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12 April, 2007

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Whoever’s behind this “svengalimedia” celebrating nigger-on-White depravity is running around the Internet spreading lies about Channon Christian. Svengalimedia If you can dig up any info on Leland Perkins, Svengalimedia, or anyone associated with the site, please post it.

30 November, 2006

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Selective Distortion and You Graph compliments of the [FBI] Departrment of Justice By Curt Maynard Newsweek magazine recently published an extensive article entitled Leading the Way,” in which the magazine detailed the lives of twenty “powerful” American women that Newsweek felt best represented the topic of the future of “women and leadership,” in the […]

5 October, 2006

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Dellmus Colvin sentenced in killings WTVG– October 3, 2006 – TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) – Investigators believe five women whose bodies were found in secluded, industrial areas in a roughly five-year span had been working as prostitutes to feed their drug addictions. They had at least one other thing in common – the man who killed […]

8 September, 2006

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On the C&W show, they claimed whites are serial killers, and I rebutted that blacks serial kill even more often than whites – it just isn’t reported outside the local area in which it occurs. Here’s one nigger mass murderer you’ve almost surely never heard of – unless you live in the Kansas City telesphere. […]