26 June, 2006

Aryan Matters #9 Released

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James Hawthorne is joined with guest host Geoff Beck to discuss recent developments in European and American politics.

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  7. 5 Responses to “Aryan Matters #9 Released”

    1. Will Says:

      Geoff, you’re loads better when in a discussion than when in a lecture.

      Good show.

    2. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      the key for waking white people up is to exploit three key 9/11 truths withheld from them:
      1. tell them about and show them video of wtc7 (they are almost always shocked)
      2. tell them about and show them video about silverstein
      3. tell them about and show them news stories about iraeli espionage in the usa
      then let their minds follow the correct conclusions.
      a large percentage of thus awakened white people WILL come round to joining the CAUSE!
      (the video AWAKEN AND AVENGE is far and away the best video on 9/11, because it avoids the far-out conspiracy theories, and just states the facts, saving the home-run message for the end.)
      (get this video out there and more widely desseminated on the web through torrents, on websites, etc.; put a special link on this site to this video; i really think exposing these 3 9/ll truths is a major key to AWAKENING white people everywhere in the usa).

    3. GB Says:

      BTW, here is the link to Awaken and Avenge: http://www.buywhite.net/VNNB/awakeandavenge/

    4. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      kind of off-topic, but does anyone else here think hal turner has gone off the deep end?
      one of his most recent claims seems just too far-fetched.
      plus, his constant hankering after money is getting annoying.
      i know he needs money to operate, but for cryin’ out loud!

    5. Silverstein is guilty Says:

      Yeah, I thought Hal made a lot of things up – but then again, he apparently did get hassled by this idiot latrino (in the middle of the page, left hand side): http://www.onepeoplesproject.com/site/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1