2 August, 2006

VNN Update

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VNN presents the re-broadcast of ‘FREE TALK LIVE’, tonight August 2nd, 2006

Showtime: 10:30 PM EST

Featuring hosts Alex Linder & Stan Sikorski

This is the re-broadcast of the August 1st show which includes calls from Babycakes, Bud White, Theseus, Geoff Beck and others. Topics include: the attack on VNN by Canadian opposition, the Israeli genocide of Lebanon, contact numbers for White patriot Tomasz Winnicki, TWLP distribution and the Campbell family support by VNNers, other subjects and music.

More information at http://goyfire.com


Due to technical issues the re-opening of VNNForum has been delayed. If we get a lucky break it might be live in 24 hours.

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  7. 5 Responses to “VNN Update”

    1. E Says:

      Alex, can you do a post about this:

      This is actual evidence the US Government showed at the Moussaoui trial.

      This is the pristine red bandana supposedly worn by a hijacker on the plane which slammed 90 degrees straight down into Shanksville, Pennsylvania.



    2. Sexist White Man Says:

      regarding the southern gal who called in:
      1. why is she living alone with a dog? why isn’t she married and making white babies?
      2. i like her voice; i wonder if she’s hot.

    3. VLC Says:

      will these Free Talk Live shows be available for download ?

    4. Outis Says:

      A southern gal living alone with a dog is one of the last women you want to marry and breed with, dude.

    5. why is that, outis? Says:

      why is that, outis?