21 July, 2006

The Other Side of the Fox Face

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Just a handful of thoughts and notes on Fox and its mentality.

– loving profiles of poower afflicted jews: the IDF soldier perforated in line of duty; the brave young couple marrying in bunker; the third-cousin-deep interviews of relatives of the Gilad monster

– assumption, absolutely unquestioned, that the viewer identifies with Israel

– mottle-breasted bottle-blondes verbally shitting on their fellow Americans evacuated from Iraq (Laura Ingraham on O’Reilly goes into valley girl accent to denounce these “brats”)

– great concern over dual-citizenship of Lebanese-Canadians; absolutely no mention that jews are behind the immigration policies that allow Lebanese to become Canadians, nor that jews themselves are dual nationalists in the U.S., and so allowed to be by laws that uniquely privilege Irael

– near-complete lack of context, no matter the story. if it’s about Iran/Syria supposedly backing Lebanon, the facts are missing, it’s pure speculation; by contrast, no mention of the incredible levels of U.S. military/financial support for Israel – this in a time when the U.S. is effectively bankrupt

– conclusion is that Fox News personalities are well paid amateur flaks who identify with jews and Israel more than Americans and America.

– Fox News is unironic, unnuanced, humorless – although it is perceived as the dry, masculine alternative to the wet left, it is more feminine than masculine in its “moi???” whenever the rare adult (one a day) hints the obvious, as in its reaction to Novak’s pointing out today that nobody sees the U.S. as an honest broker. Fox wants to seem one thing but be another. You can’t be fair and balanced and uniformly, really just plain stoogily, stupidly pro-Israel

– Fox reports very few facts, and, as said, provides no context. It simply rotates uplinks from a handful of field agents with, really, not much to offer

– how is it “fair and balanced” to, in the few times the other side is allowed to speak for itself, the translator’s voice is high-pitched to the point of hysteria, even when you can hear the calm and rational tones of the speaker underneath?

– Fox’s Julie Banderas, called an analyst, speaks twice in a minute of Nasrallah “rearing his ugly head.” You can’t report news when all you see is the same old stereotype: heroic jew vs raghead terrorist.

– You can’t deepen or extend your knowledge by watching Fox News as you can by, for example, listening to Goyfire. Fox is for people without the confidence to deal with new information, to chew anything that might chew back. Same old stereotypes conveyed in same old terms. No matter what Israelis actually do, they will never be called terrorists. The Fox face lingers on Gilad’s father for seconds while he seeks words for his still-alive son. The Fox face never shows the multiple babies murdered by IDF civilian bombers. Fox has the pictures. Fox won’t show them.

– what jew Murdoch has done is serve a market that was ignored by the big-city liberals – the scared, small left-halfers who are only by default cowardice conservatives. There is nothing on tv for genuine conservatives. Rather, the jews have a dual market serving city perverts and country patriotards.

– you could most certainly run a VNN channel on cable and pick up millions of viewers. you could do the same with a channel aimed at exclusively at males, featuring genuine analysis and excluding female reporters. neither of these will be allowed to happen, of course.

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  7. 8 Responses to “The Other Side of the Fox Face”

    1. alex Says:

      Pics jew Murdoch damn sure won’t show you…


    2. alex Says:

      – the disturbingly womanish van Sustern

    3. JimSummers Says:

      Great article, Fox’s most effective technique is leaving out what they don’t want the viewer to know.

      For example, in so-called “terrorist” Syria it is actually illegal to persecute any of the nation’s citizens based on their religion. After the fall of Saddam in Iraq, many Syrian Christians fled to Iraq:


      Alcohol is legal in Syria unlike in countries which follow Islamic law


      And the women there don’t have to wear head covering or burkhas or any other NeoCon radio pet obsession


      Now don’t expect Fox to tell you any of this because they want you to think that all Arabs are “Bin Laden” radicals

    4. alex Says:

      Credit to Anderson Cooper for a decent special on Hezbollah. A good portion of the appeal is that the group offer real, effective, extensive help to ordinary people — just like the German nationalists did. That is not something Whites can copy, yet, because whites are still too well off. CNN described Hezzie trucks driving around with windows and doors after Israeli raids, offering free reconstruction help.

    5. Grog007 Says:

      Actually snice it started I have called it Fox Jews (in place of news) Channel — We Lie, You Believe. I am still amazed by the people who don’t see either the slant and especially the brazen Lies, it is the big Lie incarnate, even here all that is dared mentioned is what it doesn’t show, ITS THE GAWD DAMN BIG LIE IN ACTION, I refuse to watch it since two weeks after it started except when forced to by walking thru my living room and my son the skin headed former NA’er has nothing but it on and cranks up the volume — how amerikan of him — when I point out the out right lies.

    6. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      grog, there’s a cure for a cranked up obnoxious TV set: a baseball bat.

    7. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened..

      if you cant use the TV or other media – go to the streets -do some flyers – let people now some good web adress – start something halve phony like Rense.com – and when they get some sand of truth between they eye lids they will find more becase truth IS addictive more then all drugs in world …

    8. Henry Says:

      Here communist Jews(redundant) take to the streets denouncing Izzy invasion of Lebanon-http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3279792,00.html
      Enthusiasticlly embracing racial suicide. Its gotta be the heat, but well take it anyway we can get it.