12 June, 2007

Pooping in Poland

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What exactly is behind the Jewish obsession with doo-doo? What sort of people crap in beds and sinks? In fact, it has been suggested by some gentiles that Jews, as an ethnic group, are mentally ill, and there seems to be at least some evidence to support that theory, e.g., their self-worship, their indifference to the suffering of others, their obsession with money, their paranoia, their vulgarity:


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  7. 21 Responses to “Pooping in Poland”

    1. Pawel Says:

      The people who “crap in sinks and beds” are teenagers fooling around. When kids go on a trip all sorts of things happen, kids are kids and have stupid ideas sometimes. The sole scale of those trips to Poland: 30.000 kids go to Poland each year, means that it’s likely there will be incidents.

      Their guardians should make sure though, that the group they are responsible for behaves and leaves good impression.

      It should also be taken into account, that many of these kids have very bad image of Poland, or hate this country, due to false beliefs that Poland participated in Holocaust – these beliefs are very common in Israel and US. Their minds are set on the dark pages of Polish history and intolerance, and the kids are not taught about the 1000 years history of Jews in Poland, tolerance and symbiosis between the peoples, and their wonderful heritage in this land.

      The thought that an ethnic group is mentally ill, just proves who was problems with their psyche.

      The article you are citing is critising education policies of Israel, not for the sake of criticism, but for the sake of mutual understanding between the Polish and Jewish people. It shows that the agenda od those trip needs changing, that Israelis have to meet and engage in dialogue with Polish youth.

    2. Socrates Says:

      Teenagers fooling around, eh? What about the Israeli soldiers who routinely poop all over a Palestinian home (even in the kitchen) after they illegally raid it? Also, the late Dr. William Pierce noted the Jewish obsession with poo. It’s well-documented. It’s a fact.

    3. zoroastro Says:

      it’s an old tapir obsession with filth. i mean think of that degenrate freud and how much damage he inflicted with his sick scatological “ideas” to the western society? so one shouldn’t be surpised at all. as a rule jews and well manners are two polar opposites of human behavior. you observe that in every instance, in every interaction. sometimes they are a bit more goofy, sometimes deliberately mean and offensive. sometimes you realise, the jews cannot help themselves doing their thing. they represent the principle of destruction, the negative impulse of humanity (even when provoking the negative reaction wherever they interact with the outsiders).

    4. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:


      “There has been much debate about whether jews are a race. Well, jews are far
      from being a pure race. They are a hybrid people, consisting of Edomites,
      Hittites, Canaanites, Judahites, Babylonians, Ishmaelites, Huns, Khazars, etc.
      However, they do have a distinctive gene pool. According to Dr. Richard Goodman,
      in a study, (“Genetic Disorders Among The Jewish People”), he made for John
      Hopkins University in Baltimore, there are 112 hereditary diseases within the
      jewish race, which originate from causes found in the jewish brain and central
      nervous system. The Jewish Encyclopedia verifies this as well by stating “The
      Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than other races and
      peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neuroasthenia appear to be most
      frequent. Some physicians of large experience among the Jews have even gone so
      far as to state that most of them are neuroasthenia and hysterical (female
      trait). In addition, Dr. Alexander Pilez, world famous psychiatrist from Vienna,
      states in his outstanding work, “Weiner Klinische Rundschau,” page 888: “Cases
      where acute psychoses lend to idiocy and lunacy are of particular frequency with
      the Jews.” For additional information, go to the The National Foundation for
      Jewish Genetic Diseases, Inc website at: http://www.nfjgd.org.

      By contrast, there are no hereditary diseases which exist exclusively within the
      white race. The Negro race has only one- Sickle Cell Anemia. Highly mongrelized
      people would be more prone to diseases than pure races. The same is true with
      hybridized plants and animals. God cursed each of these former composite tribes
      that make up the Jewish people. Is it any wonder, the Israelites were warned by
      God not to intermarry with them? Now, are they a race? I’ll let you answer that
      for yourself.”




    6. Pawel Says:

      Zoroastro, you mean that Freud, who discovered subconscience? Inventor of psychoanalysis?

    7. Jewish Potty Humor Says:

      Pawel writes: “The people who “crap in sinks and beds” are teenagers fooling around. When kids go on a trip all sorts of things happen, kids are kids and have stupid ideas sometimes.”

      Virtually all jewish-produced comedies contain perverse bathroom and sexual humor. Here’s a short list:

      MTV apologizes after teens sue
      (Teens splattered with feces.)

      “Eight Crazy Nights”
      Happy Madison Productions

      “My Baby’s Daddy”
      Brillstein-Grey Entertainment

      “Meet The Fockers”
      Universal Pictures

      If jewish adults engage in this behavior, then why not jewish kids?

    8. Socrates Says:

      Pawel Says: “Zoroastro, you mean that Freud, who discovered subconscience? Inventor of psychoanalysis?”

      You mean Sigmund Fraud, master of anal/penile/poop voodoo? His sick theories have been completely discredited.

    9. Rabbi Moishe Tapirman Says:


      C/O “David in Brooklyn”

    10. lawrence dennis Says:

      An article on the Jewish obsession with soiling the property/culture of others, taken in part from an Israeli newspaper with the headline “Someone Even Managed to Defecate into the Photocopier.”


      Another article, this one titled: “The Israeli Torture Template: Rape, Feces and Urine-Dipped Cloth Sacks.”


      The poster Pawel is, like most Jews, unaware of the diseased inner nature of his people. He sees but does not see, and when the truth is pointed out to him, he has only two excuses: “But everybody does it” (not true) or “If only there were no anti-semitism, this would not be” (which can never be proven, as gross Jewish amorality always and everywhere provokes so-called anti-semitism). Privately, he jokes about his fellow dirty jews….

    11. zoroastro Says:

      Freud (=Fraud) did not discover anything; human mind does have subconsciouness but why and how could that be ascribed as a discovery to that viennese hack? he also did not “invent” psychoanalysis, there is a long list of german and eruopean thinkers who laid out the groundwork for the “psychoanalysis”. herr freud, not unlike his reputed collegue herr einstein, signed his name to it. google in “chutzpah”!
      the jew dares, while goy is always too nice and considerate…

    12. Arminius Says:

      Well, Poland was the jewish homeland before the Zionists founded Israel.
      If the Poles let them back in, they get what they deserve.

    13. Jewish Potty Humor Says:

      Are you thoroughly disgusted, Pawel, or shall we continue? I can guaranfuckinteeya many more examples of the jewish potty obsession are available on the Internet – moreso than any other “ethnic” or “religious” group, to be sure. There is little you can do to counter this fact except point to potty-mouth gentile lackeys like jewishly employed Jeff Foxworthy or call all critics, including some who are jews, “anti-semitic.”

    14. MrHanky Says:

      More examples.

      South Park’s Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo, satisfying both the Jewish craving for fecal humor and hate for Christmas. Many other examples of fecal humor on South Park, starting with the first episode: Cartman’s Anal Probe.

      Howard Stern’s obsessions with feces and farting are legendary. He wanted to make a movie called Fartman but even Hollywood wouldn’t go for it. Freed from FCC control he now has people shoving turnips into each other’s asses live on satellite radio.

    15. Junghans Says:

      Shit man, the Negroes also have a fixation with verbal effluvia, to say nothing of their Mo’ Fo’ jive. Why are Jews so enamoured with anal issues, defacation and proctology (?), look for it in their Negroid genes. Or would if be called Jewish ‘mojo’?

    16. Laszlo Knox Says:

      Pawel is indeed self-deceptive and self-delusional. MacDonald’s work sums this mindset up much better than anything I could write. It’s interesting that he trots out a jewish myth; Freud invented psyhoanalysis. No, he didn’t. He didn’t “discover” the subconscious either. Freud has been discredited as of late, proven to be Sigmund Fruad. Jews however, keep pumping up legend, helping it limp along. Jews are so desperate to take credit for EVERYTHING that can be determined a breakthrough. Many jews claim penicillin was invented by a jew. No, Fleming was Scots, We never hear the end of Salk. Yet Salk was a man who was handed the research of other top doctors working on a cure by the head of the charities collecting money for a cure. Salk was smart of course, but he was handed the collected research and work of others allowing his TEAM to put it all together and arrive at their vaccine first. Yet how many whites have done more and receive little to zero press coverage? That’s what happens when jews run the show. We hear nothing but their bragging, the country dissolves and we live around shit. The material favored by jews for playtime.

    17. Aryan Crusader Says:

      “Zoroastro, you mean that Freud, who discovered subconscience? Inventor of psychoanalysis?”

      Modern psychology founded by the jew Freud is fradulent. It is not based on the scientific method and does not have basis in biological science.

      Freud’s framework for the modern study of psychology has no actual methodical research to prove its existence; its merely a mentally ill muse on the part of Freud that for some reason gets put on par with the actual hard sciences.

    18. Giles Says:

      The concept “jew” is false. Did someone go around measureing ‘gene pool’, find a relationship, and then call it “jewish”? OR…. did someone go around, ask people to self-identify (conclude) and then compare genes, or diseases, or whatever? The second possibility is starting from a conclusion, an assumption- it would be inadmissible in court.

      At least 20% of all whitishly appearing people are substantially descended just from medevial jewish communities, by mathematical fact, given the proportion of these groups to the overall population in history. you can be sure that this 20% is mostly found in the upper half of the population, especially in the West. So by some measures 50% of the ‘moving-and-shaking’ population of the world AKA- Whites, are substantially of this descent.

      Something has to give somewhere. We can’t all be Jewish and not Jewish at the same time.

      The reality, as shown by the glaring facts of race, is that the only unity in the idea of “Jewish” is KEEPING GODS ETERNAL LAW- the inheritance of the old House of Judah.

      Find another word for the perverse and crooked. How about ‘Babylonian’? But then you are going to have to live up to your own standard of judgement- we will be judged by the measure with which we judge others…

      Which is the whole point- if “jewish” is the polar opposite of good, then how can good people get anywhere trying to imitate bad behavior? you can’t “out-jew the jews”, because then you are exactly what you claim to oppose. And you wont be any good at it either since, as it has been pointed out, you aren’t bred for it.

      Unless you actually are- in which case you are no better and maybe worse still. And a real useful tool to the smarter class.

    19. Pawel Says:

      lawrence: Thank you lawrence for your concern. For your information I am not Jewish but Polish, and I am the person who translated the article we are debating.

      I find it totally amusing that you dismiss arguments that I hadn’t made.

      And I think I couldn’t possibly agree with your attitude that divides character traces due to “national” lines – but that’s a fundamental difference between us, and I don’t think we could negotiate this as I assume we both have strong contradicting views.
      Laszlo Knox: I couldn’t possibly comment on that. Due to the fact that I do not blindly criticise the whole Jewish nation like everyone here does, you assume that I am Jewish (which I am not, but I wouldn’t mind being, no difference), and that I have some “mind set” and do some “typically Jewish” things, like attributing scientific breakthroughs to Jewish people. Freud and psychoanalysis is common knowledge, look it up in encyclopaedia. It is true that many of his theories are now expired, but it is a fact that he has had a massive influence on our civilisation. If you want it or not.

      I think many people here are very preoccupied with their stereotypes and prejudices, and I would recommend talking to some Jewish, black, Hindu and gay people, just to refresh your mind listen to something else then you are used to.

    20. Christof Says:

      Pawel You said: “you assume that I am Jewish (which I am not, but I wouldn’t mind being, no difference)”
      There must to be some serious difference which prompted Christ Jesus while pressed hard by Jews to utter famous words [John 8 v44] “..your father is devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.”
      Here Creator of Men and our Solar system refers to Lucifer who hed his incarnation on earth rafly 6000 years from our times according to Dr. Rudolf Steiner. It implys that Lucifer left his offspring here on earth. This can only explain the differences in morality, attitudes toward others, their affinity to twist the truth to lie. Also there is difference in their genom becouse there is a test that can determined who is a true Jew.

    21. Boleslaw Says:

      Pawel – this is not the first time these arrogant assholes are behaving like pigs – basically anyone who comes in contact with young Israeli tourists in Krakow complains about their outrageous conduct.
      I didn’t realize what a threat jews really are until I moved to the US where basically all political life, education and media are controlled by jews to the extent far beyond even the period of 1950s in Poland.
      They are not our friends, don’t count on the Israeli schools teaching young kikes about the 1000 years of their history in PL – that is not a part of the plan that these ungrateful pigs have…