4 August, 2006

Released: Truth is No Defense #25

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More low brow and “gutterally racist” commentary from Geoff Beck:

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Nostalgia, Action, LOTR

For many us, whether from memories of a long lived life or knowledge of our common history and heritage, we experience feelings of nostalgia. Too often these feelings degenerate into crippling bouts of depression and self pity; for we understand what has been lost, and it make us sad. We know of a better world, a saner, safer more orderly and polite world. Yes, it was not perfect nor was it ever utopia, but it was better, and many of us wish we could turn back the clock. We wish events had taken a different turn that some war had been won instead of lost, or such and such a law had never been written.

Such feelings ultimately are an indulgence we can ill afford. Such feelings often cripple action. We must fight such thoughts and instead concentrate on building a new society. Yes, we can pick from the smoking rubble of our civilization, we can find bricks and roof beams that can still bare weight, though what else remains must be burned or crushed into dust. We for the sake of our young must construct a new foundation upon which future generations of our race can build.

I too have succumbed to the paralysis of nostalgia. It was several years ago, before I became a White Nationalist. I returned to see my childhood home and to visit my old elementary school. I must confess my childhood was comfortable, it was safe and secure and I have many fond memories, much as Tolkien described in LOTR, when he wrote of the fondness a Hobbit has for his home in the Shire.

Much sadness came into my heart during that visit, several years ago. The old home was falling apart, a roof beam was sagging. Worse my old elementary school was demolished, razed to the ground. It was built in 1959, an example of burolandschaft: long clean long lines with deep interior space, very modernist: brick facade, steel framed, and with large glass windows. Where an architecturally significant elementary school stood an apartment complex is scheduled to be constructed.

Instead of reacting in a positive manner I became depressed. I sought out my old school chums, I indulged in feelings of self pity, I dwelled too long upon a time that is now forever lost. I felt betrayed. I saw the deconstruction of my world; both physically in the case of my school and home, but also in destruction wrought by much more powerful forces. Forces we have often discussed in other episodes of this program. Yet, nothing positive came from this, for I had not the mental tools to decipher the larger meaning of these events, I could not place these events within the larger scheme of White genocide.

Years later, just this weekend in fact, I was told by my own mother, our Church is slated for demolition. Sadness, loss, and feelings of crippling nostalgia returned. But much had changed in the years since my school was demolished. I understood that a people that would allow a magnificent example of gothic revival architecture to be destroyed to make way for an aluminum box type of church were sick and weak.

This church, built in 1921, which at this moment stands, features an enormous conical spire, much as you will see in medieval European churches, it has thick carved oak doors which require strength to open, and which creak as their iron hinges slowly open, it has tall stained glass windows, carved oak pews, dark mahogany trim, and a vintage pipe organ. Despite my disdain for Christianity, this structure is a worthy artifact of ancestors, it is a thing of beauty, it is thing to be preserved. Were we a people, were we a volk, were we a nation of common blood I think we would not allow such things to be demolished – and surely such demolitions are taking place across the land.

This cultural destruction will not stop until we get in line, until we – the White Nationalists – form a common understanding of our plight and project our understanding – as a beacon of light – to the masses. In German there is a word for this, Gleichschaltung or synchronization.

We, as White Nationalists must become lovers of action. We must impose our will on our fellow Whites, if only by audacity and courage. Force them, we must, to recognize our option to the failed politics and ideologies of our time. We too must recognize that if we oppose the armies marching against us much more destruction will occur, but we have the promise of growth and renewal when the struggle is finished, instead of slavery or annihilation.

I’d like to share one last episode from my life, a journey which caused great angst but which also forged a new understanding, a new determination within my soul. It is one which might affect you similarly, should you be so motivated. I sought the graves of my ancestors, and those I found I visited. I touched their gravestones, and researched the history of their lives. I learned as much as I could about them, their suffering and their trials. As I learned I knew I could not betray them. I could not allow inaction, pity, nostalgia to weaken me, and cause their efforts to be lost to history and our race. These feelings led me out of the bog of nostalgia, patriotardism, and conservatism. Ultimately, it brought me here, to VNN, to this broadcast, to you. And yes, one day, I hope the talking will stop and there will be no more need of VNN, Goyfire or this broadcast.

In closing tonight, I’d like to recall the character Treebeard from LOTR. He and his kind were ancient and powerful beings, but they were timid, cautious, and afflicted with bitter memories from days past. Though their forests were being burned and cut, they only retreated. They retreated until they could no longer ignore the destruction of their lands, till they could no longer endure the murder of their friends, till they could no longer tolerate betrayal. I too understood when I looked upon those graves – as Treebeard eventually did – one cannot hide. I understood too the rage Treebeard felt when he said… ‘gnawing, cutting, burning, that’s all they ever do’: then he sent himself, along with his race, into action against Saruman and the evil city of Isengard.

Let us go into battle. Beware! our enemy is like the eye of Sauron. It is forever surveying, it is searching, it is looking for our vulnerabilities. Our enemy spreads lies and sows paranoia. Our enemy knows our weaknesses and will exploit our divisions. Our enemy has a lust for total power, and seeks the destruction of all who will not be its slaves. So, choose for yourself: freedom or slavery. Fight with us, for freedom and life.

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  7. 18 Responses to “Released: Truth is No Defense #25”

    1. Anty Ep Says:

      well said

    2. GB Says:

      Thanks Antiochus.

      I say this to all listeners and readers of VNN: if you enjoy our broadcasts download them and save them. There is a war on VNN. Our enemies are doing all they can do destroy our news network.

      We are working hard to get our media archives back online.

    3. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      thank you, geoff, for a beautiful, sad, but hopeful broadcast. the eloquence of this broadcast is something our enemies are incapable of. i’d like to rub in ther evil noses. i am not so eloquent as you, but i appreciate you. they would only envy you. and seek to destroy you.

    4. Tony Bernabeu Says:

      It is sad but true, a new (colored-people’s) day is upon us. But I use the negative feelings of today to give me energy to fight for what I know is right. I am a Christian and a Klansman; I love Jesus Christ and I love the White race. My Dad, a legal immigrant from Spain (he became a US citizen in the 70’s), told many stories of how Franco’s people did not tolerate unruly behavior. I have found Blacks and Native Americans to be the most unruly races. If the US was serious about ending gang activity, etc., it would be done. Forgive me if I ramble- the side effect of great intelligence (arrogant joke; I am no smarter than anyone else). Stay true to yourself and take it one day at a time. We can make a difference if we try, my White bretheren.

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Let us not allow frustration to goad us into intemperate rash action. The choice of time and place for action must be ours alone. On no account can we permit the enemy to dictate how and when we will act.

      Hail Victory.

    6. New America Says:

      Beck makes a much stronger point than many might realize; in the wish for nostalgia – and there are entire cable channels devoted to nostalgia – we wish to return to Yesterday. This hollow wish reflects several ideas.

      One, essentially, forty is, usually, the age where we can remember a White America, when we can actually recall a time when one man working a blue collar job could support a family – a traditional family.

      We can drive through the old homes, the old cities, and SEE with our own eyes what happened to them when the Invaders took over; that is to say, the Jews and their hirelings, the Colored.

      In less than half a century, a blink of the eye in the time of a Civilization, the cities that laid the foundation for our going to the stars have become slums, literally Kinshasha on the Ohio.

      It is dangerous to get trapped in the past as a matter of substance; comfortable, safe, and warm, it is a trap that leads to impotence.

      This impotence has been the hallmark of the “Conservatives,” and the Patriotards; they want a way of life that is, literally, gone with the wind.

      What to do?

      The answer comes pretty much out of “Imperium.”

      We must rediscover and dedicate ourselves to basing our lives on the PRINCIPLES that made our past RACIAL greatness possible, and THIS is the deep foundation for all EFFECTIVE activism.

      WHO we are, RACIALLY, is not merely a function of the color of our skin; rather, it is the content of our character – what we do when no one is looking.

      In short, we must be what we want the world to become, and the key to that is simple – we must develop within our souls the character of the Natural Aristocracy, and we must implement this in every aspect of the sphere of our affairs.

      The first principle – get out of debt.

      The second principle – replace the televsion with purposeful activity. Work a second job to get out o debt, develop a skill, become purposeful and DO something, rather than watching other people do anything.

      The third principle – replace the public fool system with the Robinson Curriculum for homeschooling. If I had my life to live over, I would live on a small, broken down farm in the middle of nowhere, and raise the children with homeschooling based on the Robinson Curriculum.

      The fourth principle – replace and displace where you send your spare money. Send some money, regularly, to VNN, Hal Turner, ANYWHERE that WE are being represented.

      The fifth principle – begin to organize our own communities, starting with expanding our communities of interest.

      So much of what the Conservatives and Patriotards seek is part of Yesterday, and yesterday is gone.

      We MUST build a better world, on a DAILY basis, today, where we are.

      THAT acceptance of responsibility is the foundation of stable POWER that we will need, and we will need SOON.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Here, Here, the days of long ago I remember. Houses were easily bought and men had good jobs to support their wives. The way of life was sweeter and down to earth. TV shows were constructive without the garbage of niggers dancing like they have ants in their pants on MTV. The commercials we see now are focused on buy, buy, buy. Buy cars, buy drugs to make you feel better.

      We didn’t have to worry about locking our doors to our homes or cars. Neighborhoods were all White folk where people were friendly with one another. Now everyone treats each other as suspects to a crime. White men who used to act like real men are now either white negroes or homos. Women or the little girls we have now are not much better.

      Homes have to have 3 layered locks to prevent perpetrators and cars now have obnoxious alarms to scare off the degenerates. The middle class has disappeared while the rich hire illegals and negroes. Houses cost 10 times the amount since the 60’s in many areas. Cost of living increases while the communists gouge our tax dollars to support illegals, mexicans, and negroes. Free speech is now taboo and considered to be hate speech. Whites dominated universities and White applicants were easily accepted in all fields of academia — not anymore.

      Our neighborhoods are trashed with wiggers and mexicans and niggers. Jews have violated our laws to allow affirmative action and civil rights for non-whites. Jews have trashed our society ALL TO HELLwith their holocaust rights, human rights, and civil rights while the White establishments and government are invaded by their filth.

    8. Man of Steel Says:

      Coup d’Etat Says: “Our neighborhoods are trashed with wiggers and mexicans and niggers. Jews have violated our laws to allow affirmative
      action and civil rights for non-whites. Jews have trashed our society ALL TO HELLwith their holocaust rights, human
      rights, and civil rights while the White establishments and government are invaded by their filth.”

      I say: And don’t forget that white women used to be home raising the family. Now, they want fucking CAREERS — and the society is FUCKED because of it, I tell you.
      These working cunts take jobs from men. Think about it:
      The cunts win either way no matter who is hiring (unless the boss is a faggot):
      If the boss hiring is a man, he hires the cunt because he secretly lusts after her and wants to get in her pants (should be a DRESS!)
      If the boss hiring is a woman, women are uncomfortable with men because we are sexual beings who PROTUDE our sexuality outward, and thus THREATEN them (women are in essence waiting holes, recepticles, and scared little things).
      So, the woman boss hires the woman out of COMFORT.
      The man is screwed over, the REAL man. If you’re a fag, or a “hotty”, then the fag boss may hire you. You may have to suck his aids-infected dick, though.
      Damn it, these fucking commie jew feminists have ruined this fucking country and europe.
      They don’t have kids. The niggers and spics have kids like taking shits. Whites are bred out of existence, men can’t get decent jobs because of cunt-power, even though an all-male work-force makes the most sense in many situations (no distractions from luring women).
      This western culture, country, white society — is WRECKED. The men have to fix it, take back our natural power, get off whatever makes us goddamned wimps and as Neitzsche says: “Thou goest to woman? Do not forget thy whip!

    9. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Beck’s thoughtful comments help us to understand that nostalgic yearning for our lost civilization is pointless unless it motivates us to action. Unfortunately, I think that white men have become too soft to initiate the necessary action. I think that only real physical suffering will provide the catalyst. If the Germans had been relatively comfortable in the 1920’s the National Socialists would probably not have been able to realize power in the 1930’s. The despair and physical hardship and injustices of the post -Versailles period motivated and energised Hitler and his followers. In my opinion, Hitler had a much easier task than has any potential leader today. Germany was a homogeneous nation and jew mind-poison was not so easily disseminated as it is now. The jew was powerful then, but nowhere near as powerful as he is now. He will not permit any patriotic victory through the ballot box again, as occurred in Germany in 1933. If we are to survive it will be a much more physical affair I believe. The jew is the most highly evolved parasitic life-form on the planet. He is also, like many parasites, killing his host. In fact he is a threat to the planet itself. One thing is sure, there will be a crunch because hymie seems to be incabable of modifying his destructive drives. I’m pessimistic for our future but I know that it is not written in stone. It’s possible that things could change for the better, but I think they will get a lot worse first.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re New America:

      Well said. However, there is a 6th principle and that is to produce more White kids. We cannot win this war if the families of our great race are only producing 2 children per completed family.

      In the past we were able to overcome every form of enemy and disease because White men had large families. That is what made the White race great.

      It is distressing to see young healthy White women at the height of their proroductive powers lavishing their maternal instincts on cats and dogs and other “pets”. Those women should be raising the next generation of world-masterers!

    11. Theseus Says:

      The way is forward. Not right, not left.

    12. New America Says:

      Celtic Warrior makes a good point, and in it is the deeper truth that Beck intimates at, but does not have time to deal with in detail.

      The Awakening starts with the Quickening – some event that, just for a moment, literally SHOCKS you into the Awareness that things are NOT as they have seemed, and this occurs at a profound spiritual level, on a depth of Consciousness of which you were virtually never really Aware.

      Suddenly, the facades of Culture are less substantial, and you SEE a different world, slowly unfloding, with as much knowledge as you can handle.

      This is the true moment of Spiritual Individuation; when you saw as a Child, you spoke as a Child, and now, you begin to see as a Man.

      An EXCELLENT depiction of this was in the great Roddy Piper movie, “They Live,” when the Hoffman Lenses produce headaches, and then, suddenly, you SEE that, for all practical purposes, NOTHING is as you thought it was…

      This is what VNN’s Alex Linder does with words; his words disrupt the order of thought just enough so that the Truth can slip in, around the corners, a bit at a time, until you are ready for more – and more – and more.

      Peter Shank made the most astute observation concerning the Jews when he said they have won all of their battles without firing a shot; THAT is the power of the Cultural Command and Control System called the Propasphere, and the public fool system.

      All of the wonderful world Beck talked about was part of Yesterday, and Yesterday’s GONE.

      The Greater Tragedy is, we let it happen.

      The Jews used the Propasphere and control of the public fool system to convince women that:

      (1) they could have it all – president of IBM, with the mother/wife option fully available,

      (2) they were ENTITLED to it after all of those years of masculine opression,

      (3) Affirmaitve Action guaranteed them the job, regardless of how qualified they were for it, and

      (4) children were really a burden more than a blessing, anyway.

      So, these memes came together, women joined the labor force in earnest, and, if you assume unitary elasticity of demand for your labor function, a rough doubling of the labor force mean a rough halving of wages…

      I haven’t seen the price of anything decrease in real terms, particularly housing; suddenly, husbands and wives must BOTH work to pay for a nice house, and the eternal battle for the illusion of “Middle Class Respectabilty” shifs into high gear, to the detriment of the marriage…

      The Jews win at all points, when we accept their materialistic defintions from the Propasphere and the public fool system; only WE lose, and we lose the almost magical forces that are brought to the fore when man and woman unite in common purpose, with ever-deepening common bonds.

      But, remember Shank’s Insight – We ALLOWED it to happen.

      We can change that, but it is the work of lifetimes.

      It is the best work for all lifetimes, however, and we can start where we are, today, right now, by getting away from the Jew-controlled media, and the Jew-controlled debt based system.

      From there, in time, the stars will be our RACIAL destination…

      After all, we seem to have forgotten one fact: WE – are – the – Good Guys.

      “Think RACIAL, Act Local,” is a policy and practice that has worked for the Jews; it can certainly work for us.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    13. Divorce Lawyer Says:

      when white couples get married, it is now more likely (60 percent chance and growing) that they will end up divorcing than not.
      a hundred years ago divorce was an extremely rare event. thanks, jews. thanks, jew divoce lawyers. thanks, jew legislators, for “freeing” the woman. fuck you, jooz.

    14. New America Says:

      Peter Shank made an excellent point that ties into this: is you want to destry a Culture, destroy the Warrior Caste – the Warrior Mindset – from your young men.

      Turn them into soft, gelded things – metrosexuals being the extreme case – AND further neutralize them by placing women OVER them, in an Institutional setting where WOMEN are the Authority figures. Start with pre-k, just to make sure. Better, hit them before they are verbally aware; use images on the television to show them as fools, and idiots, at best.

      The Russian army has been the butt of criticism for their comparatively high suicide rates during basic training. I might suspect Sparta had the same problem.

      In “Making the Corps,” Thomas Ricks, an excellent military affairs writer for the Washington Post, wrote of the instruction that drill instructors get that reminds them of their responsibilities – if memory serves, they are told of a drill instructor who was an exemplar, as a Marine and as a D.I. The problem is, one night, in 1955, he was drunk, and led the recruits into a swamp where several of them drowned.

      Ricks, and the instructors at Quantico, missed The Big Picture here.

      AFTER the recruits died, RECRUITMENT WENT UP!

      Let me repeat that, for those who favor a kinder, gentler military.

      AFTER the recruits died in Basic Training, RECRUTING went UP.

      Young men can only become men in the company of men; the authenticity of USMC Parris Island as an Initiation Ritual was validated…

      Now, the Army gives medals for anything at all; while pretty, they make OUR Army pretty much the laughingstock of real armies, like the Australian Army. If memory serves, the Australian Army only gives medals for valor in combat.

      Incidentally, you will recall that Islam is a VERY Patriarchal religion, and the most effective army on the planet, Hezbollah, does not give medals, at all…

      Our sons, thus gelded by the very Institutions they MUST endure – the public fool system, for instance – essentially adopt the signage of their Oppressors – they become whiggers, half-men (at best).

      And our women hold them in contempt, and do not see how to solve the problem…

      I do.

      Peter Shank just nailed a point that has come up on VNN Reader Mail; what is OUR way OUT of this situation, which WE allowed to happen TO us?

      The answer have been provided to us, for a season, by the Serpent Seedline Spawn of Satan themselves, the Jews.

      We create our OWN Nation WITHIN the Country we are in.

      Let’s follow the Jewish examples, and see how to neutralize their strengths AGAINST us, while using them FOR us.

      One, the Jew system is based on debt.

      Answer – get OUT of debt. Work a second job, if necessary. Lower your expenses, pay OFF your credit cards, and if your wife isn’t with you in this…

      Two, the Jew system is based on social control through the Propasphere.

      Answer – turn off your televison, cut off cable tv.

      Three, the Jew system is based on the creation of a parallel series of institutions, for example, the Yeshivas, ALL aimed to creating a sense of RACIAL IDENTITY, and UNITY in that.

      Answer – we can start with the Robinson Home School Curriculum, and get 12 years of first rate education for less than $200.

      We can then use the CLEP testing, and distance education, to save our children – and US – the tens of thousands of dollars and wasted years they spend in the collegiate system.

      We can then send our children to Christian daycares – see demischool.com – and raise them in the ways of righteousness. We can then extend the concept of our own, self-controlled daycare to the first six years, and then the first nine years, of public schools.

      Four, the Jews make sure they sell their properties in their communities to other Jews, keeping it out of the Realtor system; no public advertisement, no unwanted people as neighbors.

      Answer – we can begin to form our own communities, first as communities of common ideas, and common Ideals, in cyberspace. We can then move to New Idea communities…

      We must start where we are, a day at a time, a dollar at a time.

      Sending money to VNN – even a spare ten or twenty – REGULARLY – is an excellent place to start.

      And, if you don’t have a spare ten or twenty each month for VNN, what is more important to you that you are spending your money on?

      What will you say to your illiterate grandchildren when they come home from public fool speaking Spanglish, and lecturing you on “tolerance” and the evils of “Whiteness?”

      You CAN do something about that, a day at a time, a dollar at a time, OR you can go back to Sleep…

      (And, if your children and grandchildren don’t get with the program, then AT LEAST you have done YOUR part, and YOU will be blameless. You will have done ALL you CAN do, and, as Robert E. Lee said, “Always do your best. You can do no more, and should want to do no less.”)

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    15. New America Says:

      more on women who destroy men through feminism:

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    16. alex Says:

      Excellent string of comments, I hope this thread gets a lot of reads. I wouldn’t blame women, who are mostly following patterns and responding to incentives. The entire legal/tax structure has been altered to benefit ZOG. Everybody works all the time, everybody is tired, everybody pays high taxes and suffers inflation. Marriage means next to nothing legally; a giant burrocracy has sprung into being that clicks in motion the minute a woman has a change of heart. Indeed, the system itself produces the type of creature that needs its services, far more than any natural need. I refer to niggers, mexes and liberated/divorced/’abused’ women.

    17. alex Says:

      Also, the cops produce their own market through criminalized drugs. The endless warning about meth, for instance; the 1001 COPS variants, are essentially “you need us” vehicles for highly interested police.

      White men need little policing. How many white men have you known in your life who were criminals as a hobby or professionally? I haven’t known one. The System must produce its market to justify its existence, and there are many ways of doing this. But they all amount to rewriting the laws to make ordinary white existence as difficult as possible.

    18. New America Says:

      One, another idea on education, as distinct from “schooling”:

      Two, an important shift has taken place since the Jews showed their true colors by using the Raspberry Berets, the 101st Airborne, to FORCIBLY integrate the schools of Little Rock at bayonet point…

      RACIAL integration has changed virtually every sector of our society, and not ONE has been for the better; the idea of RACE being largerly synonymous with species has rather more merit than many might casually appreciate.

      Think of “law enforcement” in the Fifties; police were always courteous, virtually always professional, and admired throughout the community. The bulletproof vest was unknown, and would have been irrelevant, if it had been available.


      Because the law was an organic outgrowth of the mores (pronounced more-rays) of a society, and THOSE were an outgrowth of MORAL behavior that was required for RACIAL survival, and growth.

      What happened since then to require law enforcement be, to a remarkable and increasing degree, to resemble a military – sorry, “paramilitary” – organization?

      Think of it – what is the situation that requires the military to mediate civil differences?

      A clash between NATIONS.

      And, according to Thomas Sowell, what has enforced racial equality/affirmative action led to, in EVERY nation that has practiced it?

      Civil War.

      What do you need to moderate the points of contact between the different RACES, the different NATIONS?

      A military, in all but name, until the time that Civil War is formally recognized – the “paramilitary” police force.

      I suspect we have had a slow motion Civil War in America since we decided to enforce racial intermixture at ALL levels of society, if necessary, at bayonet point.

      Surely, that should have been a dead giveaway to SOMEONE!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!