidence I’ve seen bears this out,” he said. “This lady’s story will not stand up to the evidence.”

      In an interview with The News & Observer on March 24, the accuser said that shortly after she and another woman began dancing, the men threatened her and used racial slurs. She told police she left the house, then went back, at which point she was assaulted.

      The News & Observer typically does not identify people who report they have been sexually assaulted.

      The woman reported the rape within an hour, according to police. She couldn’t provide a lengthy interview until later, Baker said. In his address to the council, Baker said emotional and physical trauma can often delay a witness’s ability to tell police what happened. “The basic rule of thumb is that we work at the complaining witness’s timetable,” he said.

      The city manager added that the public should not expect daily updates from the city.

      The intense coverage of the story has led to widespread debates. Before Baker explained the search delay, questions had been raised as to whether the accuser’s criminal record affected police action.

      The woman has convictions on her record from a single 2002 incident involving drunken driving, a stolen car and an attempt to flee from police.

      Under a deal with prosecutors, the woman pleaded guilty to four misdemeanors: larceny, speeding to elude arrest, assault on a government official and driving while impaired, according to court records. She was required to serve three consecutive weekends in jail and was placed on two years’ probation, which she served without incident.

      According to public records in Durham County, the woman had not previously reported being a crime victim.

      (Staff writers Joe Neff and Benjamin Niolet contributed to this report.)

      Staff writer Samiha Khanna can be reached at 956-2468 or [email protected].

    7. alex Says:

      nigger theft + jewmedia filter = ‘privileged’ white gang-rape