14 June, 2007

Secession Movements: Bad for Jews

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An interesting fact about any state’s secession from the United States is that that state would largely be free of America’s Big Jew-constructed network of racial, social and financial baloney. Federal “civil-rights” laws, public education mandates, Federal Reserve fiat-money – all of that would disappear in a state which seceded. (Those who think that the idea of secession is a matter already settled by the so-called “Civil War” should reconsider. Seven southern states seceded under President James Buchanan, yet Buchanan didn’t declare or wage war on them. It was only later that the next president – Abe Lincoln – decided that states cannot secede. Buchanan allowed secession. He knew that no document prohibited it. Lincoln, however, was an asshole, and he was also probably our first neocon president):


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    1. lokuum Says:

      All they need to do now is come up with the money for the tab at the Federal Reserve, shouldn’t be more than a couple hundred thousand per head.

    2. MB Says:

      It only took ’em 147 years to figure out what Southerners knew in 1860. I wonder how many years behind they are on the evolution ladder.

    3. Jim Says:

      I wish they would drop the emphasis on peaceful secession. Since when is freedom free? The jew criminals who run Washington and their shabboz goys are not going to release their wage slaves. They will most likely attempt to make an example out of the secessionists just like they did in 1860. They will need to have their nose bloodied. We should take a lesson from todays events in the Gaza strip.

      “Hamas’ conquest of Gaza may now be a fait accompli. By Wednesday, hundreds of Fatah forces loyal to Abbas had either run out of ammunition, fled or been cornered into surrender. Thousands of others simply melted away. And the rout appeared nearly complete on Thursday when the third of four major Fatah command centers in Gaza fell to Hamas. President Abbas himself was in the distant West Bank town of Ramallah (as were many of his senior commanders), far from the fighting. In Gaza, the 18,000-man police force on Abbas’ payroll failed to help the president’s men. One Western diplomat, when asked if there were any concentration of Fatah commanders still left in Gaza, replied sarcastically: “No. But try Switzerland, or their mansions in Kuwait.” From the safety of Ramallah, Abbas urged the Gaza fighters to halt “the madness.” But it was too late for that; sensing victory, Hamas shrugged off efforts by the Egyptians and others to press for a new cease-fire. ”

      We must unite behind the men brave enough to take the point. Those who can should relocate and join this nascent movement so that it is not driven off the road by forces friendly to the jew. And believe me, the jew is already trying to ingratiate himself to the leadership. Those who can’t do it physically should resolve to help support those who can. We have plenty of people who want to give farming a try. Lets get behind them. I’ll be moving there myself early next year.

    4. -JC Says:

      The longer we wait to repudiate the so called national debt to the “fund and the bank” the worse the bloodshed is going to be. And repudiate we will because there is no other alternative to the title to all land IN THE WORLD becoming vested in the bankers and their camp followers.

      That is what Earth Summit and subsequent IMF & World Bank schemes of “debt for equity swapping” are all about: Get a nation in debt and offer them the only apparent way out and that is to hand over their land and natural resources.

      Well, there is another alternative but democracy and banker and insurance company toadies are not going to let it get into mainstream print or dialog. It took maybe 2% of the American people to make it happen once, while the majority were ignorant & apathetic then as now, and many were Tories. What is needed is leadership and White “committees of correspondence.”

    5. .308 Says:

      Go to vixy(dot) net you can rip youtube videos or just the audio from them all you have to do is use the url

    6. Walter Ring Says:

      The vast majority of White Vermonters are liberal, niggerloving, queerloving self-hating trash that grew up in the 60s smoking dope, protesting Vietnam and supporting the civil rights movement. Same-sex unions are allowed here. Niggers and nonwhite minorities are worshipped here. This state declared war on NS Germany several months before Congress did. Even if this state, a bastion of liberalism, were to secede, WNs would certainy not be welcome. However, every nonwhite and queer would head straight for their border and be welcomed with open arms. With all due respect, I would just as soon take my chances with a small, White, racially proud locality that decided to secede from their state and the kwa and did not mind violence to do so. It would have about as much chance as Vermont peacefully seceding, which would be very slim, but at least it would be a fight I would have my heart in.

    7. Logic88 Says:

      Socrates, luv you man, just a little disagreement here…

      The problem isn’t a federal or “central” so-called government, the problem is bad government. And bad is subjective, but you know what I mean. Corrupt leaders following Jewish ideologies.

      And the problem with Lincoln — who indeed, was as prick and should’ve let the states secede and form another nation — is not that he was behaving as a “dictator.” That word has got a negative connotation because of JEWS. Fathers of families are dictators, fascists, authoritarian, and that’s the way it should be. The problem of course is when the state becomes tyrannical. One great line from a film is in THE PATRIOT when Mel Gibson asks, “Why should I trade a single tyrant 3000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?” He goes on to say that an elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king can. Truer words were never spoken.

      Until we get the jews and their ideologies off our backs, there will be no peaceful separatism for Whites anywhere on this globe. Any safe havens will be considered “compounds” and any ammunition inventory will be “weapons stockpiles” and “arsenals.” Call in the Reds to suppress these counterrevolutionaries, will be the cry.


    8. Logic88 Says:

      Good work, Alex. Got a little choked up on the visit to Channon’s grave. The Pavlovian remark “race had nothing to do with it” by her friend IS the problem in this country. If the niggers weren’t present and were instead in Africa, would these 2 White people be dead? NO. And why are niggers so stupid and violent? Answer: because of their race. And why are we living this lie that the only difference between Blacks and Whites is skin color? Answer: JEWS. Race has EVERYTHING to do with it. Wake up, people.

    9. Logic88 Says:

      WTF? How did my post to Alex’s trip report get posted under this story? Please move it. On second thought, I’ll go post it again.

    10. Junghans Says:

      Bingo, Walter Ring!

      Vermont ”secession” is a ruse and a joke.

    11. Carpenter Says:

      But there would be fewer non-Whites, queers and communists in other states. And Vermont’s cesspool would have the eyes of the world on it. Its chaos would be very visible. People would say, “This is the rest of the continent thirty years down the road.” It would be like having Haiti next door.