10 October, 2006

Don’t Give Up On Mel Gibson

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In the year 1683 a huge army of savages from Ottoman Empire ( more than half a million ) approached Vienna. Here they met a much smaller army – a Polish army with the help of German army under the leadership of Polish king Sobieski. Europeans beat the hell out of Turks, beating them mercilessly. According to Polish TV ( 6th October ) a movie title “Victory” will be produced.

Mel Gibson was invited to produce the movie and to play the role of king Sobieski.

Mel accepted the proposal.

My favorite picture ( attached ) is submitting the flags. Poles had a war in average every 15 years ( last 1000 years ) and we will not surrender now.


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    1. Meeee Says:

      Interesting news, and great pics.

      Thanks Mariusz!

    2. John Says:

      There was no real reason for Sobieski to dash to Vienna’ defense.

      Throughout their history, the Poles with great bravery and sacrifice have shown their enthusiasm for a noble CAUSE, for an idea.

      It explains their deep religious faith.

      Those who are following political events in contemporary Poland know that some dramatic changes are taking place under the conservative government.

      Long live Poland!

    3. abe foxman Says:

      Jimbo (Dimbo)
      Responses to Rant 1
      Points? Not any that someone with your limited sense of perception or intelligence would appreciate!
      Moniker? At least not blinkers Dimbo!
      Vouch? Vouch that you’re a little short on mass between the ears!
      Responses to Rant 2
      Uniting either in one group or in various groups forming a loose confederation?
      Tripe! I repeat, being white gives one no rights to preference or exclusivity! It’s obvious you consider your big mouth in conjunction with white skin and Neanderthal expressions as some passport to exclusivity but that is far from the truth. The truth I don’t give a rat’s ass for such a line of argument and even less for the breed that expounds it no matter what the color!
      Responses to Rant 3
      Crap! All that existed was the Neanderthal sense of morals. He who wielded the biggest club (a bit like you attempt with your mouth) directed the herd. If you read my post, you will see I mentioned those who demonstrated a moral code. I wasn’t putting the Christian moral code on a pedestal but pointing out that ancient whites had no moral code and that’s why they went the Darwinian way. If whites still had the pagan morals, they’d still be stuck trying to invent the wheel
      Whether you like it or not, jews are afraid of only one religion and that’s Christianity!
      ……‘Renaissance’ and the re-discovery of ancient Greek & Latin texts that we have our current high-tech world: all courtesy of the white race? Brouhahas…what a Dimbo! What would someone of your limited intelligence know of the Greeks and Romans? Zilch!
      If the Greeks and Romans were so damn advanced, they’d have reached the point of industrial revolution during the peak of their civilizations. Their civilizations advanced through philosophy, arts and warfare. Where is the link between them and advanced technology?
      Ignoramus? Rich coming from one who has the spelling capabilities of a infant.
      Response to Rant 4
      No need to respond to this rubbish other than to say Mel will be around a lot longer than the likes of you. Your Neanderthal views would only reinforce his belief that his survival lies with his religion and not with bully boys that can only demonstrate a big opinion of themselves.
      I suggest you stick to commenting on Sesame Street and the lessons they try to get across…you’ll have a lot more success in persuasion

    4. abe foxman Says:

      Postscript to the last post.
      Science and its understanding is what led to advanced technology. Science is a direct response to the questions raised from theological reasoning. Those great scientists weren’t pagans but deeply religious people who asked questions. (e.g Darwin) The religious society was tolerant to the degree that allowed these questions to be asked and answers to be found. This led to a healthy conflict between the religious fanatics and the scientific fanatics with a society holding strong moral (i.e. Christian) basis as the ajudicator. Dimbo’s pagan tribes wouldn’t have even let the questions be answered. If anything, the jews could be considered the ultimate pagan tribe.
      The problems started when this tribe weaseled themselves into elements of the society which held control over maintenance of the moral values.

    5. abe foxman Says:

      Postscript to above:
      Maybe this is your example of white exclusivity and high moral tradition?

    6. dae Says:

      after reading some of that junk i have to say that some of you are wrong , ok first of all , in 17 century polish kink as the only one in europe let those fukin jews stay in poland because fukin jews were hated all over europe , this country was in war every 15 years for past 1000 fukin years , now u tell me u blame poles that they steal , rape , kill , yes , were not the only nation that does that kind of stuff ok ? heres something for you Dr. Brandt prolly your parents were killed in concentration camp or something and i dont give a shit about that , the point is you discriminate my Country even tho you dont know jack about history of poland , and you being a dick about it because gibson accepted the role in movie and he hates fuking jews just like me ok? , and thats reality you fuking piece of shit . All wars on planet are because of jews, jews are evil and i really hope this bullshit gona change soon , that people will open their eyes >>> NO MORE NEW WORLD ORDER

    7. Adam Says:

      Its amazing to see how many racist (antisemitic and antipolish) idiots have made comments here. Especially the comments made by Germans here are unacceptable. 7 million polish citizens (half of them Jews) were murdered throughout WW2, and such reviosionist biggots like Dr Brandt make such comments.

      Its appaling.

      As for the Battle of Vienna – Germans and continental Europe should thank the Poles. Who knows how Europe would look like today otherwise. Its good that such a movie will be made…

    8. Calvin Says:

      What the fuck are you bloody germans trying to tell the world by lies about Poland? Where do you get the right to say it?

      If you look close at history, Germany ALWAYS tried to “move” into the eastern territory. They just cant stay in their country. As it happened in the world war II. and many many times in medevial ages. The german bastards even used the slogan “In gods name we defeat you!” hahaha in GODS name you Germans try to slay Poland?

      You have to look closely at this. In Gods name we defeat you (the polish)… if theres really a god I am sure he would firstly erase you, allright?

      People who are in touch of european history, and a history WITHOUT LIES, true history, means reading the real history from sources as it REALLY was, no liars shit, know what role the poles have in Europe.
      Still the polish ground is the most ever-battled territory in all the world, every 15 years a new war on polish ground through all the last 1000 years. In no other country/territory in all over the world and even until now, so many people died on wars like in poland. War.. war.. war.. from north the barbarians/swedes – fought back, from west the germans tried to siege poland – fought back, from east the russian armies and tartars – fought back, from south the sultans, turks – fought back / I am sure I forgot any other enemies. Do you want to know how the national anthem still starts and what it means? here we go:

      Jeszcze Polska nie zginela,
      Kiedy my zyjemy.
      Co nam obca przemoc wziela,
      Szabla odbierzemy.

      Poland still isnt erased,
      until we are living,
      what we lost to other forces,
      we´ll get it back with our swords

      our historical friends are the romans (old italian empire), the french napoleon and the british due to the neutrality and friendship. And now this german brandt/sehnsucht retards come up and want to tell the world how crappy polish fought for europe?

      Did you forgot about the battle of grunwald? 15.07.1410 as we, the poles and lativia destroyed the so called elite-units of german crusaders using the slogan “In gods name we defeat you?”. Forgot how we fought the russians and germans with Napoleon? Forgot about the battle of Vienna?
      WHO was the country who has protected europe from all the turks, sultans, tartars invasions? The Poles, dont fucking forget you assholes brandt/sehnsucht, it were the Poles not you germans who tried to erase us like you did it again on WWII. Nowadays Europe would be full of sultans if the polish wouldnt fight braverly.

      You say that around 12 million germans had to move and 2 millions were raped or such yearh? Of course the retarded germans invaders had nothing left to do in poland after the world war, go back to your nest damnit!
      WHAT DID YOU germans GOOD for europe ever?!
      Committed in already 2 WORLD WARS YOU MORONS! MURDERED OVER 60-70 Millions of europeans, tried to fight all your neighbour countries like frenchies, the british, the danish, etc. and still you have the right to claim about POLAND? SHUT THE FUCK UP , ALLRIGHT?!

      Germans were so lucky, so damn lucky, and most people still cant believe how lucky a country is for starting a world warII., that after destroying germany on world war II. the marshal plan hit them. Because america felt bad for leaving a country so destroyed and doing nothing after all. That explains their luck. The poles, sadly were gotten by the communism, anarchy and stagnation is what the russians brought but since 1990 its over, its getting better and better in poland.

      Germany ALWAYS claims against Poland. It is in their history. You know what, brandt/sehnsucht? I am american/british of polish heritage LIVING in germany… since 25 years… you know I live here and there… and I am following your mentality here in germany, your reporting about the Poles in the TV, in the news here in germany, and in newpapers here in germany. You ALWAYS report about the Poles when theres just something BAD to say about. When I am back in America I mostly hear good stuff about the Poles? Why so? Because you think you are the country number one in Europe, but as I can see, cause I live here, germany is falling down to poverty, more unemployed people, crisis in the politics and you will see where you are, goodluck and dont be proud of your history!

      I wish everybody in the world would read the truth. As I can see it will happen, which I am very glad about it. Mel should make this movie. The Poles are way too much unknown in the western, but they will know. And also dont forget about the Battle of Grunwald, 1410, July the 15. where Poles fucking punched the hell outta them.

      And to the germans, be a good german, know your history but dont LIE to the world!

    9. Robustus Says:

      Calvin and Mariusz, you are absolutely right. The Germans, the cultureless rump of Europe, and a recent invention like the Ukrainians who like to make up myths about their greatness to pacify their complexes, and then project this bullshit onto others. What I wonder, and perhaps Calvin is better prepared to answer this question, is whether Germans actually believe this fantasy of their greatness, or whether they just tell people this tale to receive outside reinforcement. Poland has been plagued for centuries with buttheaded neighbors on either side. By international law and protocol, Germany could have been wiped off the map after WW2. Perhaps it should have been, divided between France and Poland. But now you have the Unholy German-Russian Alliance rearing its ugly head again. When will you losers ever learn, you backwards, propaganda-fed idiots!

    10. xawras Says:

      Reply to :

      Dr. Brandt
      14 October, 2006 at 4:58 am
      The chronicler reports: “Our cavalry was too heavy to keep on their “the Turks’” heels. That of the king “Sobieski” was, of course, lighter; he, however, abandoned the attempt at pursuit due to other considerations” (!)

      Well , here is only one problem – at that time Polish Army had a very heavy cavalry – husaria – there was no other like that in a whole Europ an Asia…

    11. Giles Says:

      Its really funny to watch the goyim slice each other apart. Always been that way, and always will be. God Bless you all in exactly the manner you deserve! Who can ask for any different?

      Funny how everyone has their ‘pet jew’- especially the followers of Nietzche (jewish) Hitler and co (all jews) etc. the reality is that everyone of any importance on that level is Jewish, one way or another. Jewish is 10% of the total, always, but thats entirely in the upper half, by quality, and even higher in the Western cultures, which are generally of higher quality to begin with. So add in a few generations of mixture and everybody is Jewish or related thereto…

      Its especially funny to see the followers of Ben Klassen, who looks exactly like my classmate from school, Jake Persofsky. (a good guy!)

      But the Germans are right- Poland and most other European peoples are imaginary artifical concoctions. Having observed the reality of race, the ‘gentile’ turns around at the conclusion and imagines himself a whole other story, suited to his personal taste. Of 1 billion (1000 million) ostensibly ‘white europeans’, by simple racial logic at most half are actually Caucasian. Slavic is a bow legged, short, flat back of head westernized version of the Hither Asiatic race; Alpine is some kind of squat dumpy aborigine, most Mediterraneans are North African, or like a dark Alpine; etc and so forth. White Race unity is an artificial concept, devised for your deadly consumption. There are dark Indian, Persian, Arabs, and yes, Jews who are far more Aryan than most ‘whites’. Its all about degrees.

      The better element in Poland is “Aryan” more or less, and thats where the unity can exist. If there is a proper culture, which can only be the Word of the Lord- by natural logic.

      Yes Jesus was blondish, and of light complexion and Aryan face- he was one of the original pure bred Jews who were the most Aryan of Aryans, at one time, being among the most direct descent from Adam and Eve (hint- homeland of indo-europeans was in Central Asia. Land of Noah etc was in Central Asia. Hmm…) He was probably ‘Celtic’, more than ‘Germanic’.

      Germans, the better sort, are among the best people in Europe of this there is no doubt, and to whom we owe a deserved respect. Sorry about the war. But the British and Americans are closer to God’s heart. Thats why our music is better.

    12. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      Seems that there is no salvation for Whiteys because most are incurably infected with lethal disease of judeo-christianity.
      Read this article, please, as the best antidote. If it does not help you, nothing will! And stop forever discussing about Jesus, Saul, bible, 6 Millions! Remove them from your mind as an asiatic pervert brainscrambler, fiction and halucianation.

      by Dragan G. Glavasic:

      While other religions, “cultures”, and races are taught to hate us, take advantage of us and/or kill us any time they get a chance. At the same time, we are persistently brainwashed to be pacifist, tolerant, compassionate, kind and forgiving to everyone: even our worst enemies! And that makes all the difference thus will ultimately result in our destruction: because our political, spiritual and economic leaders are corrupt, immoral, low-life scum that secretly collaborate with our worst foes thus insidiously work against our real interests. WAKE UP! Christianity was a big mistake and sin and an insidious ploy to perfidiously tie our hands and render us helpless as the ideal victims for other races and religions.

    13. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      Giles Says:

      26 June, 2007 at 10:28 am
      “Nietzsche jewish??? Father was protestant minister.
      Hitler? There is rumor that paternal grandfather was jewish merchant but not proven.
      Slavs with bow legs”?
      Chicago White population is predominantly Polish and as I live here 40 years I noticed that in average Polish girls and women have the most beautyfull and meaty legs – very sexy and voluptuous.
      Also their skin and brests stay young and elastic much longer than Italian, Irish or English women who have tendency to become like prunes in that age. Where he found bow legs exept writing nonsense. Also they age much slower that Southern Europeans and Polish woman of 50 – 55 is still fresh and sexy comparing with fast aging Italian, Greek, Spanish, Mexican or prunes like Irish and English women of that age etc. Giles talks total bullshit about jewsus on the stick! Jesus was arian and blond!!!??? Giles is either mole or moron.
      Whites in wider biological concept does not mean tall and blonde like Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova. Those are Nordic or Slavic types but most of Europeans are not of that type.
      Of course, Mediteranean Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Portugeze are extremelly mixed breed and Southern Italians are practically all of North African Race and Greeks are big admixture of Middle East Races.
      Germans are also big admixteure of Nordic, Keltic – Alpine and Slavic race much more than generally known.
      Prussians were Slavic – Baltic nation conquered by German tribes and germanized. Berlin – Brlina, Drezden – Drlina, Leibzig – Lipice (Linden forest) are originally Slavic settlements, invaded by Germans and Slavs were during the 10 Centuries Germanized except Luzice Serbs around Budishin – Bautzen. That is why so many Germans’ last names terminate on ~ski, ~cki, ~ew, ~ow, ~ek. Those are all Germans of Slavic origin.
      Even Nietzsche claimed that in the past their family name terminate on ~chi
      Many ignorants write nonsense without having any idea what they are writing! Jesus blond Arian on the donkey “teaching” like under halucinants!
      May be Giles is incurably sick of jewsusitis?

    14. giles Says:

      I guess you are Polish and didn’t take kindly to my observations. Like I said, this concept of European history, and peoples, is totally false. Just because you (perhaps) may be “aryan”, doesnt mean everyone else with the same name or language is of the same stripe. Bow-legged is something, at any rate, and and these are found noticeably among East Europeans (and others). Did you miss H K Guenther’s Race series? Look at the description of “East Baltic”, and “Alpine”.

      I am quite certain that Americans of any origin are better than their Old World counterparts- getting there was a selection process all by itself!

      Everyone is a mixed breed, more or less. The racial concept “Jewish” is also false, because what is the definition, except some kind of descent from a religious community?

      The goyim, having put his ducks in a row (“race is important”), then turns around and come to a whole new conclusion, (“papers and names are important”).

      Whatever the origin of “the Nazis”, there certainly was a strong instinctive collaboration between “Nazis” and “Zionists”. Which one came out on top?

      As above, having figured out the completely obvious and boring truth, about 40 yrs after everyone else, the gentiles (catholics, etc) turn around and pant after a series of contradictions- “jews bad, nazis good. jews and nazis allies. jews win war. nazis jump off cliff. nazis smart. nazis protect jews, and promote them, at same time, nazis gentile, jews nazis, gentile jews, jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew, we hate jews lets talk about jews some more, we love to talk about jews…we love jews.” (its a fine line between love and hate, isn’t it?) Oy Vey.

      Jesus was GALilean, right? There is a ‘Galicia’ in Poland, as well. And in N Spain, and Asia minor, and France, and Ireland, and Scotland…He told his apostles to go “ONLY to the lost race of Israel…” hmmm-where did they go, then? James to GALICIA, and Britain. Andrew to the Goths, and Saxons. Peter to the Franks, Aryan Jews, other white groups in Persia at that time. Hmmm…

      Of course, according to you, everything was just squeezed out of a tube yesterday, sprang up right out of the soil, Poland just fell out of sky and happened to land east of Germany, etc. You have never read or heard anything from the Bible- and that comes as no surprise, and neither does your resentment. You are not in Adam’s inheritance- only Israel is,(the West), and the truth is not in you. The primitive eastern hordes have forever been a thorn in the side…

      “Many ignorants write nonsense without having any idea what they are writing!” I couldn’t agree more!, etc.

    15. MK Says:

      Just wanted to throw this out there.
      Polish people are meek, honorable, forgiving, proud, and strong. they have survived so much (Like many countries) but we do not brag about it if you know what i mean. I have traveled a fair bit and everytime there was anything mentioned about poland or polish people ony good things were said. whether its italy, france, spain, americas, etc. many people say the same good things about them, all common. therefore it must be true it doesnt take a genious or a book, or someone of power to tell you that. They always helped those in trouble never conquering but protecting. We owe alot to this nation. they are a sort of “big brother” to all europeans.

    16. Jake Persofsky Says:

      I don’t think I look like Ben Klassen, but thanks for saying I’m a nice guy (whoever you are) :o)