1 June, 2007

The Transformation is Almost Complete

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Jews built the political Left in America. But starting in about 1980, Jews began to infiltrate and reshape the political Right – after all, why limit yourself to working only one side of the street? Now, the rebuilding of the Right by God’s Pets is nearly complete, and you can see some results of that rebuilding here. Neoconservatism isn’t conservative. It isn’t even White. It’s a bunch of radical Jews, and a few clueless gentiles, pushing repackaged Marxism, i.e., it’s still aggressive internationalism but your property isn’t seized.

  • 3 Responses to “The Transformation is Almost Complete”

    1. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      So when does the insurgency start at home? If we had a clear thinking populace, it would be getting dangerously close. Instead we have a bunch of infants breast-fed on porn, pro sports and cable tv.

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      I would put the jew infiltration of the political “right” much earlier than 1980. It really starts in the mid-1960’s with Henry Kissinger, Milton Freidman & the Chicago School.

      Arch kike Kissinger being appointed Secretary Of State by Coonservative Republicoon Nixon is the start of all the jew shit in recent politics—left and rignt.

      Friedman who was at the time a gold & silver hard money kook, got all of these various jews like Greenspan, and later Bernake into positions of power. That little jew midget fooled a lot of honest gentiles into trust the jews.

      Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have sent Alex a few dollars to help him get thru the coming ordeal in Knoxville and beyond.

    3. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Like HELL if they don’t seize your property! Look at all the seizure shit pulled by the pigs for their specious “War on Drugs.” The Dept of (jewish) Homeland Security now is bidding to be contract hit-punks for the RIAA, Holowood’s kosher kabal of record companies. According to the provisions of the currently debated Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007 (IPPA2007), “seizure” (read loot and pillage) will become the modus operendi of police agencies targeting victims accused of “piracy.” Read up on this latest prostitution of your tax dollars at http://news.com.com/8301-10784_3-9719339-7.html