9 October, 2006

Monday Night: VNN Free Talk Live!

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Update: Thanks for the great broadcast: Bootgrl, James, Alex, Lee, Mark, Theseus, and Todd.

Free Talk Live live returns hosted by Geoff Beck and with James Hawthorne, Alex Linder, special guests and callers.


1) Send a chat message to geoffbeckmidwest with skype.

2) The host will accept your chat message, tell you approximately when you’ll be coming on, and will call you back.

3) When skype rings turn off the live feed, since there is a delay.

Note: to use skype you’ll need a headset and PC.


You’ll need winamp, itunes or any other type of software that can load .pls.

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  7. 12 Responses to “Monday Night: VNN Free Talk Live!”

    1. Geoff Beck Says:

      Our guest in the 8 PM hour is bootgrl. She has produced several videos on youtube, including this one:


    2. I Says:

      I really love women like this because it really puts to rest the whole lies the kike and kike-alikes make about the reasons white men are racist.

      There’s the whole “it runs in the family” bs, the “gay sexual attraction to Hitler” jew lies, “small dicked white man” is the ones the nigger animals come up with.

      That being said, I would never have the guts to show my face on a video like she does.

      However, the things I have mentioned previously also work out to her advantage.

      This is why I think white women nationalists, as I believer there is a quasi-nationalist in Denmark I believe, are the easiest for the dumb lemmings to digest.

    3. James Hawthorne Says:

      I agree ‘I Says’ we need more woman to step forward through audio and video. They are natural communicators to the lemming sheeple.

    4. Keeping It Real Says:

      I think you’re doing a great job, bootgrl, if you’re reading this. But, since I’m old enough to be your father, I’m going to lecture you a bit.

      I watched a couple of your videos, and you need to quit smoking,
      young lady. It’s something you don’t need to do, and is hurting you mentally spiritually and physically. Therefore, I hope you give serious thought to knocking it off, while you are still young.

    5. where's the link? Says:

      where’s the fucking link to the show?

      it says ‘on air’ but there’s no link to listen.!

      where is it?

    6. somebody Says:

      To: where is the link?

      (Click this icon on Monday, at 8 PM CST, to hear the program)

    7. bootgrl Says:

      Can’t wait to be on the show. I love Goyfire!

    8. Jackumup Says:

      I Love this show , I am a anti-semitic, I am a Catholic the Church was anti semitic collectively but after vatican 2 Our sovernety was surrendered

    9. Lutjens Says:

      Bootgrl, you are a sweetheart. We need millions more of you. Stay safe.

      – grandson of two German SS soldiers on the eastern front

    10. ovidio Says:

      does it really mater? theeey won. fight for what? tis over lay down arms give up they win

    11. Theseus Says:

      Hahahaha, ovidio = Kikeyo Rose

    12. John Wilkes Booth Says:

      The pussies at “ewe” tube took bootgirl’s video off line! Fuck them and all those nigger lovers!