30 May, 2007

Women are Becoming Men

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First, they began wearing blue jeans instead of dresses. Then they began cursing. Then they joined the fire department. Now they’re tackling each other on the football field. This is what happens when you let Jews create egalitarian movements in White countries. Every “-ism” which advocates human equality (e.g., feminism, multiculturalism) was birthed and steered by Jews [1]:


[1] more about feminism: [Here]

  • 9 Responses to “Women are Becoming Men”

    1. ion.jew Says:

      This is what will happen, White woman will be getting punched in the stomach and permanently damage their fallopian tubes.

    2. John Says:

      I have more and more respect for Islam whenever i read stuff like this. We can learn a lot from the muslims.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The masculinization of women is to prevent them from responding to their maternal feelings. Another way to reduce the White population!

    4. sfg Says:

      I am old enough to remember what the sixties were like and NOTHING that happened during that time period, social-wise, has turned out to be good for this country: not feminism, not civil rights, not third world immigration, not free love, not rampant sex, not homosexual “rights”, not interracial dating or marriage. NOTHING that happened back then has done anything but destroy America and its wonderful culture and customs. And I’m a former feminist.

      I remember some of the females I knew back then and they were all twisted in their thinking. I was never one of them, I only went through the motions. Now I know they were very wrong and misguided.

    5. Roger Says:

      Hilarious stuff. women want to be men and men want to be women in ‘Kwa.

      And the muslims are the evil ones…
      my, what a truly fucked up cuntry this is.

    6. MrBlond78 Says:

      What kind of White woman would want a groidal dictator to cuss at her? A lesbo, evidently.

    7. NT Says:

      Have you noticed that there is something masculine about their women even if they are very pretty? There is something feminine about their men. What is the story there? The media is trying to make the norms their norms I guess. They don’t consider it odd apparently? You look at the radical feminists and they are lesbian women who clearly are in the bottom one percent in attrractiveness. OF COURSE they aren’t going to understand what feminine women get out it. It’s too bad but why does the larger society have to change so they can be happy? They have to cope and adjust right? But no. And if you don’t agree then any rules about conduct turn into the law of the jungle.

    8. Varina Says:

      I remember years ago whenever Betty Friedan would appear on TV my father would sigh, shake his head, and say, “Why men leave home.”


    9. AngryGreekSpirit Says:

      my fellow white europeans, the black scum are among us with their gutter music and their filthy hatred (ask any ‘new black panther’ or ‘st nicolas theif’ out there) –they rejoice in killing white women in any way they can. Rise up and boot the niggers out of our land let them go back to africa. I was never a ‘racist’ until I couldnt for the life of me deny the black on white crime I see everywhere. That young couple in the US that was raped, killed by 5 black animals, that was the last straw. MANY white people from all over the world are waking up. fight the black slime where you find it.