20 July, 2006

Plucky Hezzies Put Paid to Four More Hate Hebrews!

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Go Hezbollah, go!

Funny viewer question to Fox: Is the damage in Lebanon anywhere near as bad as in Israel?

Israel’s been hit with what are scarcely more than bottle rockets, causing families of ugly swindlers to relocate to the basement for twenty minutes, whereas Israel has destroyed whole sections of Lebanon, causing half a million refugees — including great numbers of Christians and Americans. But of course, as properly trained sub-ants, Christians and Americans in America understand that jews always come first, and must never be questioned. So we hear Trent Lott, ‘male’ cheerleader, talking about UN Resolutions ignored by Israel’s enemies. No mention that Israel ignores UN resolutions, and that Israel refuses nuclear inspection. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

In three days of watching Fox, I’ve heard two reasonable comments, one from a retired general, one from the former head of the Washington Times, now analyst for UPI, Arnaud de Bourchgrave. The substance of their points is that Hezbollah has credibility with a lot of people. It has a couple dozen people in parliament. Israel can bomb and bomb and bomb, but when its done, the tide will flow back. No one outside deluded Americans, lied to by their politicians and pulpeticians and televisions, believes them — least of all those who live near them. And Israel isn’t interested in reoccupying Lebanon, which will only lead where it led before: individual izzies being harassed and picked off.

Tv news functions best with low-key announcers helping the camera extend the eye. But most coverage is shallow and repetitive. The same handful of reporters, the same bias night after night, myopically close to Israeli soldiers, guns, paid analysts, or American dupes. You can get more understanding of the essential conflict by reading one Bovard backgrounder than a week of Fox News. It’s hard to provide good coverage when the unquestioned assumption is that any man or force opposed to Israel is crazy or evil, but that is all you get from Fox, and, increasingly, from Fox competitors seeking ratings.

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  7. 10 Responses to “Plucky Hezzies Put Paid to Four More Hate Hebrews!”

    1. alex Says:

      Fox shows a kike wedding held in a bomb shelter. Those Israelis. They’re so plucky. You can shoot 10,000 bottle rockets at them, but they’ll soulfully soldier on. Of course, this wedding is staged for American suckers, who love their kitsch, if you’ve ever been in the heartland.

    2. alex Says:

      Get rid of the red staters and liberals, you might make something of this country.

    3. JimSummers Says:

      Oh yes, the Israeli wedding in the shelter to of course create the forced historical connection with 1940 Britain during the Blitz (which is precisely why Fox News also pumps in those WWII specials every Sunday night).

      The impression is put into the cow lemming mind that Israel is just like the Britain of 1940 standing up to those evil Nazis (2006-Arabs)


    4. Operation Wetback 4th Reich Edition Says:

      Don’t forget there was a wedding in Schindler’s list.

      Too bad kike Spielberg didn’t show that they had official documents for weddings, that they were held in the open.

      And that, no, millions of kikes didn’t walk into enormous ovens.

    5. Lokuum Says:

      “whereas Israel has destroyed whole sections of Lebanon, causing half a million refugees — including great numbers of Christians and Americans.”

      Ahh, thousands of Amnerican fleeing -think about this for second-American built bombers.

    6. Il Duce Says:

      What’s really bizarre is congress and the president is seemingly quite. The democrats at least spoke out of the refugees and the humanitarian disaster as if a Katrina had hit… an act of god…. Lol.

      Israel prime minister, and other profile leaders and generals have been on all U.S major news network speaking on behalf of USRAEL.As if George Bush is incapacitated after the G8 summit fiasco
      I truly believe Bush suffer a relapse of alcohol ect or is on medication. Unfit Bush first and second term re-selection was rigged by Jews who lust for power, is ever arrogant and restless dropping their mask behind the curtain ever more, and eventually, everyone bow-down to the Jew .


      Bush – Stoned? Drunk? Medicated? Retarded? Presidential Tester for the Pharmaceutical Industry? You Decide……..
      Submitted by BuzzFlash on Wed, 07/19/2006 – 3:06pm. Reader Contribution
      by Ruth Lopez

      Bush is fried. He’s either drinking, smoking pot, medicated, or some combination of all of them. Either that or the man has taken a one-way trip to crazy town.

      Watch his gibberish at the G8, especially the bizarre stuff about how long the plane flights to various countries are. If you take out the comments of the other leaders (because they actually sound intelligent and not like drunken bar talk) and just read what Bush says, he sounds just like someone who is more than half looped.

      “Gotta go home. Gotta do sumthin tonight. Get ona plane. Go home. It’s a long flight. How long is your flight? That’s a long flight. Your country is big. His country is big too.” Retarded or stoned, you decide.

      This is the kind of mindless bar drivel that drunks who can’t shut up drone on with. They just keep running their mouths, totally disconnected from the non-verbal clues of the people around them.

      Watch the press conference where Bush couldn’t stop talking about the pig roast. It didn’t matter what anyone asked him, he just kept saying whatever his addled brain was looping on, in this case, the pig. Typical stoned behavior. It reminded me of the time Bush went to Canada and couldn’t get off the subject of the mouth one of the Canadian Prime Minister’s staff members! “You’ve got a purty mouth.” Not once but several times. “You’ve sure got a purty mouth.” And, “Your mouth is prettier than my Scott’s mouth.” (The poor guy’s name was Scott.) Who does this? Outside of bars or institutions, I mean.

      Watch Bush’s body language at the table with Blair talking over his shoulder. Bush is sitting, almost slouched back in his chair, like a guy at a barbeque on his second or third 6 pack, chomping on his food with his mouth open, and making minimal effort to intelligently keep up his end of the conversation by occasionally throwing in something he mistakenly thinks is sufficient.

      Watch the body language of the other leaders and the way they react to him. With the exception of Blair, they act very restrained and controlled around Bush, maintaining a public facade of geniality while holding back from actually being engaged with him. What seems to be obsequiousness from Blair may actually be him simply trying to get through the fog around Bush’s brain to penetrate with a little reality without setting him off. Meanwhile, Bush’s social modus operandi with everyone, including other world leaders, is to overuse forced jocularity and pretend intimacy to convey a relationship that does not exist.

      When he walked up behind the German leader and started giving her an unsolicited shoulder massage, her body tightened up and she actually grimaced. She wasn’t enjoying that, she was enduring it. Before that Bush can be seen wandering aimlessly around the room while the rest of the grown-ups were conducting the business they were there for.

      This is not normal behavior. Watch him closely sometime when he’s having trouble staying coherent and you can see his eyes come in and out of focus. He does it at the table when Blair is speaking to him and he’s looking out across the room as he chomps open-mouthed on his food. This is a distinct change from Bush’s speech and behavior at other times. In fact, radical variations in his behavior and speech can be seen by watching him when he is unscripted. Sometimes he’s coherent, other times he looks like staying coherent long enough to get a sentence out is almost beyond him, (these are the times he seems to get mean-drunk angry when anyone dares to question him), and sometimes he is just off-the-wall bizarre.

      I’ll say it again; the man is plastered, stoned, or medicated. This goes a long way to explaining how he is so incredibly disengaged from war, disasters and their destructive effects: he is too out of it to relate. Drunks and addicts are incapable of empathy, everything is about them and their next high. When Cheney shot that guy, Bush acted like he had just found out about it days after it happened. Same with New Orleans. Bodies were rotting in the ruins of the city, when Bush had been warned that it could, and likely would happen, happen, and Bush’s response was to reminisce about partying.

      There are bizarre internet rumors of a personal portable toilet for Bush to use when overseas, (to prevent foreign analysis of his excrement) http://www.rense.com/general72/fexc.htm. Normally I would blow them off as some of the wilder of conspiracy theories, but watching Bush’s actions over the last week, I can’t help but wonder, to what lengths would they go to hide it if it were true? If he is too incapacitated?

      What would they do to keep up the appearance of his functionality? Who could or would step up and do anything about it if he is unfit to serve? The people around him are not people willing to part with the power they have granted themselves, and that’s an understatement. And with Bush at the top of the chain and out of the loop, or just plain looped, who is holding anybody below him accountable? His staff? Congress and the Media have abdicated their responsibilities, who will do it?

      Hell, they’re all trying to give him, and therefore themselves, even more unlimited power than they have already taken. As long as they can keep up the illusion that he’s functioning………you decide.

    7. alex Says:

      Fun facts:

      Lebanese population = 4 million
      Lebs displaced by Izzy = 1 million

    8. rich Says:

      There are a couple TV news commentators who are not total jew sellouts. Lou Dobbs on CNN is very strongly pro-American on immigration and trade policy issues and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is more “fair and balanced” than anyone on Fox. But, no, I don’t get my news from the talking heads on the joo toob.

    9. hufduf Says:

      And when the international community coughs up the billions to put Lebanon back again you can bet one group who wont be making a contribution, International jewry

    10. Francesca Says:

      Forget drugs and alcohol, Dubya always seemed sort of autistic or “special.”