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2 December, 2010

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Abbott comments: [His blog].

13 April, 2010

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This move is sort of funny, since “Jew-bashing” is entirely justified given South Africa’s recent history: [Article].

12 September, 2008

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The latest from [Here].

9 July, 2008

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A wonderful thing, perseverance: [Article].

14 May, 2008

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A rather new blog that debuted in February: [Here].

25 November, 2007

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Everyone should be educated on the benefits of diet and exercise so that they can be here to fight for the future of their children and grandchildren. AND How much do you REALLY know about the current economic crisis that we are facing as Americans? Why is it happening? What does the future hold for […]

22 August, 2007

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Don’t know why yet, but here’s a guess: Jewish groups, worried that Mrs. Gardener was influencing too many “soccer moms,” had her blog removed via financial or political pressure [1]: Her former blog: [Here] [1] a mention of Gardener: [Here]

18 August, 2007

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We don’t know who they are yet, but the force is strong with these two: Why Los Angeles Sucks! Newspapers. Pure crap. In L.A. we have the Daily News, asmall paper that at one point was what some might consider a fairlyright wing publication geared toward the San Fernando Valley section ofthe city. It’s been […]

26 July, 2007

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Some interesting stuff: [Here]

12 April, 2007

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Knowledge is spreading; anger is growing. Thanks to Curt Maynard, one of the most active and powerful of a rising generation of White writers (don’t miss his Politically Correct Apostate) for helping punch this hush crime into the heart of the Media Matrix… As individuals, we can do nothing. As a team, there is nothing […]