22 May, 2007

The Federal Government Today

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It happens all the time in AmeriKwa: some city or state creates a law, and then some federal court blocks the law. Indeed, it seems that “everything is federal” these days. In other words, state and local governments now have little power to regulate activity in their own jurisdictions. (Of course, historically speaking, Jews played a major role in making the federal government nearly all-powerful, e.g., Supreme Court justice Felix Frankfurter’s successful effort in 1942 to redefine what “interstate commerce” means in order to involve the federal government in private business matters. As a result of Frankfurter’s “point man” actions, the federal government can now heavily regulate most private businesses in America).[1]:


[1] see the Supreme Court ruling A. B. Kirschbaum v. Walling, 1942

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  7. 5 Responses to “The Federal Government Today”

    1. Jim Says:

      The Federal government must be looked upon as the enemy of anything that is sacred to you. Whether it be your family, church, job, race, the federal government is a danger to it. And like any mad dog, it must be put down.

    2. Logic Says:

      The problem isn’t big or central government, it’s BAD government. Please don’t confuse blaming the behavior of the organization with its mere existence. A federal government filled with right-thinking White men running it versus a bunch of Jews and Jewish puppets would not behave this way. As Dr Pierce said, all of our critical institutions have been hijacked by Jews and/or their destructive ideologies.

      An example: If the feds would interfere when a local goverment bans firearm possessions of folks within their city limits, they’d be heroes. That’s the way it should be too. A central authority looking out for what’s right using boundary and populace limits that are sufficient and appropriate. The latter being a whole article referencing Plato and other great thinkers that there’s no time to write about now.

      Instead of such a White-run, rational and “do right” federal government, today in AmeriKwa we have a Jewish tyranny enforcing Marxism.

      My 2 bits.


    3. Lars Boltje Says:

      Right thinking white men would never grant absolute power to the federal government. The best defense against the tyranny of centralized government is the creation of sub-states that can gang up on or secede from the federal monster.

    4. Averagejoe Says:

      In europe where Jews have less power the big government cradle to grave welfare systems created by whites for whites have turned europeans into children utterly dependent on the state. Even before muslim immigrants became a problem europe was decadent. The price of the real security provided by a big welfare state is stagnation and ennui.

    5. na Says:

      more like the federal governemnt of yesterday. people who believe the constitution survived the war of northern aggression are the same people who believed the earth was made in 6 days