27 May, 2007

Men Earning Less Today

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Of course, American men would take home more money if 1) their tax dollars weren’t given to Israel or used to pursue Zionism in the Middle East; 2) America’s money system wasn’t comprised of debt money/fiat money which shrinks in value due to our automatically-inflationary money system (a system built by Jews such as the banker Paul M. Warburg) [1]:


[1] more about Warburg/the Federal Reserve: [Here]

  • 2 Responses to “Men Earning Less Today”

    1. D. Smith Says:

      I found this comment from the article especially noteworthy:

      -Freelancer Hayslett thinks there’s another factor at play: “Honestly, it seems that women are more together,” he said.

      They’re more stable and focused, he said, as compared with “a lot of guys who feel so frustrated that they tend to move around and leave.”-

      Apparently someone is of the opinion that women make better slaves for the New World Order’s Global Plantation.

    2. anti-norman Says:

      It isn’t just worthless money, this same group has passed legislation that removes any mineral right when property is transferred to another owner…In short most folks that “own” property merely own the surface and well water rights…These faggots tried to transfer the water rights to the State…Anyone with a Well would be required to PAY the State for water useage… Check your land deeds for the mineral rights clause !! Folks don’t realize that all of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto have been fulfilled plus some additions for good measure !!! The BIBLE is the blueprint especially the revised king james version..Why were the scribes and translators all killed after the king james version was produced ?? yep, all slaughtered !! It’s all a “swindle” !