11 April, 2007

The Tennessee Murder They Do Care About

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By Alex Linder

The jews producing the New York Times won’t breathe a word about the vicious double-slaying of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. But there is a murder in Tennessee they do care about — and have already printed a long report on: the Winkler murder. Indeed, it’s already all over the national cable networks, bidding fair to replace the Anna Smith saga, now that the father of Dannielynn is determined.

What’s the difference? Why do national papers like LAT and NYT and the cable news shows, too, play up one murder and COMPLETELY IGNORE another murder that must be at least an order of magnitude more sensational (read: profitable)? Even though they are all ostensibly profit-seeking corporations?

The answer is simple.

They ignore the Christian-Newsom murders and linger lovingly over the Winkler murder because the latter advances The Agenda while the Christian-Newsom double-murder undercuts it.

Mary Winkler murdered her spouse, a preacher. The NYT is run by jews who hate Christians and respect women who murder their husbands. Hence the national coverage for an otherwise mundane spousal murder. The jewish liars can work several angles here:

– anti-christian

– anti-rural

– pro-feminist.

– child-abuse (real or made-up, same thing)

Whereas the Christian-Newsom case has nothing offer. It runs against The Agenda. It shows the price of forced integration is death, and death in an extraordinarily nasty form. So nasty that were it reported it might lead reasonable men to doubt the morality of mixing races at gunpoint. We can’t have people thinking the unthinkable, says the jew to himself. That cannot be! “We must make sure the Channon Christian story is trapped inside Knoxville, while playing up the Winkler murder nationwide. That will do the trick!”

Still think we have a free and independent press?

Man, disabuse yourself.

Put away childish things and realize that our media are owned and operated by jews in their own interests. And they see the genocide of your race — the literal, physical extermination of families just like yours and mine — as good for jews. And “good for jews” is all they care about. Every time you buy a newspaper or pay a cable bill you are putting more money into the hands of jews who quite literally wish you were dead.


[NYT on Winkler]

Here’s a representative article. It shows how your world is filtered by jews until it’s unrecognizable because everything is out of proportion. Or simply missing.

Media frenzy hits Selmer for murder trial

April 10, 2007 06:27 PM
Media frenzy hits Selmer for murder trial

SELMER, TN — When Mary Winkler was arrested last March for the murder of her minister husband the story immediately made national headlines.

The Winkler trial hasn’t even started and already there are more than a half dozen satellite trucks parked in front of the McNairy County courthouse. People living in Selmer can expect to see these trucks here for several more days if not weeks.

Television crews from across the state and region are calling Selmer home this week. Crews from as far away as Knoxville and Huntsville, Alabama are here because their towns have some connection to the Winklers.

“I think Mathew’s from Decatur. They preached in Decatur and we are covering it from Decatur’s aspect,” says Brian Covington, WHNT News.

The national media is also interested in the case which has all the makings of a Made-for-TV movie.

[cg :2 lines\carl leibowitz\producer, court tv]

“Our audience or TV audience was interested in seeing this story,” says Carl Leibowitz, Court TV.

Court TV began setting up its camera’s Monday and plans to cover this trial from beginning to end. But they aren’t the only ones. There are so many print and media organizations in Selmer, the city has set up a hospitality tent outside the court house..

City Judge Bill Webb, who is acting as the town’s unofficial ambassador, is not surprised this trial has generated so much local and national attention.

“We expected this because of when it first happened it had all the media’s attention and has since then,” says Webb.

Still, the judge and many others in this town say they will be glad when things here get back to normal.

As James Hawthorne of Aryan Matters says, “There is no jew between me and you.” Well, as you can see from the bolding above, that’s NOT the case in the controlled media. A jew named Carl Leibowitz is between you and what appears on CourtTV. Is he lying? Is he telling the truth? You can bet your bottom dollar CourtTV viewers are more interested in hearing the details of an unimaginably wicked double rape/torture/murder than a workaday spousal shooting. But, as so many places in this society, the jew claims to speak for the community, even though his agenda is against the community’s best interests.

Well, maybe it’s just Carl, right? No, if that were the case, there would be some satellite vans outside the Winkler courtroom, but the majority outside the Christian-Newsom trial. Yet, as the article shows, there are “half a dozen” satellite trucks for Winkler, yet, as we know, NOT ONE spreading the word about Channon Christian.

Do you suppose that is a coincidence?

Then you suppose incorrectly.

The media are not free and independent, they are controlled by a race of people at war with yours. They control you by controlling your mind. After all, unless you’ve experienced it directly, or heard it second-hand, everything you know comes from the mass media. And that means everything you know was fed to you by a Carl Leibowitz.

Do you suppose Carl Leibowitz has your interests at heart?

Then you suppose incorrectly.

What Carl Leibowitz cares about is what is good for jews. And since jews were the propagandists, lawyers, media mavens and arm-twisters who created the civil rights movement out of pulp and chutzpah, the “liberation” that gave jungle savages ready access to Channon Christian, no scion of the synagogue is going to give the slightest, dimmest picture of the real-world results. He’ll train his every camera where they do HIM good, not you, White sucker.

[CourtTV promises “gavel-to-gavel coverage” of Winkler trial]

Here’s an article expanding on the anti-christian nature of the mass media, although of course the author never explains that the animus originates in the jew who, after all, owns and edits, writes and produces, those media.

Los Angeles Times Front Page Reports on a Murder — In Tennessee?

Posted by Dave Pierre on August 27, 2006 – 22:15.

It goes without saying that Los Angeles has its share of crime and crime problems. Then why would the Los Angeles Times devote a whopping 4,709 words, five photos (plus a small map), and valuable front-page space on its Sunday paper to the story of a murder more than halfway across the country in Tennessee?

Maybe the title of the article reveals the answer. The title is “What Drove the Preacher’s Wife?” (by Times staffer Peter H. King). Ohhh. The murder was that of a Christian minister in the “Bible Belt” of Tennessee, and it was allegedly committed by the minister’s wife. Maybe now we see why the Times has taken an interest. A murderous Christian?! Front page!

On the surface, Peter King’s profile would just appear to be an everyday public-interest story. Unfortunately, the Times carries with it a lengthy record of reporting and editorializing that doggedly portray Christians in an unflattering light. Is there a subtle bias behind the Times reporting this story in Tennessee?

Here at NewsBusters, there have been several posts illustrating the anti-Christian tilt at the Los Angeles Times (here, here, and here are just a few examples). In addition, the Times has been cited numerous times for its inordinate and inaccurate reporting of the Church abuse scandal. (The site LA-ClergyCases has documented numerous instances where the Times‘ reporting has fallen woefully short in accuracy and fairness.)

In addition, the Times‘ reporting on issues of crime has come under question. Just last month, NewsBusters’ Mark Finkelstein reported on the Times publishing an op-ed condemning the United States for deporting violent and criminal illegal immigrants back to their home country. Also, LA Times watchdog Patterico has reported on the paper’s questionable reporting on illegal immigration and other issues of crime (here, here, here, and here, for example).

What’s the message being sent to readers of the Los Angeles Times? While the Times has been cited for inadequately addressing serious issues affecting their own backyard, they have no problem delving into the details of a tragedy involving Christians in a remote area of Tennessee.

Has the Times stepped out of its way – again – to portray Christians in an unflattering light? If its track record is any indication, it appears so.


  • 12 Responses to “The Tennessee Murder They Do Care About”

    1. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Until the Christians cast off their Israel-worship, their buying-in to the all-races-are-equal culture, and their refusal to stand up for White people,
      I will also think of them in an unflaterring light.

      Jimmy Carter is gently nudging them to wake up about Israel; we’ll see how that goes.

    2. Walter Ring Says:

      The two Duke rape cases prove this point. The one that is receiving massive jewsmedia coverage, in which three White lacrosse players are accused of raping a nigger stripper, is expected to be dismissed today. The other one, in which a nigger raped a White girl in a bathroom at a nigger frat house where drugs ad a hangun were present, is getting almost no coverage save that of a single story on local TV and of course here on VNN. Jews look after jewish interests and only jewish interests and will do anything to fit the WHite race with a toe tag.

    3. smith Says:

      “What comes around, will go around”. As Christianity takes more and more hits, it becomes less and less effective and that could be a good thing. White folks will then have less reason to feel the compulsion to sing “Kumbaya” and act like spineless fags when it comes to other races crapping on them …… Mark my words.

    4. Briseis Says:

      I saw the Duke kids on TV today, wonder if there is any way to get some flyers on campus re: our take on the rape hoax and how some hookers lies almost ruined these boys lives,as well as the media machine which caused them much negative attention, and probably inspired their families to spend ungodly sums on attorneys, their son’s names having been smeared in the media.
      And yes, the media obviously feels it would rather play to the vindicated
      college kids than one word on the Channon/Chris murders- as well as the random “preacher’s wife” spouse killer, thus supporting AL’s meme of “it’s the person living with you most likely to kill you, it’s the ‘normal’ appearing (“but inside every white person lurks an axe murderer” mythos) white person next door who will flip out and do you in, etc”.. when we all know THAT’s not true, and why white people avoid routes that take them through places like East Oakland whenever possible.

    5. Owen Says:

      Actually most people probably don’t know that Winkler is a jewish name, like Henry Winkler (The Fonz) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Winkler
      So most think it’s a Gentile killer when in fact it’s just another jew on Gentile killing.

    6. Americafirst. Says:

      From my empircal experience “Evangeligal’s” in their 50’s are so death like there is really very little difference between them and Doe and suicide cult that offed themselves with poison. Though the leftis poke fun of them, and I when I had TV in the in 90’s P.I. quest panel of jews would out right loath, laugh and fear these people, yet they are 100% for mixiing the races, and supporting any thing jews want.

      These Evangelicals are NOT all low I.Q. some I know some who are intelligent, but they are very ignorant and duped as can be, you could never reach these sick puppies, and their hate is reserved for any who mildly stands for Whites like Jared Taylor or Brimilow, never mind Linder or us. Evangilcals are a severely brainwashed cult who are agaist anything in the slightest way that does not go with them on there supporting White Genocide. Telling them that Whites are 8.5 % of the Earths population make them hate you, and they will insist that YOU hate for telling the truth, and oh, are your re born a unique concept in Christinsanity.

    7. Americafirst. Says:

      Is there ONE member of victims families that were torture murdered by the Carr brothers reading here? If so please speak up.

    8. Daniel J Says:

      I believe mum’s the word with the families.

      I read a journalist response to angry White Nationalists about the lack of coverage and his complaint was essentially that anybody who could make it “a hot story,” (as if the simple details don’t do that) had clammed up and denied the media “access.”

    9. Swamp Fox Says:

      Sri Sreggin Das and Americafirst both are on the correct theme. The belief that a 2000 yr old dead Jew is going to come back to life (in a Jew country no less) to save our souls is the most weak-minded bullshit imaginable. There also appears to be a group of fags and child-molestors running the whole operation. To sum it up, Christianity in American seems to be another Jew ploy to weaken the white man. Fuck the Jews.

    10. alex Says:

      Actually most people probably don’t know that Winkler is a jewish name, like Henry Winkler (The Fonz) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Winkler
      So most think it’s a Gentile killer when in fact it’s just another jew on Gentile killing.

      We need to be a little more sophisticated than this. Winkler is German name. Yes, many jews including “the Fonz” use it too. But most Winklers are Aryan.

      Consider the context. We’re not talking about a Hollywood actor here. We’re talking about a woman named Mary, the wife of a minister in Tennessee. There’s about a zero pecent chance she’s a jew.

    11. alex Says:

      I read a journalist response to angry White Nationalists about the lack of coverage and his complaint was essentially that anybody who could make it “a hot story,” (as if the simple details don’t do that) had clammed up and denied the media “access.”

      That’s just plain bullshit. They don’t want to write about it, that’s why they don’t. It doesn’t fit their agenda. If it did, nothing would get in their way. Hell, we’re talking about people who will interview each other and 33rd cousins if they have to.

    12. White Russian Says:

      These Niggers ( I hope to almighty God) will burn in hell forever , and ever, and ever, and ever!!!; Niggers have no moral code. Period. They are children of Satan; they always have been. I wish they could be chained up beaten terribly for days head to toe with a bull whip laced with glass, rocks, and spikes, have their dicks cut off slowly, and then burn them alive, and then throw the trash down the sewer for disposel just like any other sewerage. But before that have a broomstick shoved up there asses as well. I HATE NIGGERS SO MUCH and would be glad if a race war broke out. Maybe we should start one; I don’t give a crap anymore !!! anyone with me?