11 March, 2007

Canada: Where Jews are Free to Hate Canadians

Posted by alex in Canada, Mark Farrell at 2:14 pm | Permanent Link

No “hate” is allowed in Canada–except by Jews!

Preachers go to jail for condemning homosexuality during church services in Canada. Anyone condemning Jews–or doubting the Holocaust (that is so propaganda-laden that it can only be maintained with draconian laws and totalitarian measures)–is similarly arrested for so-called hate crimes there.

It is almost funny how the hateful Jews twist things around. Here, as you’ll see below, we see hateful quotes that defy the imagination, which are read and practiced by Jews behind closed doors. And yet for exposing such hateful quotes, Jews say the people who do this–that the people who reveal that Jews have hateful beliefs–are hateful themselves for revealing the Jewish hatred!

And yet the Jewish supremacist book, the Babylonian Talmud, which promotes hatred beyond anything that other extremist organizations have ever contemplated, has yet to be condemned. It is a document so hateful and so deviant that it defies belief. Doubt me? Continue reading below, and see some links to an English version of some pages from it.


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  7. 7 Responses to “Canada: Where Jews are Free to Hate Canadians”

    1. typical sick jew pervert slut Says:

      Jewish Comedienne
      Wants To Be Loved
      By Henry Makow PhD

      Sarah Silverman reminds me of myself as a child. I didn’t feel loved so I caused trouble hoping to get love. Attention can be confused for love. Of course, my behavior had the opposite effect.

      Silverman, 37, is causing trouble too. Her “Comedy Central” TV show is full of heart- sinking cynicism and disgusting references to sexual and bodily functions. In a way, the dynamic is typically Jewish. She sees herself as an outsider and thinks the only way to gain acceptance is to assault Christian norms.

      I’ll give you a few examples.

      “I want to have an abortion,” she says. “But my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving.”

      She sings a love song to herself in the mirror: ” I tried to be like the others but I pooped instead.”

      Another song: “I really love my life and I’ll also tell you what / If I find a stick I’ll put it in your mama’s butt / And pull it out and stick / The doody in her eye!”

      When Sarah’s buddy Natalie asks for her help moving, Sarah’s excuse is “I stubbed my vagina.”

      In a skit, she serenades real seniors”You’re going to die soon, we’re all going to die but not as soon as you guys.”

      On stage she simulates having love with a string bag of cheese cubes. She says strippers should be role models for little girls because their wax their [privates.]

      You can see examples at You Tube by searching her name.

      Like a willful child that can’t get her way, most of her “art” is dedicated to kicking society in the shins. And since Jews like her have been doing this for some time, society has a serious hobble.

      Jewish satire often sends up Christian society, in the same way that homosexual culture often is a parody of heterosexuality (i.e. gay marriage.) They have a vendetta against what is healthy and normal, and make alienation and perversity the norm instead. (Seinfeld was mostly clean and genuinely funny, but it did celebrate trivia, narcissism and neurosis, though ironically. Borat is another story.) Unfortunately, few Jews have remarked on this negative influence. I can only think of Rabbi Daniel Lapin who compares America today with the decadence of the Wiemar Republic. (See “Jews Have Debased American Culture.”)

      This charge that many Jews are immoral and undermine society is a staple of so-called “anti-Semitism” from time immemorial. (Rabbi Lapin is trying to popularize the term “anti-Christianism”)


      Socially and even metaphysically, Silverman is an outsider. She doesn’t believe in God.

      “I mean, I talk about being Jewish a lot,” she told “Slate”. “It’s funny because I do think of myself as Jewish ethnically, but I’m not religious at all. I have no religion.”

      Her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel (a Catholic) is “a good father” and won’t let his children see her movie/ “Jesus is Magic.”/ But, “I’d let them because I have no boundaries.”

      She was brought up in New Hampshire where there were few Jews. Her family, Liberal Democrats, stood out. She feels “it’s always best to be peripheral.”

      What if a genie offered to make her a big star if she would clean up her act?

      “I know that I’m dirty, but I don’t feel that way. Sometimes someone will say one of my jokes back to me and my reaction is, ‘Ew gross.’ Who knows? Maybe that genie would be saving me. Look how I flip. I’m very fickle. But I still believe in the power of the periphery.” (“Good Dirty Fun,” “Winnipeg Sun”, March 1,2007)

      She has suffered from depression since she was a teenager and swears by the anti depressant Zoloft. “I don’t feel like I don’t have highs or lows,” she told /Slate/, “but what’s missing is that complete downward spiral into despair about nothing.”


      Both metaphysically and politically, many Jews have got it wrong.

      We are chosen people: chosen by our leaders to be *excluded* from the Brotherhood of Man based on the belief in a universal God of Love. Why? Because, our leaders are using us to realize their plan to make themselves god in a “New World Order.”

      “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries,” David Rockefeller, the Rothschild’s US franchisee said in 1991.

      Don’t misunderstand me. God precedes all religions, and speaks to everyone no matter his faith or lack thereof. However if we don’t believe God made us in His image, and that we must obey spiritual and natural laws (“boundaries”) to achieve our Divine potential, then we are more likely to be unhappy and dysfunctional.

      Don’t kid yourself, Ms. Silverman, you are not on the periphery. The powers-that-be want to degrade and demoralize society. They use dysfunctional people like you to make everyone dysfunctional. The preoccupation with sex and bodily functions is arrested development.

      You are no more a rebel than Ronald Reagan. You are not defying some evil hypocritical social authority. On the contrary, Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans are funded and controlled by the same people, the “world bankers” who own the mass media. You are helping them take us all down.


      As a child I saw that causing trouble wasn’t working so I became a model child instead. At age 12, in 1961, I started writing an advice-to-parents column called “Ask Henry” syndicated in 50 newspapers. I appeared in LIFE magazine and on the “Tonight Show.” I still didn’t feel loved but I had the ersatz Jewish substitute: success. (I am not successful now but I no longer feel unloved.)

      Success won’t bring you love Sarah. You admit you’d say (or do) anything for a laugh. Would you sell your soul to the devil for success in the New World Order? That’s what it often takes today. I’m afraid this question applies to a lot of Jews, and people in general.
      See also my “The Jewish Century” http://www.savethemales.ca/000164.html

      — Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site http://www.savethemales.ca He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only. [email protected]

    2. alex Says:

      Silverman, 37, is causing trouble too. Her “Comedy Central” TV show is full of heart- sinking cynicism and disgusting references to sexual and bodily functions. In a way, the dynamic is typically Jewish.

      In “a” way – in what way is it not? Christ, that’s the understatement of the millennium.

      She sees herself as an outsider and thinks the only way to gain acceptance is to assault Christian norms.

      Makow is such a kike. The last thing she is trying to do is gain acceptance. She’s fully accepted in her world. She’s having fun taking a crap on Whites and the West, just like every other media jew.

      The solution to silverfish is to stomp then into greasy gray smears.

    3. Dudeman Says:

      Horowitz is having a jew-fest coming up in Santa Barbara: http://www.frontpagemag.com/media/pdf/sbr1.pdf

    4. Stronza Says:

      Henry means well, Alex. Let’s accept him for what he is. For a chozen to convert to Christianity is to belong nowhere in that netherworld he sprang from. As they say, he is “cut off from his people”. That is a big curse for one such as him to handle.

    5. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      What a tragedy that Makow is cut off from his people for becoming a Christian! We Zionists would solve that by sending him back home to Israel.

    6. Pakihater Says:

      The double standard of reverse discrimination isn’t only limited to the jew.Want a job at a Calgary hospital?Whites need not apply.This practice is enforced by an openly white hating Paki named Muhammad Rasheed.His days are spent on the ‘net writing for his immigrant groups,calling whites racists and generally ranting about the poor immigrant.His policies include paying immigrants to come to Canada,have them educated at public expense,pay them while at school,subsidize housing while they learn.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!he exhorts THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!! As a manager for the Calgary Health Region he has never hired a white and proudly boasts that fact.Any immigrant can get a job regardless of how useless he is.White skilled people need not apply.This piece of human garbage practices this with the full knowledge of the jew Klein-appointed Board.So much for equality in Alberta.Gawd I hate Pakis!

    7. Alex Johnson Says:

      Neo-Nazis do not deserve to live. They are the scum of the scummiest.

      You are lucky that murder is punishable by life imprisonment, no matter who you kill in Canada, if this wasn’t the case I’d figure there would not be any of you cock roaches prowling around.