3 April, 2022

Alex on Liberals

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“Libs have no respect for anything save their direct personal interests. Their mouth is all crappy kitsch garden signs; their behavior is rabid pit bull tied to those stakes. Libs hate difference and its verbal/rhetorical expression – disagreement. Their instinct fear of orders they haven’t ordained, rhetorically represented as resistance to equality, produces in them a blindness born of hatred of actual difference, tolerance of which would lead to hierarchies in which they ain’t on top. Their ‘jewish breakthrough’ is that reality won’t interfere with your plans if you don’t let it. This means bombing the fuck and life out of people, rhetorically and physically, as at least if reality won’t play along, gobs can be stopped. Fear of racial differences is liberal, not racist. Jews and leftists can only win by being the only game in town. Ordinary people are conservative – stupid cowards. That is why jews and liberals win, and everybody else tries to stay out of their way, and finds so many things confusing. Racialists see and accept and draw inferences from racial differences. Liberals simply deny these differences exist, all scientific knowledge and human experience be damned. Liberals are religious fundamentalists more dangerous than the christian fundamentalists they deride, at least until the advent of Israel, as their insanity is earth-based rather than heavenly. You can see this hatred-born-of-fear-of-lib-unrecognizable-reality not just with regard to blacks, whom liberals refuse to respect as non-whites entities with their own specific and unique makeups, judging them, as they do all others, by how far they deviate from white liberal standards, but for racialists too, whom they never, not seldom, never respect enough even to record their names accurately. Aryan Nations becomes Aryan Nation. Top libs are smug haters, as dreamy and vicious as Manson’s girls. Unlike those girls, most liberals don’t even recognize the leader of their cult. Respect for the collection of differences known as reality is conservative, as is the recognition that only some of those differences are tolerable, and others need be understood and controlled, and some controlled to the point of extinguished.” — Alex Linder, from the spintro “Curious Carveouts for Non-Caucasians” (VNN, version 1, 2006).

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