4 June, 2007

Sally Needs a Queer?

Posted by Socrates in faggotry, New World Order, Socrates, women, Women Politicians at 1:35 pm | Permanent Link
It’s easy to hook women up with fag friends, because women accept outsiders more readily than men do, which is why female leaders aren’t good for the West:


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  7. 18 Responses to “Sally Needs a Queer?”

    1. briseis Says:

      Fags. This place is crawling with them (SF bay), even the non-official fags are faggy. A woman might even be friends with a fag and not even know it, excepting the fact that he never stares at her chest and seems to be over-concerned with her clothes or hair. yeah, sure seems like TV wants us nto only to like real fags but to want regular Men to pick up some faggish qualities. You know, the Big Fag shows, like Fag Eye for the hetro Guy , or whatever the hell it is, and all those home make-over or beauty make over shows (let me get this straight, a fag knows better than I how I should look to get straight men..?) .

      I can hardly stand the catty yap yap of the playground mommies, why would I want a MAN who was like that, who would alos judge me on my hair, tell me how I could better work out etc. Why in the WORLD would a woman want a fag friend. Seems pointless. He doesn’t want you, he can’t protect you, and then he is going to want you to go to all these dumb events with him or go to his artsy theatre crap. Ugh.

      Leadership? The way I see that is that you do what you are best at. Unfortunately most women’s brains (including my own) are wired for a more general attention than continued , linear focus. Im not making this up, it’s well documented. We’re great for some things, but awful at others. For example, most women fall more towards the middle of the IQ curve than te ends- that means there are more geniuses as well as more tards that are men. Im not a mental nite lite, but I know my limits. One can always try to perfect what is within their abilities, and there are plenty of things women can do that they say genius types have a hard time with.

      in “Race and Inteligence”,(Richardson, Spears) while mostly a book that tries very hard to make excuses and throws in a lot of goobydegook and distraction, some of what they say is true insofar as when they are not addressing race directly .

      ” high IQ people are good at solving straighforward , logical problems… one correct answer…not so good at dealing with uncertainty, when probablistic strategies are needed. …do worse when are series of quick judgements are called for in a brief period..cognitive styles associated with high IQ seem to reduce those people to complete inaction in situations like this”

      hence, we have secretaries, mothers…women.
      What they are getting at is that there is some other kind of intelligence that is not “White Male” ,yet they do lack the balls to label it such. No doubt there is some kind of hierarchy, I believe Asians are ahead of us, then
      White Male, White female>> who knows. It would make sense to me that this other kind of inteligence, while it may “specialize” , may not be across the board enough to reach the hihgh IQ status.
      The book does not go into gender differences.

      As i said before, knowing my own limits,the “we’re all equal” oxymoron bothers me immensely, as it is a comfort to know there are those out there who can solve problems either I just can’t or would take me forever and a day to get there. How long will civilization be held BACK by the pretend notions of “affirmative action” and “equality” ? As if by saying so, we magically make it so.
      Abracadabra. I still need to consult a WM later today to try and fix my PC.
      Women can do a lot of things if they HAVE to , I guess thats the advantage of being able to do a lot of small things at once. . Doesn’t mean we should or should have to , or we do the best job.
      Help, inspire, and perhaps most importantly, give the men something that takes away from the “world” as they know it, a ‘break” as it were? Yes. Lead? I’d rather not.

    2. PK Says:

      It’s not that women accept outsiders more readily than men do. It’s that women are very confused at this time in history, and they tend to be attracted to mentally inferior men – such as fruitcakes – because those men tend to share their inferior grasp of the meaning of life. The solution to the problem is to teach the women the meaning of life. Of course, I need to teach men the meaning of life because women get their beliefs from the men. If there is something wrong with the men, then there is something wrong with the women. The women depend on men for their insight on the meaning of life, and we need to give it them. After which, the women would rather deal with real men than with fruitcakes.

    3. cliff Says:

      Maybe every guy needs a lesbian girlfriend as well right? Just be careful not to get AIDS since many lesbos fuck queers for laughs on occasion to avoid any real ties etc. It is true.

    4. birdman77 Says:

      jewish feminism has ruined young women especially. i lost count on the number of women that i have known, who have filthy sodomite friends. white women under 35 need the most help, just watch MTV aand you’ll know why

    5. MrBlond78 Says:

      It is a feminist subversion of the masculine ideal. The young, white girls I know outrightly encourage all men to be gay. They ignore and disdain real men (unless they are blacks, of course) and fawn over white fags – the more flaming the better. It is the old positive re-enforcement game. Some straight guys are even claiming to be bisexual because LOTS more girls will fuck them that way. The power of the pussy is wielding a powerfully demoralizing peer pressure to destroy the “patriarchy” once and for all. Foolish, misguided women. Their sentimentality for the underdogs of society is being used by to destroy a generation. And at this rate – how many more will we have?

    6. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Personally I find this whole issue intolerable. I can’t tell you how many attractive, interesting women I’ve met that have AT LEAST two fags in tow.

      I’ve actually asked women WHY THE HELL do they enjoy associating with fags, and the number one answer they give is that gay men are somehow more ‘manly’ because they can share their feelings/sensitivity AND that the women in general feel ‘safer’ around a gay man due to his not being interested in them sexually. (This to me seems like some sort of perversion/corruption of the natural protective instincts that women receive from straight men. Possibly media brainwashing?)

      ‘This or that’ fag friend is not a potential mate and all the ‘stress’ goes out of any sort of friendly relationship the woman chooses to create. The woman seems to feel some sort of ‘pseudo-control’ over the relationship or so I’ve been told.

      The number two answer they give (based on my personal survey) is that fags are somehow more ‘wise’ and seem to be able to offer more ‘profound’ relationship advice and can be a source of ‘insider’ information about straight men. Don’t ask me why the hell some women think this….

      The opposite situation however usually doesn’t occur: you pretty much NEVER see a straight man who befriends a god damn dyke. Wonder why that is?

    7. zoroastro Says:

      sally the soccer mum gets additionally confused by your friendly fag fashions “advisor”, i.e. after her daily brain dousing by mummy oprah (beez telling bookz and shit)…roll eyes…one can truly only roll eyes in disbelief! if it wasn’t so utterly insane, the entire kwa tapir charade would be side-splittingly hilarious!

    8. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      There are many opinions given on this subject, but what it really boils down to is women follow what is in fashion, and at this moment, it is fashionable to have fag friends. TV dictates and women comply. If you are a woman and don’t have a fag friend, what the hell’s wrong with you! It’s a strange and fucked up world today…
      Why men don’t have diesel-dyke friends? Simply put, they tend to be big, loud and ugly. Real men like pretty and feminine women and ignore anything less. If there is no possibility of sex, why bother at all? Easy answer?

    9. MrBlond78 Says:

      I dream for the day when White Pride parades are as large as the Gay Pride ones. Do not expect the cheers and admiration of our women. They have been corrupted by their faggoty “advice” givers. Could you imagine how strong our movement would be if women actively encouraged us and insisted on always having a WN entourage like they do with the fags?

      Fag Hag is the right term for what they are!

    10. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      “The opposite situation however usually doesn’t occur: you pretty much NEVER see a straight man who befriends a god damn dyke. Wonder why that is?”

      Because it reminds them of a god damn kyke.

    11. shabbos shabazz Says:

      This site came up from a search. It is about dykes, transgender, etcetera.


    12. -JC Says:

      And who determines what’s fashionable, what’s popular? The same bunch who determines who gets elected.

      fash·ion·a·ble (fsh-n-bl)
      1. Conforming to the current style; stylish.
      2. Associated with or frequented by persons of fashion.
      A stylish person.
      fashion·a·bil·i·ty, fashion·a·ble·ness n.
      fashion·a·bly adv.
      Synonyms: fashionable, chic, dashing, in1, modish, posh, sharp, smart, stylish, swank, trendy
      These adjectives mean in accordance with the current fashion: a fashionable restaurant; a chic dress; a dashing hat; the in place to go; modish jewelry; a posh address; a sharp jacket; a smart hotel; stylish clothes; a swank apartment; a trendy neighborhood.
      ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
      Adj. 1. fashionablefashionable – being or in accordance with current fashion; “fashionable clothing”; “the fashionable side of town”; “a fashionable cafe”
      unfashionable, unstylish – not in accord with or not following current fashion; “unfashionable clothes”; “melodrama of a now unfashionable kind”
      2. fashionable – having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress; “a little less posh but every bit as stylish as Lord Peter Wimsey”; “the stylish resort of Gstadd”
      3. fashionable – patronized by popular-with

      popular – regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public; “a popular tourist attraction”; “a popular girl”; “cabbage patch dolls are no longer popular”

    13. Jenn Says:

      I dont think I have ever seen a more disgusting page in my life. I cant believe there are real women on these pages. More like guys with pussies. No feminine compassion or warmth, just a bunch of cold white, and dare I say mean and ugly, BITCHES

    14. van helsing Says:

      Women think talking makes everything right. Fags are talkers. Real white men arent allowed to express their opinions. So, women hear one side.

    15. faggot Says:

      its kinda like straight guys have their own bonding with sports, white supremacy, or what-have-you.

      well i had a male best friend growing up for shooting the shit, playing d&d, or whatever. but i also neede a female friend once i hit high school, firstly as a beard, and because somehow sensitive females are attracted to fags so u really can’t avoid it. but then you are honest and vulnerable with each other, and share stuff you can’t really do with a guy. so I needed both. now my two best friends are my best friend growing up and my girlfriend from highschool.

      also van helsing if you want to talk to women go ahead and talk, but find the right one who cares to listen; maybe she will be a white supremecist.

      anyways, point is, it’s not something planned, it’s just we (fags especially – but i suspect everyone) need female companionship.

    16. hmm Says:

      Well i will add a point if whites dont get out and vote for hillary she can tow 10 fags with her but dont be mistaken were gonna be slaves to nigger president if whites dont put there vote in for Hillary to run agaist mcain. barack is wining all nig votes and all coal halers votes too why do some whites seem more brainless then all niggers they think jess jackson and al sharpton with the NCAPP wont be runing the show there so against whites it’s unreal.
      I tried my best to get poeople to vote for hillary in the primes just to keep him from being the nom and whites would’nt hear me so now we need to vote for her to stop the niggey hope.

    17. michelle Says:

      I am a 19 year old girl, suffocating in this sick world where this faggot propaganda is shoved down my throat wherever I go. I’ve seen it’s usually very fake, media-poisoned crawling girls who have gay guys as best friends. I don’t understand why anybody would want a queer as a “friend.” I certainly don’t need a gay guy to give me compliments. Are girls really that low in self-esteem? Have they watched too much “Will And Grace” and think that it’s “cool” to have a gay buddy tagging along so he can show us what “cool makeup we can buy” or “what’s really on a guy’s mind” as if they would know… This kike poison is making me sick. I can’t even find any normal friends because all people, especially girls, my age are just zombies being spoon-fed bullshit from the media and happily eating it like chocolate. Help.

    18. van helsing Says:

      got into over facebook with the niece then the nephew. niece had argued with a neighbor who said queers were going to hell. niece banished her from her home. i counseled here that they were predators, even the dykes, and that they were a drag on society. she thinks they are still kewell. are they going to hell, dont know… but they are sending society there.

      the neph didnt get into that but he thinks dadt going away isnt a bad thing. i told him to loo at what queres do to every society they get the upper hand in. like hungary. he may yet get it.

      do u want them around yer kids is one very operative question. the pro-queers dont want to address that.