22 June, 2006

TTIND #20 Released: To Hunt a Bird of Prey

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  7. 20 Responses to “TTIND #20 Released: To Hunt a Bird of Prey”

    1. Tim Johnson Says:

      A little confused.

      Other than “giving” muds CA and FL, what would we ally with them over?

      You say we should boss them in Congress (to do what?) but that we do not want to rule over them.

      Again, it’s all a little unclear.

      Maybe you mean muds will vote against open borders if they have to come to powerful WN Senators for their goodies? That’s laughable. Sen. Martinez cannot conceivably be put in that position, mainly because there will not be any WN Senators elected, or allowed such a powerful perch within either chamber.

      More specifics please. How can a bunch of muds help?

    2. Final Verdict Says:

      Tim Johnsons basically right, in that its us versus the kikes, toe-to-toe. Firstly, the muds are jew pawns that will always side with the jews (most are too dumb to see the extent of jew power, so even if its in their favor to side with us, they wont). Second, the muds have zero organizational talent and financial power, Jews having organized+funded all the leading black and hispanic orgs.

    3. M Hubert Says:

      I, myself, am not a WN but have been following the ideas coming out of this movement.

      Mr Beck’s solution seems to me to be in the correct direction. It would only take a little research to see that many blacks and hispanics are decidedly anti-semitic in their views. They also would like nothing better than living within their own race/culture.

      To ally with these movements doesn’t mean to join them. They want to be left alone as much as you do. To have one group lord it over another is a formula for disaster.

      Living with those who concur with your values and beliefs seems to me the only solution to “multculturalism”.

      It is already obvious the U.S. is no longer a nation, whether, under God or any other entity.

      The South had the solution. This geographical areas should be brokern up into areas of self-interest. No more imperialism No more racialism, No more political correctness, No more gender bending. If you don’t like the values of the area you live in find one that suits you.

      Central authority has to go.

      Mike H

    4. GB Says:

      It’s very difficult to communicate political ideas, and insofar as a failure to communicate occurs some fault is with the author. However, the first two reductionist comments, mentioned above, misdirect the import of the broadcast.

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      There are 11 full blooded jew cult members elected to the US Senate. How can this be—consider the fact that jews make up at best 3% of the US population? Even in a state like New York with a large jew population (9%), the jews should not hold a Senate seat!

      Consider California, jews make up at best 3% of the state population, but, jews hold both Senate seats.

      If things were normal, and not distorted by jew money and jew media power, there would be no jews in the US Senate. No jew Governors. At best a few jewpersons in Congress.

      Friends don’t let friends vote for jews…

    6. GB Says:

      > Consider California, jews make up at best 3% of the state population, but, jews hold both Senate seats.

      Whites are not even in the game. We don’t even have a team or tickets to the show. Fucking pathetic.

      The Blacks, Jews, Asians, they are more than happy to see us locked out. They’ve got their racial caucuses. They’ve got the spoils systems working in their favor.

    7. Tim Johnson Says:

      How to use the muds?

      1. Elect WN to Congress and have these WN form alliances with muds using the carrot of continuing governmental largesse to Leroy. No good. As Final Verdict suggests, the prerequisite of this strategy is the very outcome it seeks: that WN, and not jews, have control of the carrot.

      2. Ditto, but instead of on largesse, form alliances in exchange for the carrot of universal separatism. (M Hubert seems to suggest this path.) No good. Muds do not want separation, they want victory. Swallowing of White areas and benefits (from which Whites are then naturally excluded) is what they’re after. They don’t be liking that ebil APARTHEID n shit. Graveyards are the only separate areas for Whites that muds do accept.

      3. Whip up the Farrakanians to direct action. No good. Jamal cannot be trusted to aim his machine gun in a consistent direction – “jew devils” or “blue-eyed devils” are all the same box of crackers to him. Correction: he can be trusted to mostly aim at pale skin, that’s about all.

      The question we seem to be debating is, What is a nigger good for?

    8. Jackumup Says:

      Get Arlen Specter removed from office first and the rest will fall. one jew at a time

    9. Final Verdict Says:

      We don’t have a team because the jews continually subvert and destroy our best teams. But we do have seats to the show. And at least a few of the Congressmen are crypto-WNs nowadays.

      Most white gentile politicians in D.C. are extremely intelligent (even if dissolute); many of them must know by now who runs the show, and that they’re only interchangeable, middle-level administrators whom the jews can fire virtually at will. It doesnt cost Jewry much to plant or bias stories against a candidate, or shift their funding from one tool to the next. Practically zero.

    10. GB Says:

      For those who have not listened, the main point of the broadcast was to persuade listeners that the political system  cannot be reformed: its organs cannot be used to meet our purposes as White Nationalists – but it can and does meet the needs of the other racial groups.

      That said, Whites even as a minority – if organized – can bring about a constitutional crisis and destruction of the system. An ancillery point was the leveraging of the other racial group’s known grievances, and hostility to Whites – and the government & nation they identify as being White – to bring down the system.

      All this is contigent upon Whites organizing as Whites (not crypto Whites). Seeing how far away that goal is, if it happens, the percentage of Whites may be around 15%.

      I too have some doubts about Blacks, they seem too anarchic and dumb to organize. Yet, this is not true of Mexicans, Dot-Heads and East Asians – which may want their own piece of power and soil free from the other racial groups.

      Again, all this is contigent upon Whites organizing, understanding the current political framework is broken. If we fail to organize the other competing races will crush us. Genocide! It is that simple.

    11. Olde Dutch Says:

      “For those who have not listened, the main point of the broadcast was to persuade listeners that the political system cannot be reformed: its organs cannot be used to meet our purposes as White Nationalists…”

      Geoff, if the jews use their money and media power as they have, it doesn’t matter what type of a “constitutional crisis” is brought on—the jews will come out on top.

      There is no substitute for the hard work of practical politics. Escapism, on which a considerable amount of time on both VNN, and VNNF is devoted is a loser for White Americans.

      We would be better off discussing fund raising, organizing, practical local politics, and getting the message out in a subtle, persistent, & quotable way; rather than worrying about absract philosophical topics.

      Really, you should read George Washington Plunkitt.

    12. GB Says:

      “it doesn’t matter what type of a “constitutional crisisâ€? is brought on—the jews will come out on top.”

      The Jews are already on top.

    13. New America Says:

      Two quick ideas:

      One, in the space of one generation we have become, at a CULTURAL level, The Dispossessed within our country. If you can look at televsion for several hours and not see that virtually ALL pictures – the international language – are deliberately staged to make us out to be fools and idiots, you are not paying attention. Even the few shows that DO portray us in a positive light, like “24,” have a black guy either as streetwise sidekick or equal to the Leader in all but name.

      We allowed this to happen.

      I think the America of forty years ago is like Tara, and the entire way of life, the entire CULTURE, Tara symbolized – it’s “Gone With The Wind.”

      While our country has been taken from us, with the wholehearted support of the Goddamned so-called “Greatest Generation,” it is important to remeber that our nation goes where we go – and it is OUR NATION that made America the greatest country in the history of the world.

      I read “America – Wake Up!,” by Arnold Kontiel, and I think it is absolutely essential reading for us to understand how we choose to come to this state of affairs, and what CAN be done about it – today, for ourselves, and tomorrow, for our posterity.

      There is a wise proverb:

      “Sow a thought, reap an act;
      Sow an act, reap a habit;
      Sow a habit. reap a character;
      Sow a character, reap a destiny.”

      If our thoughts are of learned helplessness, of chosen impotence, than we doom our posterity to a nightmare of Third World living; in effect, Mexico with snow.

      Yet, we have chosen to define ourselves, and the substance of our lives, in terms chosen for us by the Destroyer, or, in the elegant formulation of Phil from Omaha, “That Jew.”

      THEY took over America without firing a shot, by controlling the critical chokepoints of the Culture – finance, the politicians, and the Propasphere – the words and pictures you read, hear, and see, all of the time.

      We have to do more than merely “take America back”; we have to FORM the new nation as the Foudners did, literally from the ground up, in thought, word and deed.

      We have sown the wind of materialistic prosperity, and the expense of cultural development; we shall reap a whirlwind, as the ONE group that you can officially hate.

      I want to take the Godammend “Greatest Generation” and have them imagine the world their grandchildren SHALL inherit, but they are so coccooned it would not have any effect.

      Linder is right; the place to staret is where we care, by getting out of debt TONIGHT, and developing our Talents that will someday unite.

      Unite, yes, but to what end?

      To rebuild, on higher ground, our nation, OUR NATION, even if it is within…

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is Here!

    14. Hugh Lincoln Says:

      The Jew will be our No. 1 point of contention. Blacks are essentially powerless and always will be – whatever’s going, they’ll go with. All they’re capable of is sporadic violence, which is easily contained when it’s made clear that they won’t be getting kike lawyers and white gentile judge coddling but a baseball bat to the skull. Hispanics are just about a step above that, maybe. Indians and Asians would probably make for very cooperative subjects in a white nationalist system.

      You couldn’t turn blacks and Hispanics against Jews, because they – somewhat like most whites – don’t even know what Jews are.

      We need to concentrate on opposing Jews, and waking up our own.

      Good show, Mr. Beck. You are definitely right that Mr. Darby’s showing is good news.

    15. apollonian Says:

      Cultural Key: Heresy, Its Complex
      (Apollonian, 24 Jun 06)

      Gentlemen, Romans, and Comrades: We simply need general cultural RATIONALIZATION as I’ve stressed, to be configurated in specific manner against the great white and Western antithesis, subjectivism, hence then Talmudism-Judaism.

      First we analyze the cultural problem: heresy-complex underlying the Judeo-Orwellian Mammon. Western hubris is thus dissected for inspection of the Judaic disease-of-opportunity within the Spenglerian “Decline of the West.”

      Hence note a great democratic front on strictest rationalist basis can well be agreed upon by and for all humans, white and non-white–ANTISEMITISM–which was done in history in genuine populist manner once before in the late Roman Empire, never forget, under the Emperor, Constantine the Great.

      After that (above antisemitic-democratic front) it’s mere matter of conspiratorial analysis, well-done for us to such excellent extent by such as the Birchers, I’d add (ck TheNewAmerican.com).

      Any action must take place for given mentality, hence cultural ethos. We know to our frustration Jews rule so outrageously, but then exactly how? And it’s here we see the power of HERESY.

      Thus Judaic Mammon empire rests upon a deluded culture in Spenglerian “Decline of the West,” SPECIFICALLY UPON A GREAT HERESY-COMPLEX.

      Observe Religion-wise and theologically, Jews wouldn’t outrightly impose Talmud–they actually don’t want it known too well. Some Jews are outrightly anti-Christ (as Talmud), but they then play a game of “good-cop, bad cop” with other Jews who pretend to tolerance.

      So mainly we can sociologically observe Jews operate behind a mass complex of HERESY entailing at least three specific heretical variations: (a) Pelagianism (“good-evil” fallacy), esp. neo- sort of Kant, English Utilitarianism; (b) “Judeo-Christianity” (JC–see Whtt.org for excellent expo); and (c) non- or anti-racism.

      Another, optional, heresy along with abovementioned three is holohoax, known as “holocaust.” But holohoax is steadily disappearing as serious history, believed in now only by the more hysterical and psychotic Jews, like communists, evidently.

      Thus we simply approach cultural problem fm aesthetic angle and observe, for principle example, non- or anti-racism is easily refuted in logic, and indeed such heretical delusion typically affect the youth far worst of all. But observation is such feeble heresy by itself, non- or anti-racism, nearly always comes “pre-packaged” along with other heresies, like the other two, especially the JC heresy. Thus such pathetic and childish heresy-delusion, non- or anti-racism, persists longer, esp. for the dumber goyim, exploited then by Jews and co-conspiring gentiles.

      Notice again then how all these heresies, above dissected and analyzed, are moralistic and subjectivist, the JC heresy being simply most crass example of question-begging, presumption, and mindless declaration, actually preceding any subsequent or accompanying moralism.

      Pelagianism seeks Godly, hubristic, Pharisaic righteousness; holohoax then is most putrid, abject guilt-complex-indulgence by gentiles, aside fm treason. Holohoax by Jews is simply persecution complex intensified or manifested fm Talmud.

      CONCLUSION: Hence “white nationalists” (WNs), for example, whoever they are, can well operate as unit functioning integrally within a larger antisemitic, democratic, and rationalist front-coalition, if u will. And these WNs will be the more successful AS THEY ARE IN GENERAL REGARDS TO THE CULTURAL HERESY-COMPLEX imposed upon the people by Judeo-oligarchs. (Again, see TheNewAmerican.com for expo on the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR.) See also more essays by Apollonian on NewNation.org under “commentary” heading. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    16. Lokuum Says:

      I am surprised that many WN think they are going to see train loads of Mexicans shipped back across the border. It’s better to accept reality. Over 40 % children born are non-white. In ten years it will probably be sixty percent. No more dreams of socialist paradise, with Adolf as the great messiah. No more dreams of the great environment when we clear our land. We’ll be less than 8% of the world population after the baby doomers do their final Timothy Leary. We need to rebuild a nation, form a government outside of the Empire, ready and waiting for its moment of fruition. We need to gather the support of accountants, attorneys, artisans, etc. Develop a means of leadership that sits outside the financial system. We need an attractive zeitgeist, a camaraderie, a little wildness and fun. As pathetic as our situation is, this world today, America, is ridiculous, a joke, something to truly laugh at. We have to paint the race-mixer-universalist as a bunch ageing senile hippies with gray suits and gray blood. They have killed millions of people in the name of equality, democracy, and the international brotherhood of man, and they think they can lecture us on morality.
      As far as Mexicans, Africans, and Arabs, we should treat with diplomacy just as any nation would, express ourselves honestly and articulately. A developed structure of sorts is key for this may begin quicker than most of us can see and when it does our success will depend upon our having something ready in place.

    17. Theseus Says:


      . . . see your point but disagree. WN is still in an embryonic phase–one of ideas. Political revolution follows some predictable trajectories.

      Idea people will refine and adapt the arguments and criticisms of the present system. They will inspire a more robust elite element in WN as the situation ‘darkens.’

      One of our first notifications of “critical mass” will be when money begins coming in large-enough amounts to sustain a movement. That is an early sign that will begin a process that I believe is inevitable.

      Of course, if people find out about 9/11, all. bets. are. off.

    18. whiteskelet Says:

      Whites shouldn’t seek non-White allies. All non-Whites, included Jews, are enemies of Whites.
      Please don’t insult all the victims of non-Whites by shaking hands with them.

    19. Brass Knuckler Says:

      In the long run, once whites gain control, and that will happen, Fl and CA need to be retaken to send a message, if nothing else.

      To make some of our enemies ‘allies’ – temporarily – is not unusual, and it is a tactic used time and time again by the jews.

      I don’t know why people believe this jews are “2 – 3%’ of the overall population bs. Look at school admissions, populations in different cities (and density) and numbers in occupations, etc. They are more like 5 – 6% of the population, which is significant when dealing with an organized, ethnocentric group.

      A collapse and severe ‘civil disturbance’ is inevitable. The zhids will become more desperate as their beloved media control fails to control the white sheeple who are too busy fighting filthy turdskins for water and milk for their children. Yeah, the zhids will get frantic and demand military action against whites. How long is that going to last? Breakups along racial lines, not to mention a collapse in the command lines between real white American military and the perfumed princes who suck jew cock to gain rank. It’s all going to go to Hell in the proverbial handbasket, and we have a front row seat.

    20. whiteskelet Says:

      “To make some of our enemies ‘allies’ – temporarily – is not unusual, and it is a tactic used time and time again by the jews. ”

      Yes, but we are no Jews, are we? We don’t ally with people just to trick them.

      Thinking further, I would like to qualify what I say above (all enemies…). Perhaps some East-Asians could be our allies.