30 June, 2007

VNN Broadcasting Archive Lives!

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The new and improved archive for VNN Broadcasting begins today. When a show is posted by one of our archivers, it will be posted here on the front page as a blog entry. To browse the archive, simply choose the proper entry from the category list on the right side-bar.

The “Audio” category includes Aryan Matters, Goyfire, and all other VNNB audio content. There are also sub-categories for the shows, each having its own podcast feed. That way, we can do neat things like automatically generating a podcast feed for each new broadcast, allowing you to subscribe to however much or as little content as you would like:

All VNNB Audio

Aryan Matters


     Vnn Weekly Broadcasting






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  7. 4 Responses to “VNN Broadcasting Archive Lives!”

    1. Obadiah 1:18 Says:

      A huge White “thank you” to all and sundry for making this so. This important improvement should see the Message going out to more people who need to hear it.

    2. Old Raven Says:

      Alex: GREAT job on your new format for making audio archives available. This place was always classy, but now it’s gettin’ SLICK!

      Kudos to the VNN boychiks who’re making it happen.

    3. Septell Says:

      Thanks for the great work lads.. looking forward to catching up with past shows.. :))

    4. Dietrich Says:

      Thanks for the kind words, y’all. Credit for doing the real work in archival goes to our two archive guys, whom I refer to as “ubersaxon and the quiet one” ;) (not to mention the broadcasters themselves who take a night off to create the content).

      These guys are examples of what Alex is talking about when he asks for competent White men to stand up and add their strength to VNNs.

      They’re all very easy to work with, and always defer to the cause.