7 November, 2006

poppin’ fresh spintros [11/7/06]

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Duke and the Darkies
A libertarian numbskull cautiously sniffs his way up to the mind-blowing realization that niggers don’t care about due process. That they could care less whether Duke students raped anybody, they just want to see Whites thrown in prison. As these niggers constitute a large percentage of the population, they are likely to get their way. The jews have destroyed a context in which logical thought is respected or empowered. When feminists and niggers dismiss connected thought as phallocentric or racist, they aren’t kidding. They hate logic. If this makes them ridiculous, they don’t notice or care. They notice they have the power to dominate, and that’s all they do care about. Whites have no protection because they are not a recognized community. The jews who control the terms of public discourse denominate all those who would speak for the White race “haters.” This means that White individuals who in some way irritate the mob are very likely to be thrown to it, to be ripped apart, since no one can speak for them, and it is “racism” or “hate” to point out the racial animus driving the coons and jews. America has become AmeriKwa, a jewish production – and a hostile environment for ordinary Whites. Let’s repeat it again: a White prosecutor procedes with a rape case against a White man who has video evidence that he was in a different place at the time of the alleged crime. Media, government, niggers – they don’t care about these things, they want White blood. The average White man has no interest in the American government, and every interest in seeing it destroyed. It is nothing but a construct used to lecture, brainwash, enslave, and feed off him. Nifong is able to drive this case forward because the black voters (and some white liberals) – led by a number of black ministers and other educated black elites – believe that they are entitled to seeing Finnerty, Seligmann, and Evans convicted of kidnapping and rape and thrown into prison and treated without mercy. This is an example of the humor that makes liberti-drivel fun to read. No shit, dude. Niggers hate Whites. That’s understood by everyone but professional Individualists. The real question, the question worth exploring, answering, and trumpeting, is who put jungle monkeys in a position to satisfy their bloodlust against humans? The answer to that is the jews did, through a nasty little juggernaut they call ‘civil rights,’ opposition to which is demonized in the mass media they control as tightly as the courts and law schools. Blacks can keep their segregated schools and communities, but they also have the right to invade White associations, neighborhoods, and schools wherever that seems desirable. White communities exist, but only in reality, not in theory. Once the theoretical basis is destroyed, it is only a matter of time until the real community is destroyed. A thing that can barely perceive itself and is brainwashed to seek its own destruction is on a countdown to nonexistence. White communities only exist because of legacies of racism, or by historical accident, according to the jews who determine how history is viewed. Since we all embrace the Big Lie that Race Does Not Matter — and who but hated “racists” dares laugh at the nostrum? — we can have no objection to seeing every last hamlet stocked with DeShwans and Lemongellos. It is not going too far to say that Whites form a slave population. They are routinely and predictably defamed and ridiculed on tv. To write like I’m doing, to fill a book with footnotes proving all of the above, which any reasonable person understands after five minutes’ inspection, may have some value, but in the end, without the willingness to eliminate the jews running the system, and knock out the transmitters broadcasting their lies, well, it is as useless as screaming at a tv. If it’s pointless to argue with the man who buys ink by the barrel, it is doubly so to argue with the man who fires his message off a dozen satellites. There is one solution that has never been tried – yet. It is the only solution that will work. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Treating the obvious as though it is great insight is ordinary enough, not getting tired of the child’s game makes a man a libertarian. Libertarians have a number of set pieces they perform over and over, proving how smart they are, and how well the market works. They are not interested in questioning their assumption that man is first and last an individual, or they would quickly see he isn’t, and abandon their camp for another. Races don’t like Whites, except to feed off their usufructs – the goods and services they produce that the colored races can’t. Most coloreds are too stupid to understand the process, it is all quite unconscious with them. To the extent they understand anything, they repeat their programming, that they were kings and queens in Africa, until they were kidnapped; they built America; the White man owes them. It is no less murderous a hatred for being shallow and counterfactual. Being “right” is fun and nice, but it doesn’t change anything. Killing people changes things. Always jews are to be found making the important assassinations. Will assassinating jews work? Would America’s vicious attack on Iraq end if the top ten neocon warmongers woke up dead? What if someone killed Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, John Podhoretz, Jonah Goldberg – and made it clear they were targeted for their loxism or for appeasing jews? Do you think the remaining appeasers/jews/warmongers like Cheney and Limbaugh and the PNAC kikes would scale back their aggression? What do you think? What if Mike Nifong were to wake up dead, the political connection made to his appeasement of the jew-controlled niggers? Would that change the prosecution of the innocent Seligmann and Finnerty and Evans? Or do you think me writing another ten thousand spintros will do the trick? Still, the comedy value of halfwit Anderson is not to be underestimated. Puzzled, he’s! Why won’t niggers act like men? Why won’t preachers stand up for the truth? If a preacher were interested in the truth, he wouldn’t be a preacher. If a nigger were a man, he wouldn’t smell, look, act like a nigger. It’s a curious way to approach the world – to assume that it ought to be one way, then rub your chin and furzle your brow over all these curious inconsistencies. The world can be any way it wants, the path of wisdom is to pay attention, to see what it actually is. What we have now is jews running things, and nigs interposed over Whites. Nigs are celebrated in the same mass media that use their time not devoted to Jaz-Z and teeming crew expectorating on everything to miscovering or covering up kangaroo prosecutions a la Duke. Ah, and then we have this: My two adopted sons are Ethiopians, and my wife and I often discuss the reality of the entitlement culture in this country. As far as U.S. law and policy go, the two boys are considered to be black and, thus, will be “entitled” to things that perhaps others will not be able to obtain. Anderson is a part of the very problem his stupid religion and philosophy prevent him from seeing. So when his imported niggers grow up to rape white girls and chimp around with their fellow hooters, the dotard will no explain it all away with cogencies extracted from Mises & Habakuk. Is there anything stupider than a libertarian christian?

Escape From Iraq
Hilarious quotation from jew Richard Perle, one of the chief instigators of the attack on Iraq: Richard Perle, the principle instigator of the illegal invasions, declared to Vanity Fair (Nov. 3, 2006): “Huge mistakes were made, and I want to be very clear on this: They were not made by neoconservatives, who had almost no voice in what happened.” “At the end of the day,” Perle told ABC News’ Karen Mooney (Nov. 4, 2006), “you have to hold the president responsible.” That is chutzpah, 200-proof. No matter what the jew does, he will use a cover so that he can escape responsibility. The jew plays all ends. He bets on all horses, he has a trunk with more masks than Carrot Top has props. The real political battle is never conservative vs liberal or Tory vs Labour, it’s jew vs other races. Learn to spot the jew and you can ignore the guise. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here’s a nice one on bushies putting nuclear how-to papers on the Internet. The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts who have viewed them say go beyond what is available elsewhere on the Internet and in other public forums. For instance, the papers give detailed information on how to build nuclear firing circuits and triggering explosives, as well as the radioactive cores of atom bombs. Thatz our bushy: fighting terrsm with stupidity. Simple fact is the bushies are more corrupt and murderous than kangaroo-convict Hussein. Meanwhile, six Arab nations are rushing to get nukes. Bad days coming for jews…and their appeasers.

North American Union
The jews think it would be “good for jews” to mix Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. What would be good for Whites? The physical elimination of the jewish race. Hitler tried fucking around with the kikes. Passing laws, politely to uncurl their fingers from the German throat. In no way did he seek to kill them. He was in fact gentler with the jews than FDR was with the Japanese, though the Japanese had done nothing wrong, whereas German jews were in cahoots with their brothers in Russia and the U.S. in communizing Germany. Almost all the jews in Germany before and under Hitler eventually emigrated, to the U.S. and to the U.S.S.R, Sweden, Portugal, England, Spain, and other countries. Hitler never killed any six million jews because 1) he didn’t kill jews period, 2) six million jews were never under his control. Didn’t stop jews from blaming him for it. All Aryans pay the price for what Hitler didn’t do. Now itz time to eat. I say we kill all jews and then claim we didn’t, makes a nice bookend. True and deserving closure, eh kikes?

Schoolbus Incidents
Fox News for Children & Jackalopes reports that 17,000 schoolkids are injured on buses each year. Forty-eight-million are injured in class. That’s rejoinder the first; second is that a hell of a lot more than 17,000 are harassed and beaten up on buses than directly injured in accidents.

American Politics = Spurious Politics = Politics as Sports, Or: If Voting Changed Things, It Would Be Anti-Semitic
If there is anything more boring than American politics, I don’t know what it is. In Missouri voters can choose from a number of moralizings and misrepresentations. People are for and against cloning and stem cells. No one admits his real agenda, no one pronounces it any way but Missour-uh, even though few but old farmers speak that way. All pols do is scare people so they can make money alleviating fears with hopeless programs that do nothing but breed and feed bureaucrats. Thinks the pol, if we scare them, they’ll let us raise taxes and expand our power base. We’ll create new programs, new entitlements. They’ll subsist on taxpayer blood. We may claim they’re devoted to specific ends, and will disappear as soon as the ends are achieved, but we know they’re vampires. We just make up stories about “better education” or “fighting drugs” and the Fool goes along. Taxes ostensibly for “anti-smoking” or “education” always end up in the general fund. The government, in time, creates the kind of people that serve it best. In 2006 America, that means obese illiterates, and the more colored the better, as coloreds lack the genetic possibility of catching on, whereas dumbed-down Whites might conceivably be alerted to the facts. American politics is rigged, and what is yapped about on tv, and opined about with great earnestness in the papers, is nothing but sports by other means. Real politics exists, of course, but you must dig to find it. America had its head cut off in the 20th century, that is the meaning of jews taking over the mass media. Potential elite are either bought off or driven out of politics or dumbed out of the race or simply driven insane by the inanities of a system that is the opposite of what it pretends to be. What the people wants never matters in a democracy, otherwise there would be no war on Iraq, no ‘civil rights,’ no Mexinvasion. The cardinal political fact in America 2006 is that our policies foreign & domestic are determined by jews. All they care about is what is “good for jews.” All you need to do is ask yourself what is good for Whites? Then ask yourself, why is what is good for Whites illegal? A system that exists to harm the people and damage their interests is an illegal, revolutionary government. Precisely what we have now. The government was taken over in the night, and although many see the consequences, few trace the causes. We here at VNN do. The source of every major problem plaguing America is the jews, and until these jews are removed, nothing will change, everything will worsen. The nigger — allowed to vote! — is the tool used by the jew to destroy White civilization. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

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    1. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      I believe niggers should be judged by their individual merits. . .

    2. Steve B Says:

      Love them spintros, Alex. Keep-em coming!

    3. Jim Says:

      Shabbos Shabazz Says:
      7 November, 2006 at 1:46 pm

      I believe niggers should be judged by their individual merits. . .

      But they don’t have any…………….

    4. TJ Says:

      Classic Stuff.Don’t stop now kid,you’re on a roll

    5. Kern Says:

      Not to worry. It is coming. Then – no more spintros: the next thousand years of our nations shall be decided.

    6. Theseus Says:

      Damn fine entry.

    7. Carpenter Says:

      I realize what you are saying Alex, and you are right, we need the violence. But just here and there won’t do the trick, because those few carrying out the assassinations will be caught, and it will all end as a propaganda victory for the enemy. For there to be many assassins we need a much worse economy than today. I believe that. We can’t win with things being like they are right now; we won’t get the members, the listeners, the violence needed. But there is a strong chance that the economy will be worse in the future; and if so, then it won’t matter if Whites are in the minority at that time.

      Yes, a cunt like Anderson is part of the problem. I wonder what it is with these Catholics at LRC. They can see some of the lies used by their enemies, but then they use lies just as blatant, themselves. There are a few good writers there though, like the guy who writes about guerilla war, and you wish they would find a better place to write. Libertarians with their stupid “all states are evil and that’s all you need to know!” have gotten absolutely nowhere in history. Hell, they are even bigger losers than us White Nationalists.

    8. Wade Thalweg Says:

      Thanks for the new word Usufruct. My education continues.

      In answer to your question; “is there anything more stupid than a Libertarian christian?”

      A libertarian christian playing the lottery with pre-64 silver quarters as his ethiopean sons work out their edipean fantasies with his wife at home. he of course has to die when he gets home for full edipean fantasy fulfilment.

    9. Eric Says:


      Again. you have demo\’d your extraordinary spintro skills. Needle sharp insight combined with almost Shakespearean \”button-pushing\” word/phrase acumen.

      Please give us more, more regularly – if you can. More people read you than you think and your spintro style has a way of reducing the viscosity of truth\’s fluid, so much so, that even seemingly rock solid bigotry, cowardice and stupidity, cannot remain impervious to its seepage over time.

      Bloody excellent stuff!


    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      list of “few” people – take a guess what list;

      PS. You guys are closer – list is NOT closed….

      KFW – kike Free World. or for you guys KFC (not kentucky LOL) kike free country…

    11. Carpenter Says:

      I agree with Eric. Any quick tips on how you write spintros, Alex? Or is it just plain unlearnable wit?

    12. American Refugee Says:

      A little too close to home, eh? how does it feel to play the censor jew?

    13. alex Says:

      I supply the why, the context. Jew-media writers can’t do that, for fear or professional interest. I draw the most important conclusions and phrase them as memorably as possible, that’s where the talent is. I start in the heart of the matter, never linger around the edge. I could never write about, for example, the Mexinvasion by writing 700 words describing problems caused by shitskins. I go immediately to the big picture: why do we have this invasion, given that Americans have clearly and repeatedly expressed their opposition? THAT is the nut of the matter. I dig out the nut, and I honey-glaze it with individually selected and sometimes created words. The reader eats it, and is nourished. I have read a thousand jewstream articles on immigration “issue,” and not a single one has pointed out the jew nexus. I have written about immigration a thousand times and never not mentioned the jew nexus, nor failed to celebrate the few and far between, such as Kevin Macdonald, who, too, write as men.

      Writing, especially about politics, is bloodsport, not amusement or entertainment. I can do it wholly free of constraint because I’ve arranged my life that way.

      Writers should know grammar and spelling, but they should develop their own style. Study others, and appreciate what they do well, how they achieve their effects. Mencken and P.J. O’Rourke and Twain are three of my tutors. Copy those in your line, but not literally. Adapt their techniques and usages to your own circumstances and style. Anyone who studies my style will see nods to Mencken and others, just as you see Twain in Mencken. Originality is much more often twisting things, or applying them in new circumstances, than creation. For example, in one of the spintros yesterday, I twisted Mencken’s definition of democracy, which in turn, is very probably a twist on something Plato said. Thinkers think alike, as I’ve said. Great has nothing to do with it. That is because reality exists, which is the basis of my philosophy. It is fine to speculate and imagine, but it must be checked against reality or it becomes dangerous.

      I did nothing but read and play sports when I was young. I amassed a great vocabulary, but the trick is knowing when and how to use the words more than knowing their meaning. This comes with time. I knew all the words at 22, but I did not know how to use them until years later. You probably can’t teach people a lot of this – or, better put, you can teach people to avoid mistakes in writing, but you can’t teach them to write brilliantly. Avoiding mistakes is certainly good enough; I doubt more than ten percent of those under 40 can achieve that.

      What really taught me to write was writing newsletters for pay. In college, one writes to length. This works against the succinctness that is the hallmark of considered thought. Money writing teaches one to cut the bullshit and get to the point. In college writing, a point is worth a paragraph – at the least! Yet another reason that college is not only a waste of time, it ingrains bad habits. Newsletters must convey valuable information to the reader succinctly – otherwise he won’t pay for it.

      I prefer, and is reflected in my style, loose organization and tight lines. My focus is on the line. The style of a spintro is purposely designed to upset expectations. Taking a bunch of shots at something in a row. Conventional opinioneering follows a tight form. 700 words from some jew-tool who almost but never does tell you what you need to know. It’s masturbatory and profitable, but unfit for men. I take all the room I need to get the job done, and I invent any words I need to describe what’s going on. Reality exists, and it changes more quickly than language, and in between the reality and the change is a gap that jews take advantage of – but our words can close that gap. We can call niggers niggers and mexishits shitskins rather than fellow Americans. We can redenominate America as AmeriKwa, to emphasize its quack and jungle nature under jewish supervision.

      Spintros, spun introductions, set things in context. You get a full explanation of the phenomenon under consideration, which is very seldom supplied by the article itself. Spintros are wetter and rounder and more organic than cut and dried and regimented paragraphs, each sitting at its own desk, feet on the floor looking forward, like good little boys. Spintros squeeze things until the juice runs out, and you see what the thing is really made of.

    14. Fissile Says:

      “Always jews are to be found making the important assassinations”

      Yup. All politics boil down to violence, or the credible threat of violence.

      During the course of the the day, I meet all types of intelligent, competent White people. People who can design components for missiles, people who can program computers, people who can alter the genetic make-up of food crops etc. Many of these intelligent White people know just what the score is regarding the political situation in this country. What do they do about it? Nothing.

      Whites seem to have become paralyzed by their enemies. Whites will lie still while they are robbed, raped and murdered. In many cases they will actively abet their victimizers. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when Whites would have formed a mob and lynched any nigger that so much as wolf-whistled at a white woman. Today White males pay to watch young White girls gang fucked by niggers on the internet.

      Until someone figures out a cure for this paralysis, all talk of killing our enemies is premature. Slaves rarely kill their masters.

    15. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      i’ve tried reading this spintro several times but have given up. my eyes can’t take in that many words with no paragraph structure. maybe it’s just me, and i don’t get it; maybe that’s the “style” of the spintro.

      would it be possible to re-post this spintro in a format that is more acceptable to this human’s eye?

    16. James Hawthorne Says:

      “The Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in abducted hostage, in which the hostage exhibits loyalty to the hostage-taker, in spite of the danger (or at least risk) in which the hostage has been placed. Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed in reference to other situations with similar tensions.”

      The White man has this syndrome in droves. Lets reword this….

      “The Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in White people, in which the White person exhibits loyalty to the jew, in spite of the danger (or at least risk) in which the White person has been placed. Stockholm syndrome is also sometimes discussed in reference to other situations with similar tensions, i.e. when faced with knife wielding niggers or spics.”