8 June, 2007

The 40th Anniversary of the USS Liberty Attack

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What kind of “allies” assault an American ship and then lie about it for 40 years? The Jews have no loyalty to anyone who isn’t Jewish, so attacking the Liberty was business-as-usual for Israel. In fact, the Hate State is almost always the aggressor in any violent action in the Middle East [1]:


[1] wars which were started by Israel: [Here]

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  7. 6 Responses to “The 40th Anniversary of the USS Liberty Attack”

    1. chris Says:

      Small Victory – Rense.com posts article about Leonard Pitt’s anti-white bias


      Leonard Pitts Blasted
      For Anti-White Bias
      By Curtis Maynard

      This is in response to the horrible “double standard” of Leonard Pitts’ comments (“Tennessee case ugly in many ways,” News, June 5) regarding two innocent victims murdered in Tennessee.

      It amazes me that people like Leonard Pitts can turn this tragedy into such a race issue. How dare he say first of all, that white people are not oppressed? Personally, I am a single mother raising two minor children and I am not qualified to receive any free health care coverage. I have no health care at all. I am employed and working to raise my children, however, I have been told I do not qualify for health care, any food stamps or any type of assistance in the city of Chicago or for that matter from the state of Illinois. Whoever murdered these two young people should be penalized to the extreme. It is true that had it been an African American person murdered by “white” people, this would have been called a “hate crime” all over the news and the newspapers.

      I am appalled by Leonard Pitts who believes all “whites” have it so much easier and better than any other race in this country. This is an absolute lie! Our taxes pay for the system of welfare and health care coverage for all others and yet I who have survived ovarian tumors as well as breast tumors cannot get my necessary mammogram every three months as required because I cannot afford it. How dare he take the tragedy of these innocent victims and act as if every “white” person has it made.

      Channon Christian and Christoper Newsom were brutally tortured and murdered. There had been no news reports on television nor in our newspaper until the day I read about it in Mr. Pitts’ column. It is a fact that had the roles been reversed and the couple had been “black,” it would have been everywhere. Stop your double standard, Mr. Pitts!

      In response to your final comment that you have four words for white Americans who feel victimized, I have four words for you: you are the Pitts.

      Barbara Rehn



      Black Journalist Leonard Pitts Tells Whites Concerned About Black On
      White Crime To ‘Cry Me A River’
      By Curt Maynard

      If anyone reading this knows how to contact Channon Christian or Chris Newsom’s parents, please send them Leonard Pitt’s article and tell them Pitt’s said to “Cry me a river” in regards to their childrens death.

      Below is the article Pitts wrote, I’ve highlighted in red some of his more ‘racist’ and insensitive points. I want a public apology and I want the Miami Herald and all other newspapers that print his crap to fire him. Remember Imus? After reading Pitt’s article, please feel free to call him at home and maybe send him a postcard. As you read this article try as hard as you can to imagine a white man writing the same thing about black victims of a crime perpetrated by whites. When Pitt’s says he doesn’t believe the crime was a hate crime what is he really saying? Isn’t he saying that blacks can’t commit a hate crime if their victim is white?

      Send him an email [email protected]

      Here’s Dave Wilson’s email address – Dave is Pitts’ boss
      [email protected]


      It always amazes me when white people put on the victim hat. As in victim of racial oppression. By any measure — health, education, economics, employment — white Americans enjoy a superior standard of living. If that’s racial oppression, sign me up.

      But still, one occasionally hears mewling noises from that subset of my white countrymen who feel put-upon by big, bad racial minorities. This is one of those times. And Knoxville, Tenn., has become the capital city of that lunatic fringe.

      It seems that in January, a young white couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were victims of a brutal crime. They were carjacked, kidnapped and raped. Cleaning fluid was sprayed into Christian’s mouth. She was stuffed in a trash can and apparently suffocated. Newsom was shot and set afire. His body was dumped. Five blacks, one a woman, have been arrested. [Now compare this to the fake Duke Lacrosse Rape and the media coverage it enjoyed].

      The story made headlines around Knoxville. It was unnoticed nationally.

      That has changed. A constellation of white supremacists and conservative bloggers [As far as Pitt’s is concerned anyone that is a conservative is probably a white supremacist] has pushed the story into the national limelight as illustration of their argument that news media, constrained by political correctness, refuse to report black-on-white crime while pulling out all the stops when crime is white on black, as in the Duke University lacrosse debacle.

      I would see their Duke case and raise them a Central Park jogger, but what do I know?

      Anyway, bloggers such as Michael Oliver have chastised the “liberal, biased, mainstream media” for missing the Knoxville story. He asked, “Had the roles been reversed, would the media ignore such a horrific crime?” [Nope]

      Truth is, media ignore horrific crimes all the time. Space is limited and growing more so. Which means the story that catches fire usually has some element beyond gruesomeness to sell it. In the Duke case, it was class, privilege, sex and race that did it.

      Not that I expect Oliver or other “oppressed” white people to pay attention to something so trivial as fact. [Yes, Pitt’s thinks tthat if you’re concerned about the enormous amount of black on white crime you are probably stupid, i.e. not interested in facts] They’re too busy demanding that this case be tried as a hate crime — even though police say there’s no evidence the couple were targeted for any other reason than that they were there. And on May 26, white supremacists held — I kid you not — a “rally against genocide” in Knoxville.

      Part of me thinks I should consider the source and let this slide. But the argument being advanced here is so utterly, abysmally, stupidly, self-servingly wrong that I cannot help but respond.

      Black crime against whites is underreported? On what planet? Study after study and expert after expert tell a completely different story.

      For instance, there’s “Off Balance: Youth, Race and Crime in the News,” a 2001 report that concluded: Blacks and Latinos are underrepresented in news media as victims of crime and significantly overrepresented as perpetrators, based on crime statistics; newspaper articles about white homicide victims are longer and more frequent than those about black ones; and interracial violent crime is more likely to be reported, even though it is just about the rarest kind of violent crime.

      And here I’m obligated, because I’m black, to say that if the defendants in this case did what they are accused of doing, I’d be happy to see them rot under the jailhouse. Sadly, that needs saying, because there are people who will not take it as a given.

      But with that obligation fulfilled, let me add that I am likewise unkindly disposed toward the crackpots, incendiaries and flat-out racists who have chosen this tragedy upon which to take an obscene and ludicrous stand.

      I have four words for them and any other white Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized: Cry me a river.

      (I demand an apology and I demand that the Miami Herald fire Pitt’s immediately! – Nothing else will be sufficient)

      http://www.kansas.com/205/story/86731.html — Source

    2. Green Beans Says:

      Pitts, born October 11, 1957, is a resident of Bowie, Maryland and lives at:

      Leonard Pitts
      15016 NEBRASKA LN BOWIE,
      MD 20716

      with his wife, Marilyn.

      You can call him at (301) 390-1627.

    3. Junghans Says:

      On this, the 40th anniversary of the intentional Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, it should be mentioned that probably the best book on the subject has recently been remaindered. It’s surprising that it ever got published, and it has been ignored ever since. It is called OPERATION CYANIDE by Peter Hounam and it covers the event like no others ever did. The Liberty attack was a very high level conspiracy of the worst strip, needless to say.

    4. Americafirst. Says:

      L.B.J. was SPAWNED by F.D.R.

    5. Lutjens Says:

      That monkey Leonard Pitts can’t even write whole sentences. Since when do sentences start with “And”? Ape, dumb fucking ape. Go get yourself another free edu-ma-cation. Be sure to axe kweshtuns an’ bee pacific.

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      LBJ’s wife was a jewess.