13 April, 2010

‘South Africa Sucks’ Blog Taken Offline Due to Anti-Jew Comments

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This move is sort of funny, since “Jew-bashing” is entirely justified given South Africa’s recent history:


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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      The only thing worse than a Jew is a White guy who “admires” Jews and takes his blog offline because of all the anti-Jew comments left on it. Asshole.

    2. tbow002 Says:

      If we cant discuss what is destroying us as a people, then we are truely lost….

      Jews will destroy us or die trying. Its embedded in their religion and they refuse to change it.

    3. Old Dutch Says:

      Hey, Tim. You have been hanging out here with me for so long you are starting to sound like a White Man. LOL.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, I guess you are having a civilizing effect on me, OD. LOL.

    5. Krystian Says:

      That’s exactly right, liberal whites are the absolute worst. At least we know where we stand with jews, but we never know when one of “our own” will backstab us. You’d think thousands of whites murdered every year thanks to jewish actions might merit some leniency in criticizing jews, but not for a “respectable” man like this. What a piece of shit.

    6. ED! Says:

      The Whites in South Africa have no one to blame except for them selves.

      They thought they could give the niggers food and Jesus then they would act like humans.

      They, like most Christians think that the Jew has a special place and standing in this world.

      This blogger has the same problem as he is so infected with Christianity and guilt that he is unable to see the true fomenting agent, that would be the Jew!

      The only thing the Jew is standing on is the glass floor of Christian fear, ignorance, and gross stupidity and until that glass floor is shattered the Jew will win, it is as simple as that!!!


    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ed!, I’m no expert on South Africa, but I do know the Jews, queers and liberals have ways of tormenting their victims like no one else can. If you’ll remember, there was a great deal of international pressure bearing down on South Africa to end Apartheid in the 1980s and early 90s. It came from the usual suspects….The churches, academe, Hollywood, Washington and Organized Kikery. SA had no choice but to either cave in to all that pressure or become a pariah state like North Korea and Libya.

      Of course, all those morally superior Jew activists who vociferously condemned Apartheid in SA were totally silent on the much more brutal and inhumane Apartheid being practiced in their beloved Jew state of Israel. And while all the gentile countries were prohibited from doing business with SA, Israel carried on full, unfettered and very profitable economic relations with Pretoria.

      I daresay there will never be a shortage of reasons to fight the Jew.

    8. Voir Dire Says:

      Great!!! Another blind fool or false-operative bites the dust. The blogmeister of AfricanCrisis engages in no such delusions and allows ALL posts. I have heard from numerous posters that he censors TRUTH – a huge warning siren for those who understand the subversives determined to destroy our race. Here is a post I wrote on the “AfricanCrisis'” website and elsewhere following the reprehensible Jews’ News hit piece on this extraordinary man, Eugene Terreblanche.

      I wrote the following on the Associated Press piece plastered all over the internet bellowing and howling about “White Supremacists” having the audacity to decry the horrific murder of patriot extraordinaire, Eugene Terre’blanche and undeniable (and openly declared at every turn for those so inclined to investigate) Jewish War on Whites throughout the West, and every other place that Whites still exist in significant numbers (Please see: Global White Population to Plummet to Single Digit—Black Population to Double @ http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2008/04/

      SAfrican white supremacists: Slaying was ‘war’ By MICHELLE FAUL, Associated Press Writer – Sun Apr 4, 2:49 pm ET



      ‘How despicable of you, Ms. Faul, to characterize this murdered man’s fellow sympathizers as “white supremacists.” It is now a “white supremacy” cause to defend one’s peoples survival in the face of genocide? Is in now “white supremacy” to protest the systematic dispossession and deliberate rape, torture and mass extermination of Whites even as our numbers on this planet are dire?

      Why, my dear Ms. Faul, would you never ever label those self-anointed Chosenites in the Middle East as “supremacists” for purportedly believing in “self-determination and preservation of those OH SO special ones”? After all, it was this tribes’ brethren who are primarily responsible for organizing and imposing this murderous, racist, hateful, black Marxist rule over on the beleaguered Whites remaining in South Africa and Zimbabwe even as the real KLAN themselves oversaw the most oppressive regime on earth against the indigenous Palestinians and are systematically wiping them out. Why the double-standards, Ms. Faul? African Whites’ never even remotely engaged in the wanton theft and destruction of others’ that God’s favorites in their stolen “homeland” have visited upon its indigenous neighbors. What a bunch of unbelievable (but typical chutzpah) hypocrisy by these so-called “journalists” who love throwing terms like “supremacist” around when it pertains to Whites and their survival. Doubtless, you’re a member of the real Klan. Preservation for Me, but not for Thee. Right, Ms. Faul?’

      Readers of this blog need to understand that the (always) subversive, Marxist Jews in South Africa and Communistic Big Jewry from abroad organized, funded, and foisted black Marxist terrorism/rule on our beleaguered brethren stuck there AND threatened Whites’ in both former Rhodesia and South Africa with warfare by OUR Western governments had they failed to succumb by signing yet another death warrant. These dual-agent Zionists have completely infiltrated and hi-jacked all Western governments and are responsible for putting the White-hating Manchurian Candidate, President Obama, into power so they can cement their war-mongering, totalitarian police states in the formerly free West.

      The sickening irony being that this was orchestrated by the genuine Nazis – the racially supremacist, hypocritical Jews while simultaneously conducting and overseeing the most racist apartheid state ever conceived back in their stolen “homeland.” The biggest difference is the black Africaners benefitted from and shared in the prosperity the Whites created. The indigenous Palestinians got enslavement, displacement through theft of their land, torture and mass murder. I hope people really truly investigate the staggering double-standards that Whites’ are held to everywhere they live vs. the Jews’ in Israel.

      Please show me where Whites ever had blacks walled-in by massive enclosures, made to (if even allowing entry at all) pass through hundreds of manned-by-guns checkpoints, or denied basic health care and staples needed to survive? When did Whites ever go around with armed machine guns as the norm? NEVER…! Whites’ had to separate themselves in order to stay alive living amidst this primitive, tribal hatred so clearly inherent in both Blacks and Jews. Yet these disgusting hypocrites denied to Whites everywhere what they freely exercise for themselves even as the Palestinians are the ones whom are suffering and dying en masse at THEIR hands.

      Whites everywhere had better wake up, unite, organize and fight to the death. Your only other option is surrendering to this planned ongoing genocide.

      Israel Loves Mugabe
      by Justin Raimondo, April 12, 2008

      Yet he has always managed to retain at least one ally, through thick and thin, one that remains loyal even now, and that is the government of Israel. They have been a steady supplier of military equipment, including riot control tanks and water cannon, which has been used to suppress the democratic opposition and keep the country under his iron grip. Links between Mugabe and Mossad, Israeli’s intelligence agency, go back years.

      Zimbabwe’s misery prolonged by two unlikely partners
      By Wayne Madsen
      Online Journal Contributing Writer

      (WMR) — WMR has learned from a source within Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), that Zimbabwe’s authoritarian president, Robert Mugabe, is being propped up with the help of two unlikely bedfellows: Israel and Libya.


      My Farewell to Israel: A Thorn in the Mid-East

      With you in your grief and devastating plight,


    9. Voir Dire Says:

      Correction in order: The following quote pertains to “South Africa Sucks” and NOT “AfricanCrisis” whom allows ALL commentary to be expressed freely. Written in haste…!

      I have heard from numerous posters that he censors TRUTH – a huge warning siren for those who understand the subversives determined to destroy our race.

    10. Kuda Bux Says:

      S- glad to see you back. I’ll give you a green. D.

    11. Emily Says:

      Lybia’s Qaddafy’s mother is a JEW!, did ya know.

    12. Oosthuizen Says:

      “Why South Africa Sucks” – Anti-Black Hater Blog is run by Jewish hypocrites!




    13. Oosthuizen Says:

      Current web address of South Africa Sucks:


    14. John Says:

      What do you make of this?

      Jewish Task Force: Kick-ass Jews who support Boers & Boer Freedom

      It appears if Jan Lampbrecht have a good relationship with the JEWISH task force. What are their influence on the African Crisis website, posts & comments made by Jan ?

    15. John Says:

      Doodler’s (Neels Oosthuizen) funeral was held at “11:00 at The Roodepoort Masonic Centre”. It sounds Jewish.



      Yes, according to UG, one of the issues that Mr. Rundle had with UG, was that UG is married to a Jew.

      Whehter Mr. Rundle really did have these concerns, I don’t know; since some of the alleged statements he made in his ’emails to UG’ sound very much like UG wrote them. So I don’t know.

      As for the marriage part. Now I don’t care who he is married to whom. However, as some have pointed out, UG allowed for the criticism of all races, including whites, he wrote horrific things about poor whites. But he refused any criticism whatsoever about Jews. He also severly criticized those who had miscegenated; and yet he was married to someone other than his own racial group.

      It appears he required higher standards of others, than he was willing to live upto himself.

      I have no disagremenet with the slanted manner the media portrays South Africa, at all. However, I imagine if you want to criticize the media for doing something, and withholding certain ifnormation, or usiing false information and propgaganda, it would help if you don’t do exactly the same thing.

      Furthermore, if UG is ‘conservative’ then I clearly have misunderstood the rpinciple of ‘conservative’. Conservative is above all about being personally responsible and holding yourself accountable. He does anything but.

      As far as I am aware the show on 702, occurred after the arrest; not before it.

      In my view, any blog or pro white site, that goes about publishing information that they know is false, and fraudulent, allegedly on behalf of white victims of crime, or farm murders; is not doing any of those murder victims any favours; to the contrary.

      But then, for some, the issue of ‘crime victims’ is not really such a big concern, namely in stopping it; for it is an exceptionally useful tactic to use to instigate the race war they so desperately desire.

      You can observe this, by their total refusal to support any non violent or legal efforts for secession or for raising awareness or for any civic actions to make positive changes. None, zero, nada support. The only time they give a rats ass about whether someone was illegally arrested, is if it is one of their fellow mob justice practitioners.

      So, all they really want is to replace the ANC’s mob justice, with their own version of mob justice; which is anything but founded on constitutional republic conservative foundations.

      They have absolutely no concern for constitutional republic issues, like endorsing the rule of law, for all, or any such matters.

    16. Voir Dire Says:

      Thank you, Kuda Bux, for your kind words and thumbs up (new feature; Wow!! It has been awhile). Good to be back.

      Note to John: That was truly shocking. It was three years ago, but still…

      The only thing I can say in Jan’s defense is he has always allowed me to post ANYTHING with regards to the Jewish role in destroying Whites (See: http://www.africancrisis.co.za/Article.php?ID=37791&)

      If he still hasn’t seen the light, then African Whites’ are in even bigger trouble than they might have imagined. They will breathe their last collective gasps without ever even knowing what hit them.

      Cheers to all,


    17. Samantha Says:

      Why South Africa Sucks exposed


      “Why South Africa Sucks” is run by Jewish hypocrites!

    18. Samantha Says:

      This is probably the best source of information available on the South Africa Sucks website, and it’s pro-Jewish agenda. It is obvious the moderators on the South Africa Sucks website are protecting Jews from any type of valid criticism.


    19. Henry Says:

      “It appears if Jan Lampbrecht have a good relationship with the JEWISH task force. ”

      Something’s fishy. Beware Greeks bearing gifts!

      Whatever the Jewish Task Force’s interest in this, it ISN’T the interests of South African whites.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Behold, a few specimens of the true master race:


    21. Henry Says:

      And those are the nicer looking ones.

      You know what?— If someone got dressed up like that, and went walking around like that, he would be locked up as a mentally disturbed individual in need of psychiatric help. But since they claim to do it under cover of a religion….. Oh, well then, that makes it alright. They’re just practicing their religion.

    22. Joanne Says:


      “South Africa Sucks” Website Is A Jew Front Site

      I started posting on the site South Africa Sucks. These were supopsedly white people who hated the fact that the niggers were running amoke after the apartheid regime feel apart.

      As long as one berated the niggers and talked about how stupid and inept the nigger government was, they were fine, but once one went into the area of the jews, the posts were deleted or the poster was mocked.

      Sound familiar?

      Anyway, I would point out the obvious, like the fact that it was only White Israelites who were being persecuted. Like the fact that it was their farms and properties, which were being vandalized by the nigger goons. Like the fact that the diamond and gold mines of the Jews were still in Jewish hands and that the large Jewish population there didn’t seem to be suffering the same criminal activities.

      I even provided proof that it was the Jews who instigated the anti-apartheid movement to begin with, as admitted by their own FILTHY brethren:

      One organization, the Union of Jewish Women, sought to alleviate the suffering of blacks through charitable projects and self-help schemes. Fourteen of the 23 whites involved in the 1956 Treason Trial were Jewish and all five whites of the seventeen members of the African National Congress who were arrested for anti-apartheid activities in 1963 were Jewish.

      Jewish university students, in particular, vehemently opposed the apartheid movement. Jews, in fact, were largely represented in the percentage of white citizens who were arrested for anti-apartheid protests. A large proportion of Jews were also involved in organizations such as The Springbrook Legion, The Torch Commando, and the Black Sash. These anti-apartheid organizations led protests that were both active (ie. marching through the streets with torches) and passive (ie. standing silently in black). Other Jews sought to teach, train, and include black citizens in South African society. Ian Bernhardt lived in Johannesburg and led the Union of South African Artists in which he helped teach and protect black artists. Jews could be found in the majority of anti-apartheid organizations and protests throughout the apartheid regime.

      I was shocked (although I shouldn’t have been) by the venomous response of the admin, who had a picture of himself in his icon. Then it registered, this mamzer is a jew and this is a jew front, meant to sow the seeds of revolution. As we all know, this tactic is always employed by the filthy jew so that they can make a profit off both ends of the fight. They also choose such times to worm their way further into the bowels of society while the chaos ensues.

      As watchmen, we need to always be on our guard. Things are not what they appear to be, especially where the children of lucifer are involved.

      I wanted to pass this on so that you can be aware too. Please pass this on to others in our Godly family. We need to develop a system of communication among our people that puts the jews’ system of cohesion and communication to shame.

      More than ANY OTHER non-Israelites I hate in the world, the jews are at the top of the list. Put every jew to death and 99.9% of ALL our problems will disappear.

    23. Voir Dire Says:

      Joanne: Can you provide a source to that damning quote? If it is from the “freehostia” link, it is coming up empty.

      It is a mistake to advocate the death of Jews even as they are destroying Whites. They will take any such advocacy and use it to shut down websites and further cement their already-upon-us tightening police state. Do not play into their hands much as they may deserve such sentiments and treatment. We have to be smarter than this Klan to defeat them.

      They wanted their stolen, fraudulent “homeland,” and got it through engineering two World Wars and the deaths of millions of our people. Let them have it. These timeless war-mongers are on the cusp of dragging us in to a global nuclear conflagration. And yet it is “Iran” we’re supposed to worry about getting their “jihadist” hands on a single nuclear reactor.

      What we need is to get these dual-agent traitors out of our government, academia and banking. We make the same case for preservation of our people that they do for theirs, and point out the glaring double-standards and hypocrisy as I illustrated to “Ms. Faul” above in her attempted smearing of the struggling South African Whites. Indeed, owing to our genuine plight and declining numbers, we have a much more compelling case. Even if we’re not self-designated “Chosenites” by some apparently wicked, discriminating “God.”

      Love seeing the growing number of racially-conscious women who seek to slay monsters nonetheless.



    24. Henry Says:

      “It is a mistake to advocate the death of Jews even as they are destroying Whites. They will take any such advocacy and use it to shut down websites and further cement their already-upon-us tightening police state. Do not play into their hands…” — VD


      I did not care for Joanne’s last paragraph. Her post would have been better without it. I found it confusing too. (Is she implying that Jews are non-Israelites? Apparently. Is she referring to Khazars???) It’s unclear. Not quite sure where she’s coming from, but there’s a rabid tone to it. We can do without the fanaticism. Just the facts, please. And if you’re going to make mysterious references, explain them!

      However, that was a very good quote. Thank you for that.

    25. Leonard Says:

      Jews & Communism – The SA Experience


    26. H & V Says:

      Henry & Voir

      The link Joanne posted is active. Go check it out!

      The quote posted by Joanne included the last parragraph. I agree, the post would be better without the last paragraph.

    27. Jon Says:

      “Jewish university students, in particular, vehemently opposed the apartheid movement. Jews, in fact, were largely represented in the percentage of white citizens who were arrested for anti-apartheid protests.”

      You can bet your last shekel those “Jewish university students” were/are not opposed to the apartheid and dispossession of the indigenous Palestinians in their ill-gotten Zionist state!

      Filthy hypocrites those “progressive” kikes!


    28. Jon Says:

      Leonard Says:

      19 April, 2010 at 12:11 am

      “Jews & Communism – The SA Experience”

      Just like shit and flies.


    29. GhostOf1917 Says:

      Boycott diamonds and other precious metals. Jewelry is marked up 300%. The average person isn’t allowed to invest in gold. Ever try to sell gold or precious stones? You get nothing. Cubic looks just as good to the average eye and so does gold-filled jewelry.

    30. Marwinsing Says:

      I was a founder member of that blog. Anybody with a white skin following it with gusto today must be a lunatic. It got jewed years ago. Read my first sentence again. I know all the screwballs running it now and have followed its sordid history for some four years now. Arthur Kemp? A cunt and coward of the first degree. Bert Oosthuizen? A cunt and coward of the first degree. Want me to carry on?