6 July, 2007

Another Senator Abandons Bush’s War Policies

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Uh-oh. The war to reshape the Middle East for Israel keeps losing support in powerful places. Even long-time Bush supporters are getting a clue. Maybe next time gentiles won’t be so quick to listen to special people in special government offices [1]:


[1] the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans: [Here] and [Here] and [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “Another Senator Abandons Bush’s War Policies”

    1. anti marranos Says:

      oy da chews have revised their life in the “toe” …….”AMALFI LIFE” is the revised version for the uncut to get a ‘BOOT’ out of….the cut version is secret… Interesting that a NORMAN is one of the names mentioned…The Normans were a MINTED word coined in the 11th century …….goddamed liars, crooks and revisionists !

    2. van helsing Says:

      Ft. Lewis area paper (link at newnation) comes out in favor of ending war and bringing troops home…

      Also, 160 some odd illegals were given US citizenship in a ceremony in Iraq recently…

      I take it back. No maybes. Bush is a kike.