25 March, 2007

O’MEARA: France: Torch-Light Demonstrations?

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By Michael O’Meara

In less than a month, on April 22, the French will
elect their next president.

This election will weigh heavily on France — not just
on the corrupt Judeo-liberal state that bears the
appellation “la République français” — but on French
France — the Gaulish, medieval Christian, racially
white France — that constitutes the core of Europe’s

There is much to criticize in the National Front of
Jean Marie Le Pen, which bears the hope (and despair)
of French France. There is even more to criticize in
the National Front his daughter Marine seeks to
remake, as she “modernizes” the party to accommodate
the reigning subversion.

But though the anti-French forces are hegemonic in
France and gaining ground in the National Front, they
have yet to conquer the nation or, more importantly,
the Nationalist Movement — whose several tens of
thousands of militants comprise its fifteen parties
and political formations, its several hundred
associations, networks, and reviews, its music
culture, its locals of activists who distribute the
leaflets, wage the poster wars, organize meetings and
assemblies, and fill the defense squads of its
demonstrations and public activities

A resolute exertion of this movement — first in small
symbolic gatherings in the dark of night and ideally
in the end with mass demonstrations — could threaten
the entire system of domination and exploitation that
seeks the destruction of the French people — and of
white people generally.

It would be better if there were another party —
Bruno Mégret’s Mouvement National Républicain, for
example — to make this exertion, for the top heavy
National Front, whose power is monopolized by the Le
Pen clan and subservient to the system’s media and
opinion-forming instruments, has shown that it’s not
up to the job.

But nothing yet is lost. The unexpected is still

The tens of thousands of Frenchmen and women who
participate in the Nationalist Movement can still make
themselves heard, as they take the campaign away from
the TV cameras (and their controllers) and into the
streets, in torch-light marches through the major town

All great movements — and a great movement can
coalesce in an evening — are born in mass
demonstration. The Nationalist Movement, independent
of the “lepenists,” must start organizing these
demonstrations, assuming the leadership of the nation
in word and deed.

This is an electronic age which has imbued us with the
means to develop a consensus of opinion free of our
enemies’s distortions. But a real nationalist
movement — one that shapes history — must move more
than electronic impulses, it must move the people to
be the nation it is — in the real world of time and
being — in the streets and squares where it can
embrace and manifest its destiny.

Millions have voted for Le Pen in the past. These
millions must now make themselves felt in the street.

The public imposition of the movement’s symbols and
convictions in the places of the nation is the first
step toward the conquest of state power. Such
exertions of popular will have occurred many times in
European history — and recently in Budapest and
Utrecht. It needs to occur again in France.

The fortunes of our people could change overnight. IF
Le Pen were to mobilize French France in mass
demonstration and achieve power (which isn’t likely,
admittedly, but still a prospect), a Nationalist-led
France would gravitate to Nationalist Russia. And
then the world would turn right-side up, as the
race-mixing Leviathan headquartered in Washington,
London, and Tel Aviv was thrown back by a
Russo-European Behemoth awakening to its destiny as
the imperium of the Great White Peoples of the North
— inevitable confederate to Covington’s Northwest
Aryan Republic.

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  7. 17 Responses to “O’MEARA: France: Torch-Light Demonstrations?”

    1. Anti Says:

      Very touching fantasies. All the right keywords. Millions, mass, imperium, behemoth, inevitable.

      Le Pen will not win because he cannot win. If Le Pen could win, his party still would lack the will to expel or exterminate the millions of non-whites already firmly rooted in French society. O’Meara’s faith in voting is retarded.

      The French never drove out the Germans. And they’ll never drive out the pieds-noirs. C’est la France.

    2. Fred Says:

      O’meara comments are a bunch of murderous IRA mumbo jumbo. In fact, its obvious that he has been contact with his jew handlers who has feed him all of this intellectual bull. We are not jews so lets not think like them.

      In addition, if the moderater of this site is going to censor comments that he does not approve of posting then stop criticizing the jews for doing the same thing.

      And as far as multiculturism, lets end it. We can start by kicking out and deporting all Non Anglo Saxon Protestans like the Irish, Italians, Greeks, Slavs Spainards, Hispanics and etc. Only then can we get back the greatness of the British Empire.

      We had the right idea at the beginning of the century when we tried to stop all the immigration of Europes filth and trash who are now intergrated in WASP society.

      So lets end Multiculturism, English should remain English, French – French, Germans -Germans, Polocks – Polocks etc. If we were meant to intermix our cultures we would not have separte languages.

      And lastly, some of you need to stop thinking you are the only individuals with answers to solve our problems. I think in some cases that some of you don’t care about the white race at all, but rather your own egos and lust for power and control.

    3. alex Says:

      We don’t censor comments, Fred. You’re either mistaken or lying. Don’t lie again.

    4. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “some of you don’t care about the white race at all, but rather your own egos and lust for power and control.”

      Projection. . .

    5. Stronza Says:

      “…get back the greatness of the British Empire?” The English race’s day in the sun has come and gone. From the standpoint of eternity, you/we had our 15 minutes of fame. And maybe the rest of the white folk, too. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to try – have you any suggestions?

    6. Fred Says:

      As a direct result of the British Empire we increased the standard of living for all that were a part of it. We set up White Anglo Saxons Protestants around the world as adminstrators and rulers to insure that the Empire ran smoothly. We allowed the Irish and Scots to colonizes many countries as long as they followed certain guidelines.

      Of course, they became greedy and cooperated with the jews and other filth of Europe like the Italians, Slavs, Greeks, and other NASP and undermined our authority to administer in an effective manner.

      Study the political history of the Irish and Scots after they received the right to vote in America. I also suggest that you look at the combative and hostile actions they have perpetrated against the Anglo – Saxons of England in the past and present. If they would have just behaved and followed our instructions the Empire would still be intact.

      Who do you think started and continue to make up the majority of the labor unions and workers/communist party of course at the beckon of their jew controllers. Jimmy Hoffa was head of the AFL-CIO because he was Irish and could influence the Irish and Scot workers. So yes I can accuse the Scottish and Irish working class for selling out to the jews thus giving the jews dominance and power.

      To be honest, we just can’t trust the Irish or Scots never have and never will. They are always looking for an opportunity to stick a knife in the back of all true white Anglo Saxons Protestants.

    7. Friedrich Braun Says:

      Megret’s wife is part Jewish.

    8. Friedrich Braun Says:

      Fred is probably an agent provocateur or an idiot.

    9. Fred Says:

      I stand corrected…Hoffa was head of the Teamsters

    10. Fred Says:

      Since I’m either a agent provocateur or an idiot, I guess the people responsible for this quote and link concerning the Scottish are also:


      “Sir William Wallace of Elerslie, hero of Scotland and true patriot, his desire for peace and freedom united the clans, gained the loyalty of the people, struck fear into his enemies and defied the cruel hand of an evil, waring and invading King – Edward ‘Longshanks’ Plantagenet I of England.”

      As far as the Irish: I simple have to point to the loving and kind IRA, right

    11. Sándor Petőfi Says:

      If we just wait and have faith, god will save us! I swear, these nutjobs read like biblical prophets.

      We could accomplish more by recruiting one military officer to White Nationalism than by persuading 10 000 Frenchmen to vote for Le Pen. Just as we could accomplish more by killing 1 Jew than by killing 10 000 negroids.

    12. Stuyvesant Says:

      Michael O’Meara is one of the most interesting characters in The Movement. I cannot recommend his work enough (his article ‘Boreas Rising’ and ‘New Culture, New Right’ to mention a few). Forget about lone wolf/violent strategies… Gedanken die kommen auf Taubenfuessen lenken die Welt. The French revolution was unthinkable without Diderot/Rousseau. Every Goyfire is a direct hit/uppercut against hymies jaw and mp3’s are nonflammable. First coherent thoughts than action. Take your time, do not rush. Talk, think, write, speak. No bombs, they play in the hand of Hymie and his neo-Sovjet desires. And then, with a gentle knock on the right spot the diamond will be cut. A mass demonstration leading to the occupation of Capitol Hill. There has been a White House stormed before (Moscow, early nineties). Just as O’Meara describes, the East-german revolution started with regular demonstrations on Monday in Leipzig. Wir sind das Volk! The Polish revolution started when one worker climbed the fence of the Gdansk shipyard. Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Russia disintegrated; could happen to Huddled Masses Inc. The Free Republic of Oregon?

      Let Fred Livingston roam the wilderness of Africa if he fances to do so, the imperial fool… The English will be the whipping boys of the White World when large numbers of Europeans, ur… Whites, start to get the picture of what really happened in Russia/1917, the Balfour Declaration, Armenia, the Ukraine, during the Second World War, what not happened in Auschwitz, operation Keelhaul, the ethnic identity of both Churchill and Roosevelt, the Nurnberg Tribunal, the assassination of Kennedy, 911. It is a lonely planet, we are with so many, they are so few and no punishing God is watching.

      The future is Fortress Europe, including Russia. Faye’s ‘Eurosiberia’ or ‘Boreas’ as O’Meara calls it. And not without a little European Schadenfreude I observe the re-europeanisation of Alex, Geoff, Aegis and Chain. The children of the ‘Greatest Generation’ having second thoughts. The trajectory of destruction is breath-taking: Rome, Spain, Constantinopel, Russia, Germany, Eastern Europe and now The Kwa. Next stop China ?

      Welcome home guys; here in the office in Haarlem is a vacant seat, next to William from South-Africa.

    13. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Re Fred:
      You need to straighten your thinking out Freddie boy. If you think that removing the non-WASPS from America will help your cause you are dreaming. Our enemies don’t care whether we are Protestant or Catholic, English or Irish or Polish or French. All they know is that we are white and that they hate us.
      Whatever the faults of the Irish we have had far less to do with creating the terrible plight our race finds itself in than the British and Anglo-American elites. The Germans were the heart and soul of Europe and of the aryan race. It was the British and Americans and their Bolshevik pals who destroyed them when they were fighting for the survival of our civilisation. At least the Irish did not join in the slaughter during the kikes’ war against National Socialism. The Irish government was one of the only ones in the world to send condolences to the German government on Hitler’s death.
      It is laughable to suggest that it was the Irish and Scottish working classes who joined with the kikes to undermine British authority. Rotschild and his tribe were close associates of the British and American elites long before scum like Ted Kennedy came on the scene. I agree that the administrators of the British empire were able men. However, that empire wasn’t always run for the benefit of the white race. A small elite and the jews were the ones to really profit. For example, the Sassoons of India used the Royal Navy to advance their opium trade into China. The Oppenheimers and other kikes got the British army to destroy the Boers because they wanted the gold that was in the Orange Free State. The British and American military have effectively been mercenaries for Big Business for a long time now.
      Remember, the Irish and Scots had nothing to do with the bloody attack on the Southern States. That fratricidal disaster was instigated by WASP Abolitionists and New England businessmen. Many a half-starved Irish peasant was cashiered into Lincoln’s army to go south to kill other white people who only wanted to live in peace. Six hundred thousand of the best blood were killed along with the American Republic. The Irish also had nothing to do with the importation of millions of kike vampires at the end of the 19th century which laid the seeds for the destruction of the American experiment.
      The long bitterness between English and Irish stemmed from the narrow-minded bigotry of the British elites because of the practise of different versions of Christianity. Read Michael Hoffman’s book about white slaves and the part played by the Anglo Protestant elites against the poor of their own race.
      The Brits had their chance and they blew it; both for themselves and for all the rest of us. The outlook is much darker for us now at the beginning of the 21st century than what is was at the beginning of the 20th century and it is largely thanks to the stupid elitist attitudes of the WASPS who cooperated so much with the eternal jew. There is no place for views like yours at this late stage Freddie boy.

    14. Tim Says:

      O’driscol, O’whiskey, O’IRA Killer, O’Bloodsuckers, O’Potato eater, O’whatever,… again you prove the stupidity of the celtic people who are neither a germanic people, Arayan nor true white.

      I suggest you study history and then get back to me. The Irish were our servants not slaves, but they became greedy and underminded the British Empire and now they come crawling back to us talking about how we must all come together now.

      We warn you guys years ago what would happen if you rebelled against the Anglo-Saxon protestants, but of course you did not listen. And to blame us for what you have done is insanity. No one forced you to fight on the side of the Union Army, no one forced you to join the labor unions, no one forced you to spite from the Kingdom and lastly no one forced you to stay commited to that pagan idol worshipping sect cult which you mistake for a Christian religion.

      So don’t blame the state of affairs on the WASP elites, because, unlike now, when we were in power we “RULED THE WORLD”

    15. Fred Says:

      My point exactly…Everybody now wants to blame those of us that are White Angle Saxon Protestant for the current state of affairs.

    16. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Why don’t you go blow your kike boyfriend?

    17. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Aryan unity is the foundation stone for the survival of our people. Those who wish to divide Celtic and Germanic people are serving the interests of the enemy.

      Who gave the green light for the Highland clearances in Scotland and the manufactured famines in Ireland? Well, it wasn’t the ordinary Anglo Saxon farmer or factory worker. Those responsible were the crypto kikes in the British aristocracy and adminstration. By the middle of the 19th century British foreign and domestic policy was completely subverted to serve and benefit the jews. Similar to the US today.

      And what do jews like doing given half a chance? Murdering Ayans of course! The methods they seem to prefer are famine and exposure to the elements. Witness Armenia 1915 (OK Armenians aren’t 100% Aryan), Ukraine 1933, and of course Germany 1945.

      I suggest that Fred et. al. read the works of William Cobbett. He was a proud Englishman and a Protestant who accurately describes the sufferings of ordinary British people in the early 19th century. His book on the Reformation is quite an eye-opener too.

      William Cobbett deserves wider recognition as a proto White Nationalist.