19 June, 2007

Neocon Policy Starts a New Cold War?

Posted by Socrates in Jew World Order, jewed foreign policy, Socrates at 7:09 pm | Permanent Link
America and Russia may never be friends again, thanks to the shekel-sniffers:


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  7. 12 Responses to “Neocon Policy Starts a New Cold War?”

    1. honkey tonk man Says:

      “Whites pointing nukes at each other…..again!!

      ……thanks JEWS!!!……………we won’t forget!

    2. dq Says:

      Is Putin pointing any nukes at Israel?

    3. Tegucigalpa Says:

      None of it sounds very good. One white lady, the mother of Jesus,
      appeared at Fatima in Portugal and warned the world about Russia. There could be serious global conflict around the corner.
      It’s hard to explain these forces at work. I think the “Protocols of
      the Elders of Zion” is a true document; so it is the Jews to some degree, but if you put a good picture of Rodney Dangerfield, interrupted quite unexpectedly on the toilet, on the cover, it helps frame the Protocols in a more complete light. The Jews are not so omnipotent or so talented, or even blessed, as they imagine they are, that they can really pull it all off. They’ll never rebuild the Third Temple. Never. So where do they really think they’re going with all their “chutzpah?” In circles around Manhatten with Sarah Jessica Parker and Alan Dershowitz? And some bagels later? They’re lost and supposedly “E=MC2.” Right.
      It’s no secret.
      They’ve just been doing business, ambushing some goyim through the years, doing blood draining ritual murders in secret abductions, purveying porn, loan sharking(usury), plotting and monopolizing, and wrecking things, poisoning wells and being obnoxious wherever they go, but their natural machinations and comedy can’t explain the depths of the collective sin this planet is probably going to be punished for. War is a punishment for sin, the white lady at Fatima has warned.
      If Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler, all Catholics, had listened in their generation, and remained faithul to the voice from the church and the call from the One True God, about what’s best to do and how to behave, then the Germans would have likely come through the
      passes in victory instead of such horrible defeat. Adolf Galland
      and Werner Molders were good Catholics and Luftwaffe aces, but
      there seem to be much larger forces at work than a few fighter pilots.
      Bush is Masonic Luciferian. It’s no joke. He’s no Christian. And
      for real, the White House is at the Luciferic point of a Masonic
      goathead’s pentagram. Between the ghosts of Rasputin over there
      and the Judeo-Masonic occult lords on the Potomac over here, the poor few good white boys left may be in for a strenuous ride.
      Hang on for 8 seconds! And pray about it if you can.

    4. dq Says:

      Hey don’t you know that christianity is jewbait like Nietzsche says in geneology of morals. But Mel Gibson is might to turn it around on them and make them convert to their own poison. Read Mel Gibson in his own words on the ADL’s website and you can see what they fear. Instead of white guilt they will have self hating jew guilt for
      killing jesus!Christianity turns people into sheeplike pussies who hate the world and their earthly bodies.

    5. Tegucigalpa Says:

      That’s a very superficial reading of Christianity, a faith that has stood the test of time for 2000 years now, and that presents the
      true Third Temple, the resurrection of Jesus Christ in glory, and the mystical body of Christ, for those who would prefer eternal life to
      the onlo other alternative, death. Jesus was not a pacifist or a “pussy.” He stood the Devil down in the desert and in Luke chapter 22:35-38, one can read that he asked the apostles if they
      had lacked anything earlier when he had sent them out without a
      moneybag or bank account, just the clothes on their backs, and they answered “nothing.” He told them well now it’s good to
      sell your coat and buy a sword. They said, “here we have two
      swords,” and he answered that is enough. The point is, that God’s
      plan is like a sword; it’s not pacifist communist liberal rot.
      And Christianity doesn’t teach people to hate their bodies at all.
      Read Tertullian if you have the time. Christianity promises a
      glorified resurrected body that’s still you but much improved and
      a lot more agile in good things and grace.
      Follow the light at the end of the tunnel, it’ll probably be Jesus; unless you find as some people say, it’s a Japenese bullet train headed in your direction.
      By the way, Jesus is a white guy too.

    6. FeralWhiteMan Says:

      Tegucigalpa wrote: “If Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler, all Catholics, had listened in their generation, and remained faithul to the voice from the church and the call from the One True God, about what’s best to do and how to behave, then the Germans would have likely come through the passes in victory instead of such horrible defeat.”

      This is why you can never win an argument with these god damn bible thumpers. If the “Christians” win a war, it’s “thanks to the Lord!” If they lose the war, it’s the Christians fault for not obeying God (who has some manual He keeps secret containing “the rules for Christians to get the Lord’s support” while His believers take shots in the dark as to what the dude wants). It’s absurd.

      Tegucigalpa has prisonplanet.com as his/her website. That means they’re caught between believing Alex Jones’ and Paul Joseph Watson’s bullshit on one side (that Bush is a nazi & nazis are evil) and what we’re saying (that Bush is a nazi-hater & nazis were the good guys) on the other. If you want to help the Cause to save White people as well as their Christian brethren, Tegucigalpa, tell those two dumb mother fuckers at prisonplanet to start blaming the Jews and stop lying about Hitler and the nazis. The US is becoming “Fascist”? Bullshit! The US is becoming a Jewish Bolshevik’s wet dream. “Anti-semitism” will be a felony soon enough. Hitler started the Reichstag fire and Bush did the same thing with 9/11 so that he could have dictatorial powers? Bullshit! Hitler didn’t start the Reichstag fire as was confirmed YEARS a-fucking-go by a British journalist, Sefton Delmer. And the kikes like Michael Chertoff are behind the power grabs in this country because they’ve always been big on controlling gentiles and murdering anyone who doesn’t go along with their evil agendas. Look at Jesus. An Aryan dictator would clean the bastards out for the good of his people.

    7. Tegucigalpa Says:

      If you like history, read a little about Santiago Matamoros and
      St. Michael. Christianity’s not about defeat. It’s about the final lasting victory. And supernatural weapons are real and they trump
      all others. Strength is in virute.

    8. dq Says:

      Keep waiting for the last judgement in hope, in love, in faith like people have been doing for over two thousand years. Just sit there while someone is kicking your ass waiting for some imaginary being to come out and save you. Christianity moves no mountins but places them where their are none. If christianity is real why worry about anything if this world doesn’t matter in the end? That is why it is a sin to kill yourself because if it wasn’t most christians would do it instead of being sheep following the jewish shepard.

    9. Varina Says:

      Well, here we are talking about Christianity again. I was raised Catholic, but always had a problem with my faith. I left the Church for many years. I didn’t get married until my forties. My husband wasn’t that religious, but we finally found a church that would suit us. He was raised as a Methodist, so we became Episcopalians because it was close to Catholic, but was still Protestant. The church we found is a breakaway from the mainstream Epiiscopalians. It’s very conservative.

      I saw on the news yesterday that the Pope is saying we (I’m sure he’s talking about Western countires) should take in all these “refugees,” as it’s the Christian thing to do. I looked at my husband and I said, “Christianity isn’t going to survive.”

      I don’t know if we should go back to pure paganism. It wouldn’t hurt to keep some of the things like the Ten Commandants, but we definitely have to become racial. I still go to church, but my husband refuses. Every time he has to listen to something from the Old Testament he gets angry. I still go because I try to take the good out of the service, but it’s difficult for me also.

      When I was raised in the Catholic Church, we knew nothing about the Old Testament. As a matter of fact, the Catholic “Bible” was the New Testament. That’s all we knew. It was the teachings of Jesus Christ. And the Jews killed Jesus.

      I don’t know where we’re going, but I think the so-called “Christian” leadership has abandoned White people. I hope they rot in hell.


    10. Fuck Tegucigalpa!!!!! Says:

      Get lost you damn jesus jabbering loon!!!!! This site’s for white nationalists NOT christian nationalists!!!!!

    11. Tegucigalpa Says:

      Well, cuss at me if you want. And you can pray to Perun, Thor,
      and Mars if you think that will help you win a fight, but I think
      Santiago Matamoros and “Our Lady of Lepanto,” are better back
      ups. They’re real in theology, history, and most importantly in the
      discussion here, they’ve been pivotal contributors in military history.
      A pagan myhtological basis of action is weak. If anyone wants to
      understand Christianity, they should ask the right questions about
      it first. I don’t agree with any of the insane immigration no matter what the Pope or some bishops may say. They don’t have authority in these matters, just opinions. If you can carry the day
      with Perun go for it.

    12. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Yes, it is good that WN can discuss all aspects of Christianity. Whether we like it or not the fact remains that the White lands are heirs to the traditions of Christianity. Our art, music, architecture, and families reflect this link, which is still strong among the rank and file of believers.

      As Varina says, church leaders both Protestant and Catholic have abandoned their ‘flocks’ and are now pursuing globalist and zionist agendas. Christianity cannot survive such a program. Just see the closed churches and thinning congregations. The Anglican / Episcopalian churches were subverted at the Lambeth Conference of 1930. The Catholic church succumbed during the 1960’s Vatican Council.

      If Christianity is to survive it must dump the Old Testament and concentrate on the New Testament. JC said some amazing things about jews!

      Incidentally, I can’t see how any clergyman can profess to be a Christian and simultaneously promote abortion and homosexuality.
      JC was probably thinking of these guys when he said those in positions of authority who corrupt young people should be thrown into the sea tied to a milstone. Strong words. I think the context is right, maybe a NT scholar can give the exact reference?