22 June, 2007

Goy Control by Doctor Diagnosis

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“I love the idea,” says Dr. Ira Goldsilverbergfeldstein, a New York City psychiatrist and director of P.O.O.P. (Psychiatrists Opposed to Occidental Preeminence). “Since the mental-health field is swarming with Jews, it wouldn’t be long before thousands of law-abiding gentiles were prohibited from owning guns”:


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  7. 4 Responses to “Goy Control by Doctor Diagnosis”

    1. Jim Says:

      No question that the kwan dogs need to be culled. Carolyn McCarthy should get a one week all expense paid vacation in the nearest ghetto. Then we’ll see if she thinks niggers or guns did her hubby in. I have no use for my fellow Amerikwans anymore – whatever color they are. I hardly know any whites who aren’t whiggers.

    2. The NRA Sucks Says:

      “Speaking to the CNN audience on June 13, head of the Brady Campaign, Paul Helmke, stated that, ‘We’re hopeful that now that the NRA has come around to our point of view in terms of strengthening the Brady background checks, that now we can take the next step after this bill passes [to impose additional gun control].'”

      When the NRA opposes H.R. 2640 they’ll be accused of reneging in their support of strengthened Brady background checks. They’ll be on the receiving end of the question, “Should mentally unstable individuals like Seung-Hui Cho have access to firearms?”

      Thank you, NRA, for compromising.

      Cold, dead hands?

      My ass.

    3. Naysayer Says:

      “Police say they’ve found no evidence that race played a role in the killings.”

      If the races were reversed, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Joint Terrism Task Force, under jewish Anti Defamation League advisement and jew Chertoff’s Homeland Security, would have leaned on the weakest link among the perpetrators until s/he broke in exchange for a very light sentence:

      “It was hate! I heard it there then!”

    4. coolcat Says:

      This government really is illegitimate.