27 February, 2007

Why They’re Leaving L.A.

Posted by alex in California, demography, diversity is hate at 3:41 pm | Permanent Link

This is a lengthy expose on what is gradually happening to So Cal and why so many Whites are leaving.

When the beaners assume control things go to hell rather quickly.


If you take the time to read it I hope you find it interesting.

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  7. 10 Responses to “Why They’re Leaving L.A.”

    1. Mark Says:

      A microcosm of things to come.

    2. Geoff Beck Says:

      We don’t want this for ourselves. The only way to deal with this situation is to cleanse Mexicans, Jews, and blacks from our land. Otherwise you must submit to brown power. I say WHITE POWER!

    3. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      They think the U.S. is a magical land with unlimited resources. Not so. If you fill California with Mexicans, it will resemble (surprise, surprise!) Mexico! There is nothing wrong with Mexico’s resources. Third world people create third world conditions!

    4. Amaethon Says:

      The beaners have won California. We have been defeated and must learn from this catastrophe. The “Golden State” is lost.

      Secession must become a viable option again. I believe that is our only chance at success. This time the constitution must explicitly exclude all muds from any place in the new land. None of this “Posterity” crap. That is too vague to defeat the jews.

      Blood tests must be a prerequisite to citizenship in this new society. All who fail must would be sterilized or sent back to their native lands.

    5. Concerned for now Says:

      I think down the line, after whites have ‘reconstituted’, they will take back CA and other places. By force.

    6. Alfonso Bedoya Says:

      “The beaners have won California”

      They have done nothing of the sort. The place was handed over to them, on a silver platter.

    7. mike cervanak Says:

      hey alfonso bedoya ….. i think your a beaner too but i don’t think there’s nothing wrong with being from a different part of the world ;or what is your skin color i think california and the usa it self its been so powerful because the diversity that surrounds it . i think the us wouldn’t be what it is without mexicans,blacks whites ,asians etc. who at least doesn’t know one mexican that says : well i dont like mexicans but this guy is cool or i like this girl. we can’t not judge them for how they look or how they talk yeah ‘ they must learn how to speak english but never forget their roots and where they come from…And that guy who wrote something like’ third world people creates third world conditions may be true but we cant generalized that’s so ignorant this is so embarrasing blood test should prerequisite to citizenship ahaahahah is this guy living in th right time or the question should be is this a first world country guy ? kid grow as a person . leaving LA is an option

    8. Sawdust Says:

      Invade Mexico, seize the entire Baja Peninsula for the U.S.A. and re-locate every Mexican out of it. THEN begin forcibly removing Mexicans from America to what’s left of Mexico.

    9. Charlie C Says:

      Dear Mike Cervanak,
      It would behoove you to take an english writing class before attempting to articulate an oppositional opinion to the current “Beaner Syndrome” afflicting Southern Ca. Your response was toally incongruant and grammatically incorrect. You seem to write as I’m sure you speak, in that dumbed down gang banger taco head vernacular so prevalant in raisin land. I’m just surprised that you didn’t prefix each sentence with “Yo Homie, check it out.”

    10. Howdy Doody Says:


      Peace loving savages only understand–