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3 April, 2022

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“Libs have no respect for anything save their direct personal interests. Their mouth is all crappy kitsch garden signs; their behavior is rabid pit bull tied to those stakes. Libs hate difference and its verbal/rhetorical expression – disagreement. Their instinct fear of orders they haven’t ordained, rhetorically represented as resistance to equality, produces in them […]

30 January, 2010

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“Naming the jew means writing about your subject like a cat digging catnip. Snuffling in it. Rolling in it. Half mad with desire to eat it and mate with it and enanimate it. It does not mean dipping a tiny toe-y in the darkness before dawn, it means belly flopping into the truth pool mid-afternoon […]

29 September, 2008

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Anti-White Bank Goes Under After a customer run, slashed bond rating and stock drop, the nation’s premier anti-White bank, WAMU, was sold to J.P. Morgan Chase.  WAMU is notable to Whites for a series of ads it has run over the last few years in which a cool modern negro makes fun of old-tyme white […]

9 February, 2008

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Gangs Work Mexes hate niggers, just like Whites hate niggers. The difference? Mexicans form gangs and drive niggers from their territory. That has the SPLC making goose bumps. Word to the wise, White man. Use it or lose it. We won’t liberate ourselves by negotiating or voting. Words are necessary but insufficient. Force is needed […]

13 August, 2007

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Kalamazoo: Cops and Media Agreed to Pre-Event Blackout   The cops and the media are on the same side. No wonder you never get the truth, eh? Starting to see what’s going on? Note how the faggot reporter refers to my assaulting a cop, and words it so that it appears but the latest of […]

1 August, 2007

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Big Chimpin’, Zimby Style Prices are up 50x over last year, but the good news is that with the new 200,000 note you can buy a bag of sugar. Welcome to Weimafreaka. Please remember that Let Them Eat Mudgabe was properly educated in a fine Western institution. Please also remember that Mugabe has much more […]

13 February, 2007

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Tory men and liberal principles, as they said in the old days. So it is with modern cuntry. Same old Jew York Agenda, sluice it e’er so mellifluous from the lips of the uncouthest jerkwatery pluckerin’ hick. Ah, who’re we kidding? We’re all actors nowadays. Empty heads, but damn they look good. We say all […]

13 February, 2007

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Isn’t he the cutest little neo-Namian you ever did see? Don’t you want to take him home and feed him butter? For every zig in “our” foreign policy, a failed alt-rocker is detailed by Cuntry Command Central to pen a zig in our popgeist. Latest on cunt-front is whining about Iraq’s underappreciation of our American-delivered […]

13 February, 2007

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Here a chronic not-getter attempts to shame the NAACP. Great strategy, bozotarian. Yeah, that’ll work. Niggers can’t remember what they did, let alone why. You’re not going to guilt them like white suckers. The nig in the case you cite was defended by the NAACP not because he was innocent but because he was black. […]

11 February, 2007

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Neo-HIV is here, and it’s not taking any prisoners. Two months from blow to go. Be warned, gluticians, eminent and mothballed. [H]ealth officials in New York [are] try[ing] to locate as many as 100 sexual partners of a man in his mid-40s, who was the first person found with what may be a new type […]