9 December, 2006

Major Shitskin Bust in Ohio

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Butler County Ohio Sheriff Jones Busts Large Illegal Alien Fraud Ring
Nearby Cities also Begin to Get Tough
by Mark Farrell

On the night of December 7, Sheriff Richard Jones’ office broke up a large ring of illegal aliens who had been making fake Permanent Resident Alien Cards (i.e., “Green Cards”), Social Security cards, State of Ohio ID cards, and other fraudulent documents. Thousands of blank IDs were also discovered. The sheriff’s office reported that this bust was “believed to be the largest fraudulent document bust ever in the State of Ohio and possibly the nation.” The value of these IDs on the black market may have been in excess of half-a-million dollars.

The three illegal aliens who have been arrested on these matters–Nicolas Juan Santiago (Mexico), Ernesto Escalante-Bartolon (Guatemala), and Gregorio Cruz (Mexico)–are being charged with 12 felonies.

Sheriff Jones commented:

“Here we are in the middle of the U.S. and we have uncovered one of the largest fake ID operations in the country for some time. It is totally out of control and I believe one agency can make a difference as we have in Butler County, Ohio. I’ve always known that fraudulent IDs were being made for illegal aliens but I didn’t expect to them to be made BY illegal aliens and so far from the borders! Looks like it’s time to get even tougher. Stay tuned.”


Sheriff Jones seems like one of those rare and fine people who honestly cares about his city and wants to enforce the law. He is not new to controversy, having generated headlines in the past for sending the federal government bills for him having to house illegal aliens (since the federal government is obviously not doing its job in this respect). His website has a section that allows local citizens to report illegal aliens as well:


In a nearby city, Covington, local officials have begun contemplating punishing employers and landlords of illegal aliens, following the trend started in Hazelton, PA. Commissioner Rob Sanders said a local law is needed to help make certain that services funded by taxpayers (e.g., police, fire, social services, etc.) are not being used to benefit illegal aliens. Sanders promulgated the thoughts on many residents’ minds:

“Put as simply as possible, illegal aliens consume city services without sharing the cost. It’s just not fair to our taxpaying residents and businesses.”

While others argued backwards thoughts that it was the federal government’s responsibility, Sanders responded intelligently that the federal government has continued to ignore “the issue of illegal immigration for so long that it has reached epidemic proportions… If local governments just sit back and wait for the federal government to cure this situation, it will never end.”

Many local governments have tried to enforce federal laws, but are faced with lawsuits by such organizations as the ACLU, who feel that the job lies entirely in the federal government’s hands and cannot be handled by local governments.

Sheriff Jones and many others feel that illegal aliens should be made felons by the federal government so that local law enforcement can more easily arrest illegal aliens, and see to it that they’re prosecuted properly.

It seems that efforts by the federal government regarding illegal aliens are mostly just for show. In May, about 76 illegal aliens were arrested while working at Fischer homes, reportedly hired by contractors doing business with the company in an effort to keep costs low and, consequently, displace American workers. More recently, in November, 32 illegal aliens were arrested in Florence and Covington. Of course, with anywhere from 12-20 million illegal aliens in this country, such numbers as cited above are simply a drop in the bucket, and probably only amount to the number of illegal aliens running across the border during a couple minutes at night (if even that long).

The federal government has failed the American people once again, essentially stealing citizens’ money in the form of excess taxes and doing little to safeguard this nation. Rather than arrest and deport the millions of illegal aliens that were allowed entrance due to the government’s lackadaisical approach to this matter, many politicians speak of rewarding illegal aliens by putting them on a fast-track to citizenship for their having broken the law.

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  7. 10 Responses to “Major Shitskin Bust in Ohio”

    1. rob smith Says:

      Incredible. If I weren’t living through this garbage I would think that this were the work of a fiction novelist. I also know that some liberal water walking slim will defend these bum. Maybe some jewish ACLU lawyer or even that “child molester” Morris Dees…..

    2. Mati The Estonian Says:

      When I last time read about law I remembered something that federal goverment has only few things he can do overrulöing local goverments. Correct me if I am wrong but feds was supposedly control ONLY military and foreign policy ?! I know I lived in US only 5 years but that time I was trying to löearn about it to. So if we have here some guys with legal background he my check it out and if my statment about feds stands inform about it those “local” guys so they can do they job better…
      Illegals today rest of shitskins tomorrow …

    3. Barney Frank Says:

      Dear Mati The Estonian

      “Posse Comitatus” is the law about which you ask. And the Bushies just whacked it dead. Bushwhacked it, you might say…..

    4. Walter Ring Says:

      This sheriff should be commended for actually doing his job, something most law enforcement agencies do not do regarding illegal immigration. However, when Congress grants amnesty to the 20 million or so illegal shitskins in the kwa, nothing can be legally done to these cockroaches. Furthermore, when the North American Union is a done deal and our Constitution is nothing more than a relic scrap of paper, they wont even be illegal when they cross our border.

    5. van helsing Says:

      Well, extralegal methods may be necessary then.

    6. alex Says:

      The feds obviously want the mexicans coming in since they dont do anything about it. They aren’t really failing, they’re deliberately, by policy, turning a blind eye to the invasion.

    7. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Did Bush changed Constitution ? As far I now its still supreme law. Its kind of (sadly) funny – so many lawers (even non jews) and no one seems to done anything about this ? WTF ???
      Did Bush repel “Posse Comitatus Act” ? Did Bush even repel EO 11110 (Executive order made by Kennedy) ? So if not then all his stuff is kind of illigal ? When stuff/laws are illigal then they are not legal and should NOT be acted up on ?! When President announce a law wich is AGAINST Constitution he is doing illegal thing and should be impeached. Read You Constitution guys and impeach this mo-fo before YOU really dont have NOTHING left from USA.

    8. pseudo-doc Says:

      I had the pleasure of going through US Customs recently, coming back from someplace. I was in line with about two-hundred Salvadoreans, who all stay in the DC metropolitan area. Have you ever seen a Salvadorean? They make Mexicans look human, these little mutants.

      Travelling abroad is worthwhile just for that wait in line at Customs on the way back. It really fucks with your head. All these little brown things — here? legally? We tend to forget that America still has its whorish legs open for legal immigration by watching the Mexican invasion so closely. Legal, illegal, it simply makes no difference: the scum pours in relentlessly.

    9. alex Says:

      More Salvadorans in D.C. than anywhere but El Salvador, at least that was the case a few years ago. Sure their population hasn’t dropped.

    10. Archie Says:

      Keep flapping your gums, faggots.