23 May, 2007

Once Again, For God’s Pets

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Big Jew: “Okay, you neutralized Saddam Hussein for Israel. That’s a good start. Now, you must 1) stay in Iraq for as long as possible; 2) start moving against Iran. Understand?”

America: “Yes, master.”


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  7. 3 Responses to “Once Again, For God’s Pets”

    1. Walter Ring Says:

      If the action taken by the CIA and the NSA against Iran is “covert” and “secret,” then why does the media and now the general public now know about it? The United States government has waged an illegal war against Iraq for over four years with no end in sight. The number of casualties in this war is absolutely unjustified, as was the invasion itself. However, since the US government is in Israel’s back pocket, it had to be done. We are certainly not winning the ‘war on terror’ anywhere, particularly in Iraq and to a lesser degree Afghanistan. Invading Iran will be a great deal more difficult, if at all possible. That nation is much larger, more powerful and much more unified than Iraq. The nation that we should invade, conquer and occupy is Israel. There is no other nation on this Earth that an invasion of would be more justified and productive than that of Kikistan. This shitty little country has caused the world more grief than all the others combined for millenia. May it die a horrible death.

    2. Averagejoe Says:

      The invasion of Iraq is what finally woke me up to the Jewish problem. I’d dismissed Pat Buchanan’s warning about Israel’s Amen Corner back during the first Gulf War but this war was proof enough for me. Seeing the Jews work in real time to ruin the country by pushing us into war after war turned me from a supporter of Israel to a supporter of Hitler.

      Bloodsucking Jews always, always, ALWAYS shit their nest.

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Walter Ring stated:

      “If the action taken by the CIA and the NSA against Iran is “covert” and “secret,” then why does the media and now the general public now know about it?”

      The “covert” word is or will be propaganda that will simply state false justifications to enter another war with Iran as with Iraq. False statements that will include Iran’s nuclear program promulgating into a severe threat upon the world. We know by now what the “world” means. It means the world jewish supremacy and other communists who want to control countries around the world.

      The Bush Administration has clearly committed war crimes by our invasion of Iraq. This conflict was elective and not mandatory, shown by reputable reports. As a result, over 3,000 American lives lost have been in vain while over 10,000 more are severly maimed with inadequate care. The Bush Administration knew this, but Pres. Bush and his irrational thinking thought we can win a war against Iraq without listening and understanding Ronald Reagan’s speech about the irrational combat techniques the Palestinians have. Entering a war with Iraq — all for what? All for an irrational gesture to build an oil pipeline for Israel that’s what.

      After President Bush steps down from office, our money will be well spent in bringing the war mongers to justice. But that’s not all that needs to be done. There are many others involved who are to be burned at the stake.