29 April, 2007

Women Being “Equal” – This Time in Law Enforcement

Posted by Socrates in Britain, feminism, New World Order, Socrates at 2:35 pm | Permanent Link

Why must men rearrange everything in their lives to accommodate chicks-in-manpants? Leave crimefighting to men. Let women cook, clean and birth instead – after all, that’s what they’re here for:


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  7. 9 Responses to “Women Being “Equal” – This Time in Law Enforcement”

    1. Dave Jones Says:

      I can’t remember the last time I read anything so pathetic.
      How and when did all women come to think they were born
      with a dick. Maybe going on a tangent here but while we’re on
      the subject of the ‘biatch’, is every car on the road driven by a
      woman these days or do my eyes decieve me?.

      Like I told the cow that ran her SUV into my car the other day. ‘If you were at home doing the housework where your’e supposed to be instead of swanning around in a car it wouldn’t have happened, would it .

      It’s like watching The Gold of the Amazon Women minus the bikinis and G strings, sadly.

      Where did all the menfolk go?..

    2. van helsing Says:

      Well try this. Go out at lunch and hit a department store or big box store a la walmart.

      Look around. Lots of women with kids (some appear to be desirable and likely hitched), and where I live, often not like me. Lots of old folks. Some handicapped. A spattering of wandering not so well dressed types (maybe bums, bum wannabes, or just on their day off).

      Very few workin folks, professionals (like me), walking with a purpose and in a hurry to get something and get back to work.

      The (usually educated, sometimes wage grade) few, supporting the many.

      And many of the many… useless eaters.

    3. Atavist Says:

      Men should be trained to be warriors and women for the amusement of the men. All else is folly.

      is a Nietzsche quotation, from memory

    4. The Man Said Says:

      All this talk about Women staying at home and raising children will surely bring down the wrath of Lita who considers VNN’ers a bunch male chauvinists and misogynists. She’s going to absolutely tear into VNN on Metzger’s show.

      BTW, how many years has Lita been a sophomore in high school anyway?

      Personally, I don’t think Lita is a high school student at all. I think she’s deceitful bitter barren spinster bitch.

    5. jackumup Says:

      I think in stead of forcing female government employees to conform with out dated physical requirements for law enforcement a policy should be installed in order to make criminals nicer and less hostile especially to our dedicated female personal. This can be done at a early age say grade school, a student (male) can be screened for violent or aggressive behavior Thur a process called (progress under standing study of youth (Pussy). Once unfeminine characteristics are identified the child is removed from the mainstream class to a special women’s study forum where intense sensitivity training is given. Studies found young men respond to (pussy)
      This prevention program will not only minimize the need for tax payer supported prisons but also insure the self esteem of our female law and armed forces personnel (Police person, GI person)

      So what do you think of my idea drop me aline or better yet lets have coffee (decaf of course. LOL) or maybe tea , you see its better to sit down and discuss your feelings rather than act on them. Remember a smile does’t just brighten your day but everybody’s around you too.

    6. New America Says:

      A sober note:

      Peter Shank noted that the use of guns in police action have risen dramatically, resulting in many deaths, because women, when threatened, seem to reach for the Glock FIRST.

      Historically, men have have practice in force escalation practices; five foot, hundred pound women not only have no experience in this, they are virtually worthless in such situations.

      Of course, that doesn’t stop the Quota Cops from demanding equality of outcomes, by any means necessary.

      A famous cop video on YouTube showed a girl cop at a traffic stop; if memory serves, the driver of the car – yes, a nigger – took her weapon from her and started beating her with it, and then drove off.

      Here’s The Big Question:

      If she can’t protect herself, WITH A DRAWN PISTOL, how in Hell is she going to protect YOU?

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. John Says:

      I envy muslims for the way they handle their women, we WN’s can learn a lot from them.

      The jew is attempting to destroy their morals with ‘womens rights’ and feminism but it isnt working. A women’s place is in the kitchen.

    8. DisgustedAtWhatIAmReading Says:

      I can’t belieev what I am reading. My place is in the kitchen? My place is wherever I feel like being, just like yours is. I actually feel bad for you guys. I pray that one day you will be able to see that we are all human, we are all the same, we are all capable. You can’t hide behind your skin colour, some day you are going to have to admit that being white isn’t any different than being black And predetermined by the one with the penis at that. There really aren’t many jobs in this world where “penis” or “vagina” is a requirement. I refuse toor brown or any other colour. It’s a colour, it doesn’t define you. Did you chose to be white? No. Do other people chose to be their skin colours? No. We are born different, we are born beautiful. We are born in the image of God. And just because I was born with a vagina means that my role in society is completely predetermined? And predetemined by the one with the penis at that. We are all people, equal in ever way. The only one who can truly judge is God, and no matter how much you try and convince yourself, you are not as high and holy as you would like to think. I won’t let you define me, and I hope that some day you will understand the damage you are doing to the world.

    9. sfg Says:

      This is such a touchy subject I don’t know if I dare wade into it. I have to say that some of the talk about women on this website does bother me a lot. Fellas, women are not here to be your playthings, and I really don’t believe that you think that anyway. I think some of this is just “tough talk”. Most of the men I have met who are WN’s have been very nice and polite to me.

      Now, having said that, let me say this: men and women are very different, of that there is NO doubt. We were made for different things, of that there is no doubt. Only women can get pregnant and carry children and give birth. Only men can impregnate. There’s no getting around these facts.

      Women and men have different abilities and different capabilities. I am bothered by the fact that women are going into the military and the police department. I’m not sure I agree with this as women are simply NOT as strong as men are, particularly in the upper body area. We simply are not as big, can’t get around this fact. And all the wishful thinking on the part of some female isn’t going to change facts.

      Now, having said that, I certainly do not believe for one moment that women “belong” in the kitchen, or “belong” pregnant standing at the kitchen sink. Sorry–unh unh. Or “belong” bringing you bottles of beer while you sit in your barcalounger brain dead watching third worlders do stupid dances in the endzone.

      I think we need to go back to the way it was when we had jobs that were performed by those BEST qualified to perform them. Dumbing jobs down to “fit” a particular sex doesn’t do anyone any good and doesn’t bode well for a safe society. And that’s not to say that having all male cops is such a good idea. Male pigs are the nastiest bunch of people in the world, as far as I’m concerned. Left unchecked, they are out of control to do whatever they want to do to anyone.

      I wish we could restore some sanity to this world, without having to face lawsuits and protests by everyone everytime they think they’ve been “deprived” of something they think they have a god given right to have. I’ll be honest, if I’m in a fire, I probably do want a big strong firefighter dragging me out of a burning house.

      I personally think that white people need to be pulling together, men and women, to save our race, our country, our culture, our childrens’ future, and not get bogged down in too much of this kind of argument.

      This is the kind of thing that tears whites apart, and keeps us from being as effective as we could and should be. Let’s start seeing each other as white people first! We must become a cohesive race, if we are going to save it!