5 October, 2006

TNB: Dellmus Colvin

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Dellmus Colvin sentenced in killings

WTVG– October 3, 2006 –

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) – Investigators believe five women whose bodies were found in secluded, industrial areas in a roughly five-year span had been working as prostitutes to feed their drug addictions.

They had at least one other thing in common – the man who killed them.

Truck driver Dellmus Colvin, 47, pleaded guilty Monday to four counts of aggravated murder and one count of complicity to commit murder in exchange for prosecutors’ agreeing not to seek the death penalty.


No mention of his Ethnicity. It’s obvous, though, on Mugshots.COM.

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  7. 5 Responses to “TNB: Dellmus Colvin”

    1. Damian Andrews Says:

      Gosh,I thought all serial killers were white.At least that’s what the Judenpresse tells us.They wouldn’t lie would they?

    2. sarcastic son of a bitch Says:

      let’s not jump to conclusions.

      he may be a white man with a wide-nose and thick lips disguised in black-face.

    3. planter Says:


    4. Jackumup Says:

      It’s not his fault, “He’s a NIGGER!”

    5. keyser_soze Says:

      Jackumup Says:
      9 October, 2006 at 9:19 pm

      It’s not his fault, “He’s a NIGGER!”

      Well anybody with any intelligence, know who the NIGGER is…..I am surpise you can even you a PC…….No offence to my caucasian counterparts but CRACKERS such as Jackumup need to find his way to my house so I can give him some sensitivity training……sort of like what ignorant white people did to slaves in the early 1800’s