8 June, 2007

“Western” Sex Equality: Arabs Don’t Buy It

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Arab men reject feminism, but the smartest White men accept it. Only in the Western countries can intelligent people be fooled by obvious Jewish propaganda [1]:


[1] more about feminism: [Here]

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    1. zoroastro Says:

      pardon, but why assume that the smartest white men accept it? quite the opposite, the smart white men see through it as through any other modern day tapir deception. IMO true women like to be true women and treated as such (and vice versa). I mean truly strong and smart women do not expect of their men to be effeminate wusses. I am not an advocate of sexism but I can see some points where in a society like Iran women are treated with more respect paradoxically than in a society where Mr Tapir joo makes them either into men-hating hysterical hags or dirty porn objects (objectifying and debasing of women is not a thing that any true man can ever accept, especially when directed with so much hatred against our own beautiful and unmatchable women that are often so naive…like sheeple…).
      thus shamelessness breeds contempt.

    2. Briseis Says:

      There is no such thing as ‘equality” when it comes to living things, maybe only amounts of things or weight, things like that. Artificial construct, this “equal”. By pretending something is the same as something else, you steal from both the innate and complementary nature of both, such as man/woman. I resent the Jew pitting “us against them”, by creating this feminist nightmare of expectations and more pressure for us, resentment for the men- as well as including this “feminist scam” in the 60’s “civil rights” scam. For every woman or minority that fills a job, that is a job a White man doesn’t have to support his family, so that his woman can have and raise his children.
      Sure I’d like to be smart enough to work for NASA, or have outstanding math skills, or be taller- but I don’t and I haven’t grown since age 12 or 13. I am naturally excluded from those things, and I’m over it. Why do we feel that we owe the Negro, or any other group a special break, a foot in the door? There is the question of merit, of are they good enough to deserve the chance (or IS that even asked?), but then there is the other question , which is never asked, why are *we* beholden to THEM?
      Fact is, if we keep up with this false and hopeless idea of “saving the world” by continuously making concession and excuse after excuse, we will soon be so completely taken over by them, that they will be wiping their feet on us- wait aminute, that is already happening. What is wrong with us that we feel we need to take care of all these other people(s) not our own?

    3. Mark Says:

      I was just talking to an young Arab guy. I asked him what he thought about the blacks claiming they created ancient Egypt. He said maybe they did. He said that they consider Sudanese to be Arabs. Not Muslim, but Arab, like them. I asked him if he’d marry a Sudanese girl, he said if she’s “hot.”

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      The absurd notion of females being equal to males is rejected by the entire world outside of white countries (which is where Jews have their most malevolent influence).

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      You should add jewess Eleanor Smeal to your list.

      The jewess Smeal came out of nowhere in the mid-70’s to be a jew feminist spokesperson. She had no prior political involvement, her only credentials where she was a jewess.

      Her husband had some type of a jew position with Westinghouse, and possibly she also represents/represented Coonservative Republicoon Westinghouse & its former CEO Douglas Danforth in circles that would have been awkward for them to travel in. Are strong White families in Westinghouses interest?

      Smeal is also big on the jew homeland too, and she has all kinds of jew homeland ties…

    6. Nordic Jewsmasher Says:

      Sure there are issues regarding the Aryan man/woman interface – some of the major ones being caused by Jews. And men and women do think differently in some respects.

      Having said that, I know plenty of women who can think and work circles around you. What have you ever done except whine (and pass out flyers)? Heiddeger was the greatest philospher? Oh, yeah – upon hearing THAT, the Blacks all threw down their gats and the WJC resolved to disband and start paying reparations for Communism.

      It’s too bad you don’t have the mental horsepower to have pursued a scientific discipline. It would have humbled you a bit when you came to the realization that your opinions don’t dictate reality.

      Why don’t you shut the fuck up so that the rest of us can get something done vis a vis the Common Enemy instead of being hyper-marginalized?

    7. leeluttrell Says:

      To the white man, feminism wasn’t nothing more than protecting women in the workplace from sexual advances. After all “boys will be boys.” No man wanted his wife or girlfriend being “hit on” everytime she went to work. Feminism today has a life and meaning all of its own. Women themselves can’t give you a clear explanation of what it is. Those of us who have been victimized by this perverted mentality clearly see how men react and support this mental disease. Most I have noticed, are in fear, fear from losing their jobs, or fear from divorce. Simply put, men who support feminism are COWARDS!