10 July, 2007

American Cities These Days

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Thanks to Black crime and “White flight,” these are not good times for America’s metropolises:


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  7. 28 Responses to “American Cities These Days”

    1. sfg Says:

      “Where’s the justice in that?”–what a familair refrain from these bright bulbs.

      Alex–when you write your speech for Knoxville 3, maybe you could incorporate a little bit of what life in America will be like once “diversity” really takes hold.

      For those of you who still refuse to recognize “RACE” as the reason for situations like this: Ask yourself one question. Can you name any city in America where businesses have refused to open due to white violence, white theft, white misconduct, white criminal activities?????

      Quite the contrary, white areas are booming and are safe and liveable and people and businesses are thriving.

      But never mind facts: All Hail the Multicult, All Hail Diversity! ! !

    2. zoroastro Says:

      in two weeks flat the blacks would all starved to death without the ZOG massive freebie handout i.e. a rip off from the white taxpayers pockets…
      in the staggeringly advanced sub-saharan africa, (after all these advanced specimens have built ancient Egypt -that’s why in Ireland they are called the Ijits), the demise of the black race would take even less than two weeks.
      no whitey, no food, no water, no car, no gas, no ‘lectric, no nothing.
      only certain death.

    3. greywolf Says:


    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      This is no surprise, but often times this forces niggers to move into outlying, mostly white areas. Once a nigger sees 4-5 niggers in a given area, he/ she reasons that it’s safe to move into that area, otherwise the other niggers wouldn’t be there.

      This is how working class white neighborhoods turn into crack ridden nigger ghettos. Usually the first few blacks who move in aren’t people you’ll be grilling out with and chatting to over the fence, but their not criminals either. Their kids wind up being troublesome niggers who steal and cause trouble for everyone. Then the criminal element moves in and takes cover with the small, but growing nigger population, then the neighborhood turns into “da hood” and a microcosm of East St. Louis and Detroit.

    5. Waldo Starr Says:

      As the Pull-a-tits winning Negro word smith, Leonard Pitts might say, “Cry Me A River”

    6. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Shopper Gordon Alexander, 52, of Detroit says that with the closure of Farmer Jack stores like this one on East Jefferson, “People who live here can’t even find something decent to eat. Where’s the justice in that?”

      Shut up, nigger. Your city government looks like a herd of mountain gorillas so you’ve got the black power the jews told you you needed, now deal with it. If you really wanted to solve this problem, you’d start voting for White nationalists, turn your police department over to the sons of the Whites you VIOLENTLY drove out of Detroit, and stop rioting every time the police have to put some feral Antwon down. Then we might be able to restore some semblance of order. Of course, in exchange for that stability, we’d want something in return; territory. You have to agree to be relocated to certain areas, or to stay out of certain areas, in order for us to have the real estate we’d need to generate the income to make this experiment a success. Does that silverback in the Mayor’s office have any better solutions?

    7. le negre'to liberia Says:

      zoroastro, GREAT reminder of the past !! ME dad, aunts, uncles, etc called them dumb “IJITS” !!!

    8. curt Says:

      Most niggers firmly believe that their food grows on store shelves and that water magically springs from their ghetto water faucets

    9. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:


      If your government and media are constantly talking about freedom and telling you how free you are, chances are you aren’t.

    10. jackumup Says:

      Shopper Gordon Alexander, 52, of Detroit says that with the closure of Farmer Jack stores like this one on East Jefferson, “People who live here can’t even find something decent to eat. Where’s the justice in that?”

      Devine justice, NIGGER!

    11. brutus Says:

      When one goes into any business venture, it’s important that one sells a product or service that is needed. Many in the food business got into that line of business because of the undeniable truth that “people have to eat“. As a matter of fact people have had to eat since the dawn of time and since the dawn of time enterprising people have figured out ways to bring food to their community and enrich themselves at the same time while doing it.

      But in Detroit we seem to have an anomaly. Even the brightest minds of the largest retail food purveyors can’t find a profitable way to deliver food to the citizens in Detroit and yet they can do it for 10s of thousands of other cities across the nation.

      Certainly the average VNN reader knows what’s going on and to us it seems absurd that others can’t see the truth of the matter. We know full well, that the sheeple will unquestioningly go along with the jew’s media when they stick a microphone in the face of a stupid nigger who will invariably say something outrageous like, “Where’s the justice in that?“, said with the implication that somehow evil White people are denying food to the starving masses of Detroit.

      For once, I would love to see someone grab that microphone out of the hand of the jew-paid reporter, smack him/her unconscious with it, and then with an artfully fast stiletto knife, cut the nigger’s tongue out of his mouth so he is forever unable to foul the air with his niggery horseshit. And then proceed to tell the TV viewers that Detroit has no large supermarkets because niggers are too stupid to be able to shop in supermarkets like real humans.

      And then, immediately following that high jacked news report, throughout every city in America, all of the TVs simultaneously go dark. Loud explosions can be heard reverberating the windows of nearby houses as every TV news studio and business office in America imitates the violent deconstruction of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City on that spring day back in 95 and the cities are then rained upon by bloody little fragments of atomized jews.

      I digress.

      What we see in Detroit is the future of every other American city. We don’t need a crystal ball to see it. The inexorable pattern of consistent nigger destructive behavior is there for all the world to see, only if the jew’s media would show it. But they purposely don’t show the patterns and for that purposeful omission the jew has shown cause that they are grossly irresponsible and I dare say criminal stewards of the media empire that they rule over.

      It’s only because of the jew allowing the niggers to indulge their savage behavior at the expense of everyone else that Detroit has no large supermarkets.

      More people are becoming aware of this and it’s just a matter of time before we start hearing reports of jew media moguls getting strangled by lengths of video cable in the back seats of their limos.

    12. lawrence dennis Says:

      Since this news article may eventually disappear down the memory hole, here are the crucial excerpts:

      Major grocery chains, which generally operate with thin profit margins, say doing business in Detroit is no-win situation. High employee turnover, cost of security and loss from theft are often cited. The city’s comparably low income rates [welfare from whitey, city gubmint salary –L.D.] preclude selling an abundance of high-profit, upscale items….

      Over the years, national chains have located in Detroit, only to pull up stakes and flee. There are a multitude of reasons, according to retail analysts, with the major deterrent being the high cost of doing business in the city. [“in the city” = “surrounded by niggers” –L.D.]

      “Sometimes even the people that live in the neighborhood don’t feel safe shopping in the store,” said David J. Livingston, a supermarket expert from Wisconsin. “They’ll drive right past that Detroit store to go to a suburban store where they feel more comfortable.”… [They’re more comfortable around evil, nasty, white debbils? –L.D.]

      Most independent food stores in Detroit are owned and operated by Chaldeans, some of whom have been in business for 40 or more years. A few are owned by African-Americans….

      “There usually is a market within walking distance of nearly every area of Detroit,” Manna said. “It might not be a supermarket. That might be why there are so many people eating potato chips rather than wholesome foods in Detroit.” [No, that’s what they would buy at a supermarket, too. Just go to one where boo shops and look what’s in the shopping cart. –L.D.]

      Although shoppers may complain prices are higher at independent stores, independent grocers said they strive to be competitive, even with the high costs of running a store in the city….

      “We have problems with meat and produce being expired,” Hollins said. “We have no security in the parking lots, no restrooms in the stores and a poor selection of food products. When you cross Eight Mile, these problems all disappear….” [Imagine that, the problems ‘disappear,’ along with the unstated cause of those problems: niggers. –L.D.]

      “There is only one store in the city I’ll pick up some stuff at, but my kids jokingly call it the ‘ghetto store’ because everything is subpar,” he said. “Some of these stores make the argument that they are catering to black clientele, so they have to make room to carry stuff like ham hocks and chitterlings, but that’s just an excuse for bad quality….”

    13. VeryImportantNigga Says:

      “Most niggers firmly believe that their food grows on store shelves and that water magically springs from their ghetto water faucets”

      Watchu sayin foo? Soun’ li u dissin’ da BLACK MAN agin. U crackas OWE us fo da BLACK HOLOMACOST n’ shit. Dam foo, dat foo’ n’ watter n’ shit b EASY, da BLACK MAN INVENTED foo’ n’ watter backs when we
      made da piramids in Eegip.

      Dam u Crackas ur ignernt, u needs to go 2 da schoolz n’ lern ’bout BLACK HISTRY. Black Power!

    14. brewski Says:

      This article might be troubling to those who are genuinely concerned about the lack of “big box” grocery stores within the Detroit city limits.

      From personal observation, processed cereal foods such as the various Frito Lay fried snack chips seem to make up the bulk of any Negro’s personal diet, so if their current buying/eating habits continue, I’m sure that there will be no “starving” Negroes in Detroit.

      I’m relatively confident that Frito Lay will continue to serve its customers via its thriving distributorship in the Detroit area. (Tip for young readers: Maybe this might be a good subject for collegiate research!)

      However, Sgt. Skull had a great point above: by no means should the predominantly white suburbs of Detroit want to have conditions in Detroit deteriorate to the point where “hungry” Negroes migrate outward in search of “affordable” food.

      Time block the roads and bring back government cheese.

      Or maybe government cheese PUFFS, if you will.

    15. -JC Says:

      I thought the addition quiz was supposed to keep the innumerate, e.g., VeryImportantNigga, (VIN) from posting. We saw a tee-shirt on a VIN, yesterday: Jesus loves you but I’m his favorite.

      Those unfamiliar with Tuskegee, Alabama might want to read about it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuskegee,_Alabama

      I was stuck there one morning waiting for a store to open and spoke with a local White man. He told me that WalMart moved out in one night, after the store closed, for fear of a riot. That was more than ten years ago. Peanut Man George Washington Carver is their best known VIN.

      Other VINs include, of course, VIN of the previous century, Sydney Poitier, and the new darling of the left-liberal PBS crowd, high yellow mulatto Neil deGrasse Tyson:

      Paying them reparations for cheating them out of the patent rights and subsequent royalties for those things they invented, e.g., the helicopter, would go a long way toward making such things right.

    16. VeryImportantNigga Says:

      U b rite bout dat, Cracka muthafucka, My Nigga, DOCTA Neil DEGRASSE Tyson, be one muthafuckin VERY IMPO’TENT SPACE NIGGA. Shit. He don went to Havrad n’ shit. Gratuatated too. He’s an ASTARO-FICASIST BLACK MAN and he VERY IMPO’TENT. Even dat bitch OPRAH say so, and OPRAH don’ lie.

      An dat rite, A BLACK MAN done invented da Heleocoptor, backs when we wus inventin the piramids in Eegip. Dat befo we inventin’ u white debils. U can find it on da internets, I ain’ liein.

    17. The Warlord Says:

      Of course the supermarkets are closing down. In Detroit, where every trip to pick up milk, bread and eggs resembles a road warrior trek across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, decent folks will move out, leaving behind the cannibals and mutants. Businesses close, the tax base erodes, and the cops begin to resemble the gangs that they are suppose to supress due to community hiring laws. To the nogs, rat makes good eating and provides four drumsticks, so there is no need to go hungrey.

    18. Smitty Says:

      “Shopper Gordon Alexander, 52, of Detroit says that with the closure of Farmer Jack stores like this one on East Jefferson, “People who live here can’t even find something decent to eat………”
      For turning Detroit (and every other major US city) into “crap”, Gordon can revert to cannibalism and “eat a brother”.

    19. marie antoinette Says:

      “People who live here can’t even find something decent to eat………”


    20. van helsing Says:

      I live northeast of Detroit but am moving further north.

      Stores are closing as far north as metro parkway, EIGHT MILES NORTH OF DETROIT. The economy of the state of Michigan, ruled by Canuckistan Ann-Arborite Jenny on the Block is lower than “in the toilet”.

      Chrysler will soon be gutted, with overseas-made parts getting shipped to build cars in China. Ford soon to follow. All of a sudden the Toyota etc partially built here at least with some American made parts will look a lot more American-made than some so-called domestics.

      Africoids never built anything. Ever.

    21. sgruber Says:

      Repatriation would cost too much.

      Instead, IRRADIATE them.

      That’s right. Nuke Detroit, New Orleans, Gary, etc. The final solution to the problem.

      Why can’t a savvy scientist of a gnxp-Steve-Sailer-biodiversity bent invent the equivalent of Raid for niggers (and spics), and drop it in the form of bombs on all the ghettoes?

      I’m serious. Meanwhile, go Q-RID!

    22. OBL Says:

      For God sake, you neo-nazi need a serious medications… Please, do not spend 24 hours on the internet, it’s not sane, even for sub-humans like you. Cure yourself or go to hell where Hitler, Stalin and Saddam are waiting for you!

      Allah Ahkbar
      Osama Bin Laden

    23. Just Another Joe Says:

      So when do we stop bitching and running away? I personally don’t want to move to some frozen hell hole in the great plains or high desert just to be safe from niggers. It may be true that whites evolved in cooler climates but not THAT cold. Why do we have to give up our tropical paradises to the hordes of colorful people? Why can’t we enjoy the convenience of the city without being robbed, raped, and murdered on our way to work? I’m not a country boy, I don’t like the great outdoors, and I don’t like having to drive 30 freaking miles to a safer area to shop.

      Here’s a newsflash boys… The niggers and Jews are not the problem, we are! We continue to eat the garbage the jews feed us though we know it’s trash. We LET the niggers take over our cities and drive us out. I fucking hate suburbia! I refuse to leave the beautiful cities our grandparents built so the niggers can turn it into ruin. We as a whole are a bunch of chickenshits. Our brave forefathers are turning in their graves when they see what fat and lazy little chickenshits we’ve become. We are so pathetic, we’ve allowed less than 15% of the population take over every city and drive us to the fringes of our own civilization. We are pathetic. This country wasn’t won with superior numbers or superior technology or even superior tactics and strategies! Quite the opposite. We simply dug in our heels and refused to give up our home field advantage. We didn’t “win”, we only made winning impossible for an overseas ruler. They gave up. We have moved to the suburbs and happily handed our home turf over to nigger invaders with a handshake and a smile.

      So you don’t want to kill a nigger? No problem. Quit running away. Quit moving to the burbs. End White Flight! Move back to the city. We can afford housing that the niggers can’t. All it takes is a couple of whites to move into a neighborhood to raise property values. The niggers see the values go up and then realize how much crack they can buy from selling their grandparent’s house so they murder their grandparents (who are probably still breeding) and sell it and move away to some forgotten shithole and die of an overdose.

      We don’t have to be brave warriors. We don’t have to kill them. We do have to stand our ground. Every time we cave in and move a little further out, it makes it that much easier to run a little further out as they breed and encroach even more. We sold our cities to the niggers and jews at bargain prices. Now it’s time to buy them back. We are smarter and we outnumber them by a considerable margin. The only power they have is that which we’ve given them. We only have to stop running away to win.

    24. walt235 Says:

      Shopper Gordon Alexander, 52, of Detroit says that with the closure of Farmer Jack stores like this one on East Jefferson, “People who live here can’t even find something decent to eat. Where’s the justice in that?”

      That IS the justice, stupid nigger! Niggers fuck up everything they touch, and white taxpayers have to foot the bill! Instant ghetto, just add niggers!

    25. Josh Says:

      I agree everything a nigger touches turns to shit. Just think how great AMERICA would be if it was NIGGER FREE. Damn niggers have taught me to hate them and I mean HATE THEM

    26. BrightNigga Says:

      I wonder if all people were born blind, would there still be racism..i.e they were unable to percieve color,texture or shape. Would racism be based on tone of voice? All people with a husky voices would be considered superior..Not Neo nazis but Neo huskys would be their name..Hitler in this world would have the huskiest voice of them all. People with a soft voice would be baked in ovens.If you were a smart, productive, hardworking HUMANBEING no way would you make it to University unless you start sounding husky. Imagine how the deaf and dumb would be treated…Well the same is happening in the real world but with vision..Racism because of the concentration of melanin producing cells in the skin, Homophobia, ect…I think this post will make you racists feel incredibly stupid. You lack the abillity to reason and judge for yourselves..Your narrow mindedness makes you blind and all you respond to is to what other people (also slaves to narrowmindedness )think..simple conditioning.
      Lets hope things change. You should take nootropic(smart) drugs to boost your I.Q a bit and expand that pea in your skull.

    27. I.B. White Says:

      “BrightNigga Says:
      26 September, 2007 at 8:25 am

      I wonder if all people were born blind, would there still be racism..i.e they were unable to percieve (sic) color,texture or shape. Would racism be based on tone of voice?”

      Q: “Why do niggers stink?”

      A: “So blind people can hate em, too!”

    28. MORRIS Says: