19 August, 2006

Released: Free Talk Live Broadcasts (Vol. 1)

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Free Talk Live (FTL) is an unscripted call-in show hosted by Stan Sikorski and featuring VNN regulars Alex Linder, Geoff Beck, James Hawthorne, Chain, and Callers.

FTL and other VNN media is archived at Goyfire.com. VNN encourages listeners to download, share, and store VNN media. (Note Goyfire.com is down at the moment, hence the reason why we encourage listeners to grab the archives).

11 August, 2006: part 1 (34 MB), and part 2 (25 MB)

Host Stan Sikorski is joined with Alex Linder, Theseus, Geoff Beck, Baby Cakes, Orion, and Bud White. (If I missed anyone my apologies).

13 August, 2006: part 1 ( 25 MB)

Host Stan Sikorski is joined with Alex Linder and Geoff Beck.

Note: FTL broadcast for 13 August, 2006 part 2 , which features Chain, and FTL 15 August, 2006 will soon be posted. Stay tuned.

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    1. Glenn Miller Says:

      I want to run a large ad on cover page of TWPL-2 that’ll advertise VNN Radio, boldly and provocatively enough to convince readers to check it out.

      This cover ad will be approximately 2″ x 2″, with large bold type lettering, and blocked.

      So one of you radio experts do the ad, and post it on VNNF in the TWPL-2 thread, which is where we’re right now compiling inputs.

      We’ll also include the same ad again on back page, to double the effect.