11 May, 2007


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It looks like the UK has the same problem that America has: uncontrolled feminism.

Here’s an interesting fact: a few years ago, an Arizona fire department abolished a requirement that all firefighter recruits be able to chop a hole in a section of roof, with an axe, in “x” seconds. Why did the department abolish that requirement? Because female recruits couldn’t do it. They weren’t strong enough or fast enough.

Let’s face it: Western women didn’t become firefighters and cops because they’re capable. They got into those vocations due to the watering-down of hiring standards – which was done to satisfy “civil rights” mandates cooked up by Big Jew (that probably doesn’t happen in any Eastern countries, and it sure as hell doesn’t happen in Muslim countries). In fact, the idea that women are equal to men is just as dangerous to the West as the idea that Jews are White people.

Women now make up the majority of voters and university students in America. That’s a serious problem. The West has a Jewish problem and a negro problem, sure. But it also has a feminized-women problem. Granted, Jews accelerated the feminized-women problem with their egalitarian TV shows and movies, and beaver-whupped White men aided it as well, but nonetheless the problem exists. Yet it’s rarely addressed, even by White nationalists:


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  7. 19 Responses to “Firepersons”

    1. Anti Says:

      No, quite a few WNs or quasi-WNs have addressed the woman problem – notably yourself, Si Sheppard, and Mr. Outis – but the majority, the Orthodox ass-kissing chivalrous bewhipped, quickly join together in a great bleat of condemnation of those who dare criticize Big Pussy. How many times have we been treated to the carping little ad hominem that criticizing women is a cover for sexual frustration? On the contrary: kissing her ass is a symptom of sex-induced idiocy. Remember “NeoNietzsche” from the forum? There was a guy who DEFINED in his character how an Aryan man should approach woman and sex: dispassionately, as one who can dispense with it, not as its slave and knight in shining armor.

    2. honkey tonk man Says:

      When women can defeat man in hand to hand combat then they can call the shots. Until then shut the fuck up and go bake some cookies….
      As bad as it is women can turn on a dime if they find something better, stronger or sexier.
      Until white men show real balls and start killing the enemies of our race they will get little respect.
      …..you know I don’t like muslims no matter where they are but I do respect them for the way they keep their women in line and under control. In muslim counties the man calls the shots. Thier media is not JEW controlled pumping out feminized shit 24/7. Lucky for them!

      The JEW media should be the main tarkets that white resistance strike. Make these cunts in the media afraid for their lives. The jew bastards at MTV and their white lackeys should be high on any white freedom fighters list. Next should be the she-man leaders and JEWS who promote feminism.
      ……Destroy the media and you destroy jewish power.

      The next time the JEW loses his power will be the last time. “The next holocaust will be real.”

      …….the NAZI’s where just a warm-up……JEWBOY!!

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Why the hell do ‘wimmin’ want to be firefighters? It is beyond reason. Men actually enjoy the challenge of overcoming the forces of nature. Women don’t have that motivation.

    4. Stronza Says:

      Women do so have the motivation to overcome the forces of nature. That is why we are such great growers of things (i.e. growers of food). Agriculture is not natural, it is a human artifact involving overcoming the forces of nature – and women are better at it, as are homosexual men, tho they tend toward flower gardening.

      I do recall seeing a documentary decades ago on some truly primitive, loin-cloth-wearing Amazon trible. They showed some women gardening in the middle of the jungle in a sunlit, cleared plot, hoeing and planting with sticks. The interviewer asked them thru a translator why only the women were doing the food-growing, and not the men. The women all burst out in laughter; they said that if men tried to do gardening, they would mess it up for sure. It is the hunting that was left to the men.

      Second item: How many women over the centuries have been treated to the carping little ad hominem that not catering to men, being bitchy, etc. is a cover for sexual frustration? No real man can respect a woman who allows men to treat her like a doormat, and the reverse is true, also. We all need the good sense to know our place, and being scared of one’s spouse is not going to produce that kind of intelligence in any meaningful, permanent way.

      3rd item: Unfortunately, it is no longer an issue of who can beat whom in hand-to-hand combat, as Honkey Tonk Man asserts. With some men, that’s about ALL they can do. Maybe they ought to take up cookie-baking – that takes at least a certain level of smarts, whereas anybody with muscles can beat the shit out of another person. How “cookie-baking” became a symbol for feminine “uselessness” and stupidity one can only guess.

    5. A. Says:

      “When men can give birth to children then they can call the shots. Until then shut the fuck up and go cut some wood….”

      Can we do without jews? Yep. Can we do without muds? Yep. Can we do without Aryan women? No. Can’t compare apples with oranges, but that doesn’t stop some of you from trying.

      Just as class warfare was engineered by the jews, just so the sex war.

    6. Varina Says:

      Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a comment here, but here goes.

      Many years ago I got a summer internship at a very large, well known zoo. I’ve always loved animals and had hoped to work in wildlife rehab. (That didn’t work out, but that’s another story.) Basically, what the interns did was the same as the zookeepers, feeding the animals, cleaning the cages, and shoveling lots of shit. I didn’t mind because I enjoyed taking care of the animals.

      So, one day I’m in this enclosure and I filled the wheelbarrow really full and realized it was so heavy I couldn’t move it. I finally had to ask one of the guys to help and he went right over, picked up the handles, and moved it for me.

      So, what’s the point of this story?

      If a woman works in a zoo and needs to make two trips where a man would make only one, the worst that would happen is that the animals would go on exhibit a few minutes late.

      However, if a woman is a firefighter and she gets there a few minutes late, someone could die.

      Women are not as strong as men and that’s that and they need to get over it. Even before my awakening I had a problem with the lowering of standards to admit women into jobs like firefighting. Believe me, if I’m ever trapped in a burning building I want to see a big burly White man come to my rescue, not some 5’5” idiot affirmative action female.


    7. Lars Boltje Says:

      The first sign of a feminist is the obnoxious need/tendency to attempt to prove themselves to men. If a woman wants to prove herself, she should demonstrate the ability to keep the lard off her ass and food on the table. Men take pride in protecting their women, we are not interested in women consumed by the dubious and unattainable task of proving their equality.

    8. brutus Says:

      I can’t imagine a more horrific way to die, then that of in a fire.

      Since women have been allowed to become firefighters, only an idiot could believe that the citizen is safer with women in the firefighter’s ranks. And although the evidence would be difficult to obtain for obvious reasons, I am of the firm belief that White people have died in fires because female firefighters where not capable of performing the duty required to save them, whereas a man in that same position would have been able to save that person.

      However, my common sense tells me that I need no more proof of the obvious and I can declare here with the utmost confidence that White people have been burned to death because of the jew‘s push for female firefighters and for just that reason alone, it is our duty to see that every jew on the planet meets a similar fate.


    9. Anti Says:

      and women are better at it, as are homosexual men, tho they tend toward flower gardening.

      Bullshit. Potting and floral arrangements are not “agriculture”. If the science of agriculture had been left to the native genius of women, we’d still be, at best, hunter-gatherers. According to the Uke though pretty gardens are proof of nothing less than the submission of nature to the will of woman. Nevermind the German Bauer over there with his hoe and coveralls; the Fraunzimmer out back milking the cows is the real wizard of the field! all nature hath succumbed to the might of the farming woman!

    10. Hugh Lincoln Says:

      The Dept. of Justice sued various cities in New Jersey for not having enough blacks on their fire departments. It stated that blacks have trouble because they’re afraid of heights (some departments were using wooden height towers in training exercises, and the blacks were afraid to go up in them).

      Solution? Cut the requirement, let the blacks on. Good to know that firefighting skill is second to affirmative action. Next time a white grandmother dies in a fire… just know it wasn’t part of her “civil rights” as recognized by our illegitimate government.

      I laugh when I think about black fear of heights. It’s like… their fear of water and harmless dogs. And you know how, at the ape display at the zoo, they keep the apes penned by ringing the island with… water? Hmmm…

    11. Bokhylla Says:

      Women have been brainwashed into believing they must take on traditional male tasks and roles, and in some cases, they have no choice – like pumping gas (I have always hated pumping gas and working on my car – it was much better in the good old days when some hunky man did that for you). I too was brainwashed into thinking I could and should take on typically male responsibilities. I am thankful that I woke up. Once I realized that it’s okay to be female and let the men be men it was a huge relief.

      Unfortunately, sometimes the problem is men too. They also have been brainwashed. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve tried to engage men in conversations about how wrong it is to have women as police, firefighters, serving in the military, etc. and they argue with me that they “know plenty of burly women who could kick the crap out of a guy.” I’m like, HUH?

      I studied at Cambridge in England through a university program in 2001. While there, I lived in an old Victorian brownstone building. Many of us females had rooms that were 5 or 6 stories up steep stairs. On the day that we were due to leave I asked a few of the men if they could please help us to get our luggage down the steep stairs. The reply was “do it yourself, you guys are the ones who wanted women’s lib” I looked at them and said “NO, that was my mother’s generation.” Luckily, there was one man in our group who did help us. We were all very appreciative of that.

      It WAS my mother’s generation who bought into that feminist garbage and what really gets me is how they “liberated” themselves. Take my mother for example: She left my father, took him to the cleaners, got the house which was already paid for, got the good car, got alimony and abandoned us kids to “do her own thing.” All three of us kids became latch keyers who then ran wild – it’s a miracle we survived the 70s (which was worse as far as bad influences than the 60s). My mother never had to struggle to pay a mortgage or build anything from scratch while my father had to start completely over.

      Women like her, from the “women’s lib” generation, now sit there and tell younger women that the struggles to make it on their own are in their heads and that if they want it bad enough “they would work 2 or 3 jobs.” YEAH RIGHT! Like THEY DID? Now I could go on a serious rant here……

      One last point: 90% of the women I know who are not struggling and have a decent home and lifestyle have a MAN in their lives. My generation and the generations of women after me who, for whatever reason, don’t have a man in their lives are living the reality that the feminists so graciously pioneered for us.

      I am so against softening standards so that women can get into male jobs. This only helps women to falsely believe that they are on equal footing with men. If they really had to do what men do they would be crying and running home. It also makes me sad to see how bitter men have become towards women as a result of this social engineering. There are women out there, like me, who appreciate men and what they have done for society.

      After all, it was men who designed and built all the appliances that made the lives of women easier (my grandmother washed clothes on a wash board). Unfortunately, I think that contributed to the feminist movement because once women had these appliances they had a lot more time on their hands and, as a result, they were susceptible to outside influences regarding “the male chauvinist pigs” they were married to. Aaaah, another rant for another day……

      Do I think women can have ideas like building an ocean liner or an airplane? Yes. Do I think women can take that idea to fruition like men can and do? No. We are not wired that way. Furthermore, we don’t have the physical strength and fearlessness that is required to take on huge projects like that. Men do.

    12. Briseis Says:



      We *are* the fire.
      ‘Overcoming forces of nature’?
      We *are* nature.
      ‘enjoy the challenge’?
      We are *the* challenge. Your challenge. *Your* prize.
      ‘feminism’ is to women what ‘multiculturalism’ is to White people.
      Our utter destruction.

    13. Anti Says:

      Are women who talk about themselves as fires, goddesses, forces of nature, etc., at least aware of how unbearably tacky such talk is to everyone else?

      I actually dated this cunt who wanted to be a firefighter. She was from Tennessee, was stocky, but had hyperthyroidism, which she used as a cover for a nervous, self-centered, and fearful disposition. She smoked endlessly, her hands shook, and perpetually had a shifty look in her eyes, when she actually looked one in the eye at all. I often amused myself by imagining her on call as a firefighter. Women today are closer to mental patients than traditional homo sapiens sapiens.

    14. Briseis Says:

      Awww “Anti” (nice name, BTW) I think he likes me ;-D
      I was just reading about ‘feminism’ in Israel, and as it turns out, what they want for us white people is not something they practice for themselves! That is such a coincidence, you know , with all the other things they recommend for us ,
      but not for themselves.


      “The number of women who currently hold political positions in Israel is shamefully low… Rather than eliminating inequality, for years the Israeli military served to perpetuate gender inequity….few high-ranking female officers today….“The mostly male government’s ‘old boys club’ is doing little to correct these inequalities. That is because for every women who takes a high-level job, there is a man who no longer holds that position…The economic boon of the past four years has passed over Israel’s female population, says Rina Bar-Tal. Most of the benefits, she maintains, go to men in middle and upper income levels.”

      Hmm, their program seems to have actually worked out well for them, but perhaps we should start supporting Jewish Feminism *in Israel*- after all, look what it did for American women and families!


    15. Anti Says:

      Awww “Anti” (nice name, BTW) I think he likes me ;-D

      Incorrect; I like Stronza. Despite being a Uke and a woman, she is actually witty. If you’ve ever met a Ukrainian girl you’ll know how anomalous that is.

      The lack of women in the Knesset is no surprise to anyone familiar with the Bible and the nature of Semitic and Near Eastern societies; on the other hand, one of its greatest leaders was Golda Meir; this doesn’t contradict the basically patriarchal structure of Jewish society, which contains a much misunderstood emphasis on matrilineal descent, and a corresponding psychological reliance on the mother.

      Israeli females, by the way, are not exempt from mandatory service in the IDF: http://www.serialno3817131.com/

      I don’t know if they fight fires, but I would not be surprised. While Diaspora Jews – Ashkenazim, Judeans, Hebrews, kikes – generally do no more in Israel than they do elsewhere, it is a mistake to assume that other Israelis (who are most often not racially Jewish, or only in part) do not work or whatever. I don’t know though, maybe it’s only the IDF, and that might be why they couldn’t best Hezbollah!

    16. Briseis Says:

      anti, re: Meir
      “Because we had a female prime minister, the world assumes that Israel is a country where women share equal status with men,” says Bar-Tal. “But the reality is that while Golda Meir was in office she did nothing to enhance the status of Israeli women. She never claimed to be a feminist.”

      Hezbollah IS a big threat to Big Jew, their increasing #s, they are in the US, they despise the kike as a given, & they will die for their cause, women too.

      Big Jew Debates whether women should fight..

      “As we’ve seen in other armies, gender integration causes sexual tension and is detrimental to combat performance, and it’s just not worth it,” Amidror said. “It’s not coincidental that throughout human history, men have done the fighting.” Yaakov Amidror

    17. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Most feminist BS centers around ‘female empowerment’. We must ’empower’ females due to their current state of reduced power. Females need more power to control their lives and have power careers and power lunches and power suits and they need more power so they can get into positions of ‘pseudo-power’ and tell those god-awful men what to do….especially the minority women….they need the most power of all.

      IMO, women that I find attractive have plenty of ‘power’. They don’t need any god damn more.

      When I look at the big picture, it’s simple: Standards are being eliminated to help foist false ‘equality’ nonsense and further reduce/minimalize the average White male. I never saw anything wrong with traditional male/female roles like those in the 50’s. It’s funny as hell when I date a woman and she can’t cook and doesn’t know what a stove is or a pot or a pan.

      And I get told from family and friends that surely it can’t be that way now-a-days, and I laugh and say times have changed uncle so and so or grand mother so and so and they look on in disbelief and tell me to marry a conservative school teacher ‘type’ or some such other down-to-earth female.
      And I say that’s a very small proportion of the available female population where I currently live and even those ‘conservative types’ aren’t immune to BIG JEW TUBE programming. Every other day whether it’s radio or television it’s a god damned advertisement for ‘It can only be Jared’!’ with some sort of jingle….(JOO jewelry store that sells engagement rings and other trinkets and garbage that make the average woman tingle with excitement)…and it’s directly targetted at some peerless female and then she gets diamonds in her eyes and a false sense of self-worth…and the crazy part is I mostly avoid television and average local radio station garbage to eliminate any and all JOO propaganda…that crap makes my head hurt….BUT it’s so strong that it STILL GETS THROUGH even with my most stringent filter in place. Luckily I know what it is and can allow it to bounce against my JOO force field and be repelled into that damnable void from whence it came, but is the target audience capable of doing that??

      As a sidenote, it seems to me that the traditional expectations women have for White males are loftier than ever while our expectations for what a ‘livable’ White woman is have lowered and lowered. Most White males will know exactly what I mean by the latter point…..

    18. Anti Says:

      Most White males will know exactly what I mean by the latter point…..

      Women adapt to higher costs of living. Basically sedentary and culturally sterile, they expect of males, foremost, that they can maintain, if not increase, the most comfortable standards for their nesting and decorative instinct, even if they want to fill the nest with nothing but abortions and dirty tampons. That’s “your challenge, your prize” in a nutshell. I’ve seen it even in “Third World” nations: give them cellphones and jewelry, the lowliest shitskin cunt is suddenly Barbie in search of her wigger Ken. CAPITALISM + JEW ANTI-CULTURE = CONCEIT AND NEGRITUDE.


      Women are a lost cause. Get used to it.

    19. Tommy Says:

      Lol @ wigger ken remark :)