23 August, 2006

Released: Free Talk Live Broadcasts (Vol. 2)

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, Free Talk Live, VNN, White media at 3:47 pm | Permanent Link

Free Talk Live now has its own archive page: here. Download, share, and save them.  More coming soon.

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  7. One Response to “Released: Free Talk Live Broadcasts (Vol. 2)”

    1. alex Says:


      I was listening to a Free Talk Live, whilest deliverin’ Pizzas. Funny thing is the girl you talked to spoke pf some asshole Papa Js driver. Well if yer ever in Colonial Height va and a Prius pulls up….ITS OK. Im a son of Confed Veterans, related to STalingrad vets, support DAvid DUke, Ernst Zundel, VNN, Terrible Tommy, and the rest. The Jewish music someone asked about is Klezmer. I must admit I love it. Im an old Gram ParsonstypeBurritoBrosByrds type musician myself. Played guitar since 65. But its called Klezmer, Lotsa clarinets, fiddles, on the roof, minor chords. Hypniotic stuff. Like Ive said…I kinda like individual Jews, (Even Heinrich HImmler said we all have our pet Jew) BUT I despise, hate Israel and the ZOG governemt. I was pulling for Hezbollah, haha. They kicked ass. Good to see it. I think all this London crap, 9-11 crap , all of it is Mossad. Think about this, Osama isnt even charged with the 9-11 thing. On FBI most wanted page, he is charged only with USS Cole. But not 9-11. Interesting. Take care, enjoy listening to you guys on myh IPOD.
      walt in VA